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First, here’s my contact info for the mailbag (coming soon, or whenever I get enough readers sending me questions).  Hate mail is not only acceptable, but encouraged:


Twitter – @Jimmy_Beast

About Jimmy:

jimmyI’m Jimmy Kempski, born and raised in South Jersey (Eagles territory), currently residing in North Jersey (Giants territory).  I may as well just come clean – I am (and always will be) a huge Eagles fan.  I also write for the great Eagles blog, Bleeding Green Nation, and contribute at SNY.tv (writing about the Giants), as well as The Washington Post.

I’ve covered both Eagles’ and Giants’ home games from their press boxes, as well as the Eagles’ and Giants’ training camps, the NFL Combine, the Senior Bowl, blah blah blah.

My major in college was Radio/TV/Film, which should come in handy for the video features I plan on implementing.  I formerly worked for a research company, and in my time there I picked up a thing or two on knowing how to gather difficult-to-find information, as well as knowing the importance of drawing conclusions from factual information.  I’ve been in sales for over 10 years, which has aided me in writing convincing arguments.  I’ve wasted countless hours reading sports blogs, and have a good understanding of what works, and what’s junk.  And most importantly, I’ve been a hardcore football fan since birth.

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