Jason Peters auditions for “Fast and Furious” movie franchise, gets arrested

The boys over at Birds 24/7 have the real details. Here were my initial thoughts when the news broke last night:

Peters 4

Peters 1

Peters 2

Peters 3


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  3. Ben says:

    Truth of the matter is nobody knows how this will play out but we can only hope that this dumb move by Peters does not hurt our chances of winning games. He was pretty much the last Eagle player I thought would make such a boneheaded move such as this. This is definitley a “C’mon Man” moment for Peters.

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  5. Brian says:

    Is Jason Peters auditioning to enter Justin Bieber’s posse? Where’s Keyshawn Johnson when you need him. But in all seriousness, is this clown aware of Jerome Brown and his story. Not to mention running away from the cops. smdh…

  6. Adam says:

    I have a problem with NFL players thinking they’re so rich and important that they can hire lawyers to get them out of consequences for stupid decisions like this one. IMO he should get a 1 or 2 game suspension because it is his 2nd arrest and he could have seriously hurt someone.

    1. horatius says:

      It looks like you have a problem with the entire United States Justice system.

  7. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    He heard there was a sale on sconces so he sped off to the mall.

    1. rage114 says:

      Full pardon then.

  8. rage114 says:

    If he is convicted of resisting arrest, then he should be suspended from the league a game or two.

    But if he pleads to a lesser charge (which is what I think will happen), then I assume that lesser penalty will not warrant a suspension.

  9. Bob says:

    He wasn’t drag racing, he was Street Racing which is a criminal act. IMO it merits discipline from the league for extreme stupidity and lack of judgement from a so called leader and veteran player. He is fortunate that his actions didnt have tragic consequences.

  10. brisulph says:

    Much ado about nothing, he will get no discipline from the league.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      I think I agree, but it IS his 2nd arrest in 2.5 years, although the last one was for loud music, so not exactly a huge deal there.

      We’ll see.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        Wait…wait…you think running(or driving very fast…or doing both) is “much ado about nothing”, and that he won’t(or shouldn’t) get disciplined from the league?


        1. DerfDiggy says:

          The Speeding is one thing….I’ll agree if it was just the speeding…no league action should be taken…but the whole outracing the cops and trying to get away is pretty ridiculous, imo.

          1. Iskar36 says:

            No question it is incredibly dumb and it is absolutely illegal, so he will face legal punishment (most likely a significant fine) but from a league stand point, it is likely not going to be punished in any significant way. I think this is far less significant than other crimes that have been committed in the NFL by other players. And for those that argue the “what if” logic, that’s simply not how our legal system works. The NFL is not going to discipline players using “what if” scenarios.

            1. DerfDiggy says:

              I guess…there’s nothing else to say other than I simply disagree….and time will prove one of us correct.

          2. brisulph says:

            He didn’t run over a person or kill dogs or get caught taking PEDs. This likely barely registered outside of the NFC East fanbases, so I doubt the NFL goes after him.

          3. Rex says:

            I wonder about the resisting arrest bit. Can we pretend for a second that the cops aren’t all infallible saints and that the whole resisting arrest part is tacked on because they were annoyed that it took him more than 30 seconds to slowdown and pull over ? I don’t think we’re talking about a high speed chase through a populated neighborhood with roadblocks and helicopters. Just a thought though maybe he really did try to get away but based on the kind of car peters would have he probably could have gotten away,and the story isn’t about them arresting him at some later point after fleeing.

            Might be wrong just trying to give an alternate take.

    2. Imp says:

      I wouldn’t mind if he was suspended for a game or two. Drag racing and then immediately running from the cops for it are extremely stupid things to do.

    3. NYG_Slater says:

      Really? I would be shocked if this was the case……resisting by flight is a really serious crime.

      Plus, this is his second arrest, and a serious one, so a suspension by the NFL is likely in addition to any legal punishment.

