My NFC East flag football team

My friends over at Hogs Haven are doing a 7-on-7 “Redskins flag football draft,” which is an idea I love. RG3 is not allowed in their draft, but he will be here. I figured I’d pick my own NFC East 7-on-7 flag football draft using their rules, which are…

  1. Automatic rush allowed for all defenders
  2. Full contact blocking on the line of scrimmage, but no downfield blocking
  3. No Kickoffs, but there are field goals
  4. The quarterback can run at will
  5. Everyone is an eligible receiver, so blitz at your own risk
  6. NO RG3

Here’s my NFC East 7-on-7 team:

  • RG3, Redskins: Screw that last rule. I’m taking RG3. He’s my QB (duh), and he’s also athletic enough to D up. Plus, if I want to run the ball, I’ll just run with RG3. No need whatsoever for a running back.
  • DeSean Jackson, Eagles: Fairly obvious choice, in my opinion, solely for his speed. I’ve never seen anybody able to cover DJax in 1-on-1 drills at Eagles training camp, and I don’t see many people covering him in flag football.
  • Dez Bryant, Cowboys: Another fairly obvious choice, for his speed and size.
  • Lane Johnson, Eagles: Most athletic offensive lineman in the division, and he used to be a TE. He’ll block for RG3, and he can leak out into the occasional pass pattern. He also played QB in JuCo, so we can run some trick plays, or he can be the emergency QB if RG3 blows out a knee.
  • Jason Pierre-Paul, Giants: He and Lane Johnson will serve as my primary pass rushers, but they’re also athletic enough to hold their own covering bigger guys. JPP is 6’5, and Johnson is 6’6, so they will both be instructed to get their hands in the air on D. I’ll also trust that JPP will be athletic enough to figure out how to pass protect, and I’ll assume he can catch a football if it’s thrown his way from RG3. “Healthy back” disclaimers apply.
  • J.J. Wilcox, Cowboys: Wilcox played slot receiver in college, before moving to safety. He had 138 rushes for 968 yards (7.0 avg) and 14 TDs to go along with 45 catches for 898 yards and 4 TDs in his career at Georgia Southern. He’s a guy who can be competent on both sides of the ball.
  • Isaac Sopoaga, Eagles: Oddly enough, Sopoaga was the emergency kicker for the 49ers in his tenure there. He played rugby in Samoa, so I trust him to play both sides of the ball as well, although obviously, I wouldn’t be asking him to cover receivers down the field or go out for many passes. He’ll obviously play OL/DL.

Who you got?


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  2. fightforoldc says:

    RG3 – QB/DB/Rusher
    Pierre Garcon – WR/DB
    Dwayne Harris – WR/DB
    DeSean Jackson – WR/DB/Rusher
    LeSean McCoy – WR/RB/DB/Rusher
    Fred Davis – Lineman/Rusher
    Jason Witten – Lineman/Rusher

    This squad would go to the ‘ship.

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    1. horatius says:

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  5. skinsaneasylum says:

    If we toss the RG3 rule out the window…

    Lesean McCoy
    Pierre Garcon
    Dez Bryant
    David Amerson
    Sean Lee

    Thats the squad. I’d take them against any other division’s best 7 for a flag game. No question.

  6. BryanH says:

    Anyone who has never played the NFL Street series needs to go do so immediately. One of my favourite games of all time. Basically the video game version of this article.

  7. NYG_Slater says:

    7-on-7 FLAG football? i’d contend that david wilson is as comparable a rusher as JPP/Dware in this scenario. I’d rather have a guy who can cover/chase/catch versus a guy who can bullrush and….swim move?

    1. NYG_Slater says:

      (abiding by the rg3 rule)
      Vick. Djax. Dwilson. Dez. Jacquian Williams. Prince. Claiborne.

  8. AJ says:

    I’d go Ware over Johnson and Cox over Sop, especially when having to account for RG3. I would like to see who you would pick if going kickball style (you pick, I pick) instead of getting the best 7. Also, this would be a good debate if matched up against other divisions.

  9. I’d swap out Sopoaga for Fletcher Cox, but other than that I’d say that is a solid lineup.

    1. I also tried to find a way for David Wilson on there, but without a kickoff it didn’t really seem that integral.

  10. Adam says:

    RG3, Romo, Bruce Carter, Victor Cruz, Dez, Shady, JPP.

    Flag football is alot of improv, and Romo is the best at that. Plus he’s a good enough athlete that I won’t have to hide him on defense – he’ll go get the ball. I’ll do lots of different things with he and RG3 taking snaps.

  11. mandmeisterx says:

    Saw the title and assumed it was going to be a jab at Jeremy Maclin. These selections all make sense to me.

  12. Mflick says:

    I go much lighter than you.


    Try to keep up with this bunch.
    I wanted to add Maclin because there is no down field blocking, and I wanted to put Cruz instead of Nicks.

    But this is my final answer.

    1. Mflick says:

      On defense, your team would have Lane Johnson or JPP covering Dez?

      The more I think about it I would change Kerrigan for Cruz.

      1. Nah, I’d have one of the big guys covering LeSean. But I wouldn’t count on much straight man if my team were playing your team.

        1. Mflick says:

          I would like to see your 3rd best d-lineman vs lady Gaga.

          1. We’ll play a 3-3-1 zone to neutralize him. You can dump it off all day, and we’ll get him. I’m not afraid of him deep.

          2. You guys aren’t going to get any sort of pass rush on us. RG3 will have all day to pick you apart.

            1. Mflick says:

              Obviously not a defensive team. Your RG3 gets 1 turnover and I win.

              It would look like the old hand held football game. The whole strategy was timing a TD before the half so you didn’t have to kick off.

  13. dcchillin89 says:

    you think rookie lane johnson is more athletic than trent williams??? sheesh

      1. skinsaholic says:

        It is much closer than appears…but Lane gets the edge

      2. horatius says:

        Lane’s a slightly better pick, but Trent also played running back. You can’t go wrong with him either. He’d make a great running FB in 7-on-7s. Good luck tackling him when he comes steaming in your direction.

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