The 10 players the Eagles can least afford to lose to injury

10. Nick Foles: A couple weeks ago, we noted the very underrated rookie season that Nick Foles had last year. Of course, there’s that pesky QB competition he’ll have to win over Michael Vick. Whether he beats out Vick or not, there’s a safe bet he’ll get on the field at some point in 2013. The Eagles need to see if Foles can be a franchise-calibre starting QB so that they can attack the 2014 offseason accordingly. The only way they can do that is if Foles stays healthy, and plays.

9. Bryce Brown: According to Rotoworld’s Evan Silva, the Oregon Ducks’ run:pass ratio was 685:373 in 2012. That would be just shy of 65% run plays. Silva also put together a tremendous breakdown of Brown’s rookie season, and he noted some flaws in his game that need improvement. We’re all aware of Brown’s fumbling issues, but Silva talked other things like Brown’s penchant for unnecessarily bouncing runs to the outside. The good news is that Brown’s deficiencies are fixable, and he flashed the potential to be special. If Brown can eliminate some of his mistakes, he and LeSean McCoy may form the best 1-2 RB combination in the NFL, behind what might be one of the most athletic offensive lines in NFL history.

8. Jason Kelce: Charles Fischer of highlighted the athleticism of center Hroniss Grasu in Oregon’s offense.

I can’t wait to see Kelce in action in Chip Kelly’s offense.

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  1. It’s wildly unfair to expect him to make the kind of jumps that JPP and Watt made, but Cox absolutely flashed legitimate game-changing ability his rookie season, and he could be a player that the Eagles build around on their defense.

  2. It’s wildly unfair to expect him to make the kind of jumps that JPP and Watt made, but Cox absolutely flashed legitimate game-changing ability his rookie season, and he could be a player that the Eagles build around on their defense.

  3. mighty says:

    great video dear i like it

  4. T-Mac: It’s going to be tough for him to leapfrog two quarterbacks to be named the starter in his rookie season. He would have to really light it up this preseason to get a shot. There is always a chance he gets the nod down the road because of injury or if the team is really struggling down the stretch.

  5. Eaglesfanatlarge says:

    It will be very interesting to see how Ryans adjusts to the 3-4. I vaguely remember the story on Houston letting him go was that they switched to the 3-4, and he was a 4-3 MLB, not a 3-4 ILB. His success with the Eagles last year points toward that meme being corect. Wold it be impertinent to suggest an article with an analysis of whether this was just hype to sell the Eagles picking him up, or whether he has some significant deficiency that makes him unsuited to the 3-4?

    1. He was coming off a bad Achilles injury, that’s why he had an off year that year, not for any other reason. He was actually pretty good towards the end of that season for Houston.

  6. Dan in Philly says:

    I predict:
    Vick is named the starter and leads the team to an unbelievably successful year (say, 10-11 wins). He demnads a big contract over the offseason and is allowed to walk. Everyone in short attention span theatre (ESPN) expresses shock over the decision. In 2014, NF or MB starts and has an even better season, while Vick lets down his eventual employer.

  7. SteveH says:

    God its fun to watch Desean outrun everything. Everyone else is in semi-slow motion on that first end around in the highlights. The defense looks like it has 20 pound weights strapped to its legs when they’re chasing Desean around.

    Also, in those highlights its amazing how much DSJ has victimized the Redskins. It seemed like every 3rd big play was against them lol.

  8. NYG_Slater says:

    congrats on the gig. Can’t say ill be reading much of it, but its well deserved.


  9. pricenbe says:

    When talking about losing a player to injury you’re usually only talking about a year’s absence, (especially with young players). I think this team might have a legit shot at making the playoffs in this weak division (all depends on QB play). And winning will go a long way to changing the culture of the past few years. Therefore I believe Jason Peters would be the most important player on this team. The biggest strength of this team, at least IMO, is is offensive line. With the transition the defense is going through we’re going to need to score a lot of points to win games. And losing Peters would have a domino effect on the offensive line, making why would start out as a true strength to becoming merely average at best.

  10. TylerD says:

    What’s going on with Brandon Graham? Last year everyone was talking about him coming on is he adjusting to the 34?

  11. AJ says:

    Jimmy, your bias for Foles/ Vick fatigue is funny. The kid puts on a decent performance against some of the NFL’s worst and most beat up defenses, and you’re proclaiming him starter and more important than players like Barwin (The only legit OLB on the team), Ryans (leader and sketchy depth behind him to be kind), and Kelce (Makes all the line calls and again depth ugh). If Foles can’t beat out Vick, who you malign so much, souldn’t that show he isn’t worth bypassing a QB in the 2014 draft? Am I missing where QBs have to start for you to know what they are now? Kelly will see many more practice reps than he will game reps of Foles, even if he starts. I just find it funny that you have listed Foles when he may not even be the best player at his position on the team.

    1. AJ says:

      My apologies, I didn’t see Kelce as the video covered his name. I stand pat on the other 2.

    2. Show me where I proclaimed Foles the starter.

      That aside, I saw some good things in Foles last year. Some people like him. Some don’t. That’s fine. In OTAs/minicamp, I saw major improvement from where he was this time last year, and would like to see him get more some more action in games, with legitimate weapons and a competent OL at his disposal. He may be the answer. He may not. But I want to see.

      Conversely, some people really like Michael Vick. Some don’t. That’s fine. Personally, I’ve seen enough.

      1. AJ says:

        I get you want to see what he can do, but that’s not what you touted this article to be about. My questions still stands how he is the 10th most important Eagle to the Eagles, when he may not be the best player at his position.

        Furthermore, you in other posts/ podcasts picked him as your guy to start this season. Also, though you did say he still has to win the QB competition, claiming a guy is one of the top ten players the team can least afford to lose, in my opinion, is as close to proclaiming someone a starter as you can without saying it directly. No team would consider their backup QB as the 10th most important player.

        1. Jimmy Kempski says:

          I’ll leave you to debate the straw man arguments that you’ve made for me on your own.

    3. As for Barwin and Ryans, there are arguments to be made for both guys. Barwin is probably the only OLB who can competently cover, and Ryans is a leader, as you note.

      However, on this list, I’m placing a heavy emphasis on the Eagles not being realistic contenders this season. Next offseason, I would imagine they’ll add more linebackers who can cover, and Ryans might not even be on the team. Will those guys be important to the 2013 team? Sure, but how much does that really matter when this team isn’t going to realistically going to compete for the Super Bowl?

      1. AJ says:

        I will say that’s a valid point, but I still think you undervalue their imporatnce and moreover the importance of this season. You have Kendricks listed very high, but fault him for not being able to put it all together. This is where the importance of Ryans being on the field is key for his and other developing players. Prior to him leaving the Texans, Cushings said something to the effect that he wouldn’t be near the player he is without the help of Ryans. Also, just as you want to see what Foles is, couldn’t the same be said of Barwin. Two years ago he was a double digit sack guy. Last year not so much. Isn’t it crucial that we find out exactly what he is. Top tier edge rushers are hard to find in this league, and knowing what Barwin is will go a long way in knowing where to allocate resources going forward. You will probably stick to your argument, but I just think it’s silly to say that a guy who hasn’t even cemented himself as a starter and whose best moments came in preseason last year and this year in shorts is so valuable to the team, especially when there are players at the same position with the same or better skill sets / potential upside. (This is referring to both Vick and Barkley respectively, so there’s no confusion)

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