      As for the legal stuff, I’m not sure about Louisiana, but for NJ, racing is anywhere between 0-6 months (depending on prior convictions, speed, etc)

      Resisting arrest by flight can vary depending on which degree he’s charged with. 4th degree (i think) is 0-12 months. 3rd degree, the threatening a cop (verbally or physically) variation, is 3-5 years. I hope Peters wasn’t dumb enough to verbally threaten a cop because his size will make it substantially worse. Either way he screwed himself royally by resisting a drag racing charge. He went from looking at a big fine, to possible prison time if convicted.

      1. Jimmy Kempski says:

        No chance he gets jail time unless he slaps his lawyer on the ass.

        I have a (cough) friend who was caught urinating in public, and rather than go peacefully, he tried to make a run for it. He even stiff-armed a cop during the incident, causing that officer the embarrassment of falling to the ground and then being hurdled.

        When this friend went to court, it was knocked down to some local noise ordinance (although a costly one), with almost no effort. The offense isn’t even on his record.

        No idea how NJ and Louisiana law differ, but I’m sure Peters can afford a lawyer who can handle it.

        1. NYG_Slater says:

          I understand your thinking, both charges have minimum sentence guidelines that do not include jail time. Peters will be represented well, and should expect a relatively favorable outcome.

          The difference in my mind between peters and your friend is, Peters is already booked, and charged for resisting by flight.

          When your friend was booked, was he charged with resisting arrest in the 3rd or 4th degree? I would be surprised if he was, even if resisting did occur.

          I have a couple friends (*cough*) that while in college have been caught urinating in public and ran away. One even broke into a occupied residence to flee. When they were caught none of them were booked for resisting/eluding police (or the B/E). Jason peters is facing a resisting by flight charge, and that is the worrisome thing.

          1. He was definitely charged with resisting.

            1. Steve D. says:

              I think we need another round of Uncle Jimmy’s story time (or Uncle Jimmy’s “friend’s story time)!

              1. I’m 36, but the parents strongly, and I mean strongly urged me to shut down “Uncle Jimmy Story Time.” So I obliged. But if they were my “friends…”

        2. horatius says:

          Let me guess. Your friend was white?

          public urination gets you on the sex offender’s registry in a majority of the states.

        3. Paradox_What says:

          Apples to oranges via Peters being in a car and thus recklessly endangering everyone else on the road. There is a reason that vehicular manslaughter is its own crime. I am not saying Peters cannot strike a bountiful plea–it is Louisiana which has an absolute joke of a legal system–but his actions are quite egregious (from a legal standpoint). It will be hard convincing a judge to accept a minimum plea in this type of case.

          Best of luck to Peters though; guy is essential to the Eagles’ success.

          1. Rex says:

            Is a joke of a legal system a legal system that doesn’t resort to mandatory jail time for EVERY offense? Or is a joke of a legal system one that does?

            1. Paradox_What says:

              In every conceivable way. For example, New Orleans did not have their criminal records digitized during Katrina and lost a significant amount of records. The backlog that occurred for new intakes was still present in 2009 (my last contact with the jurisdiction) where arrested individuals without legal representation were forced to wait 30-45 days BEFORE arraignment. For comparison purposes, arraignment happens in NYC generally within 48 hours of arrest [arraignment is basically when the court confirms the charges and sets bail].

              In terms of sentencing, I never had any involvement in petty criminal stuff, so I can’t really say. But based on a murder trial I spectated, the judges don’t really believe in constitutional privileges or rules of advocacy. Each judge is unique, of course–and I did have very limited exposure to the legal system–but I was petrified and flew back to DC that week vowing never to partake in a southern justice system again.

              I can safely hypothesize, however, that no US legal system has mandatory jail time for every offense (if only because of jail overpopulation). Peters can certainly afford quality representation and should be able to walk away from this ordeal. My intent was merely to point out that what would occur in New Jersey has absolutely no correlation to Louisiana. Might as well be arrested in Australia.

        4. ATG says:

          Sounds like the kind of friend that would flaunt his sconces in public.

      2. Rex says:

        I guess it’s serious. Though according to imbecile tv commercials so is “not buckling up.” So hopefully he was buckled up or else “click it or we will steal your money .. I mean ticket” campaign will be all over him.

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