Random notes around the NFC East: Perry Fewell and the read option, DeSean’s documentary, the Cowboys’ TEs, and Carriker to the PUP?


• Perry Fewell thinks that stopping the read option will be similar to the way teams started stopping the Wildcat after its initial success:

“I look at that offense kind of like the Wildcat. The Wildcat took us by storm and then until you can see it, understand it; then you can defend it.”

Last season, the Giants gave up 455 yards in two games to the Redskins. I’m not so sure it was because they were fooled by some kind of exotic look. A few interesting formations aside, the Redskins’ offense was extraordinarily simple. There isn’t much to grasp. The Giants gave up huge rushing days to read option teams and non-read option teams alike. They gave up 224 rushing yards to the Ravens, and 191 to the Eagles. Worse, they gave up at least 129 rushing yards to 4 teams in the bottom 8 in the NFL in rushing yardage (the Cowboys, Steelers, Falcons, and Saints).

The Giants’ ability to stop the read option will be more about whether or not they can keep from being dominated in the trenches, not “figuring out” a fairly simple concept.


• Rich Tandler of Real Redskins has some pictures of FedEx Field. It doesn’t appear to be painted dirt, and I don’t think I can see any hypodermic needles laying around, so that’s good.

• DeAngelo Hall considered not playing this season after teams around the league chose not to make him one of the most ridiculously overpaid players in the NFL for the first time in his post-rookie contract career. The 1 year, $1.25 million he’s getting this year is about what he should be making, if not less.

• Adam Carriker is expected to start the season on the PUP list. JAG. Now would be an appropriate time to start checking out Carriker’s contract details and the savings/penalties if he were to be cut:



• Good piece by “rabblerousr” (or as the rest of the world knows him… the guy who posted the Cowboys draft board) on the Cowboys’ plans to heavily utilize tight ends this season. That seems to be the case for 3 of the 4 NFC East teams:

  • Cowboys: Jason Witten, Gavin Escobar, James Hanna
  • Eagles: Brent Celek, Zach Ertz, James Casey
  • Redskins: Fred Davis, Logan Paulsen, Jordan Reed, Niles Paul

The Giants’ safeties and linebackers better be ready to play this season.


• Sheil Kapadia of Birds 24/7 got a sneak preview of DeSean Jackson’s documentary. Sheil notes some of the more interesting moments. Les Bowen also got a sneak preview, and he wrote an excellent article on the viewing. I can’t wait to see this thing. It follows Jackson’s journey to the NFL from when he was a child, with thousands of hours of footage filmed by his brother Byron. Of the most interest to me is Jackson’s seemingly strained relationship with his college coach Jeff Tedford, whose honest assessments of DeSean’s baggage may have been at least partially responsible for DeSean’s fall into the 2nd round of the draft. The documentary will be released today. Here’s the trailer:

• Tommy had some thoughts on DeSean as well.


Apologies again for the lack of content recently. A boatload of non-football stuff. Thankfully, we’re in the slowest part of the NFL calendar. I’ll be ramping it back up this week.

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  11. WeGotLinemen says:

    The thing about Carriker, you really notice his absence when he is not in the line. He may not get the stats or draw the eye but, as a Redskins fan who has watched and re-watched all of our games since Carriker’s arrival, he is more than just a guy.

    Sure, he is no superstar, but he does a lot of stuff that helps our linebackers to play. Losing him early last year was a huge blow to the ‘Skins’ defense.

    I agree that Carriker is probably headed for release, but only because it is starting to appear that this injury might be a potential career-ender.

  12. TylerD says:

    RE: Fewell, we don’t call the man Radio for nothing over at BBV. He probably plans to stop it with his new 4-0-7 Defense.

  13. Eagleburt says:

    Where will the documentary be released?

  14. Joe D says:

    eagles safeties/lbs need to be ready also…….they haven’t been ready since 2008

    1. horatius says:

      So do the Redskins’ safeties and LBs. Their safeties were atrocious last year, and London Fletcher had his worst year covering TEs.

      By that measure, Cowboy’s safeties and LBs need to be ready too. In the second part of the year when Sean Lee and Bruce Carter will be on IR.

      1. WeGotLinemen says:

        I feel Fletcher got some undue criticism during the first part of the year. Yes, guys like Graham and Gonzalez put big numbers against him but most of the time he was in pretty good coverage. Sure, he got beat but by elite QBs putting in near perfect passes to elite pass receiving tight-ends. It wasn’t so much that his performance dropped off, its just that there is a limit to what he can do.

        There has never been a time when any linebacker ever to play in the league has been able to defend against perfect pass thrown to a much taller tight-end. The problem for me was that Haslett kept on trying to cover those tall tight-ends with his shortest linebacker. Much in the same way that he persisted in using his outside linebackers to cover slot receivers despite them getting roasted time and time again.

        One of the big improvements in the defense that occurred after the bye-week was that we stopped expecting linebackers to go man to man on elite receivers, and started to use a lot more zone coverage. It also helped a lot that we weren’t facing those elite QB-TE combinations (with Witten playing well below par last year).

        I’ll also concede that Fletcher had a terrible all-round game against the Steelers, but all the linebackers did. Our d-line got absolutely murdered and our linebackers were stuck in traffic all-day.

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