Random notes around the NFCE: Cowboys “draft board value,” DeSean fires Drew, Reuben Randle’s added reps, and Jarvis Jenkins


• I still haven’t talked yet about the Cowboys’ leaked draft board. Fear not. I will in the next few days. A lot. But for now, I wanted to address what people are perceiving as “board bargains,” meaning that the Cowboys got bargains on the players they drafted based on where they had them rated on their draft board. Randy Galloway, for example, talked about “board bargains” on Saturday:

Taken at No. 31 in the first round was center Travis Frederick. The Cowboys had him at No. 22 on their board. He’s a board bargain, at least based on the team’s ranking.

Taken in the second round was tight end Gavin Escobar. The Cowboys had him at No. 25. A board bargain. The Cowboys got him at 47.

Taken in the third round with the 49ers pick was receiver Terrance Williams. A huge board bargain. The Cowboys had him at No. 23 and got him at 74.

The other third-round pick was safety J.J. Wilcox. The Cowboys had him at No. 50 and got him at No. 80.

Terrence Williams was most definitely a “board bargain” (again, based on where the Cowboys had him rated relative to where they drafted him), but I respectfully disagree that those other three players were “board bargains,” especially Travis Frederick. Every team values players differently. For example, the Cowboys clearly shied away from injury risks and character concerns, as noted by Blogging the Boys. They didn’t have surefire 1st round pick Jarvis Jones on their board… at all. Nor did they have 1st round pick Alec Ogletree on their board, while 12th overall pick (and injury risk) CB D.J. Hayden appeared deep in the second round on the Cowboys’ board. As a result, more often than not, the difference between where you draft a player and where they were rated on your board can be a huge difference, as was the case with Terrence Williams.

When the Cowboys were on the board at 18 and the 5th player on their board was available, that would have been good board value. Getting your 22nd rated player at 31 is not “good board value.” There’s just not a lot of variance between 22 and 31.


• DeSean Jackson fired agent Drew Rosenhaus, and has his eye on Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports. A lot of Eagles fans (myself included) will always have a little slice of hatred in our hearts for Rosenhaus, for helping contribute in a major way to the Eagles’ disastrous 2005 season. However, in more recent years, Rosenhaus and the Eagles have gotten quite a few “team-friendly deals” done, including Jackson’s. Howie Roseman works well with Rosenhaus. In reality, if an Eagles player is represented by Rosenhaus, that is actually a good thing.

• BGN noticed a couple of Eagles offensive linemen talking about their junk on Twitter.

• Tommy talked about a few players of note at Eagles OTAs.


• Reuben Randle is getting more reps with Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz missing OTAs. OTAs are more important for some players than others. For Randle, the extra reps and time with the 1’s are invaluable. Randle’s numbers (19-298-3) weren’t anything to be all that fired up about in his rookie season, but I really liked what I saw out of him when he did play. If there’s a silver lining to be had by Cruz and Nicks being no-shows, this is it.

• Bear Pascoe, most valuable Giant? I’d put him somewhere around the 45th-50th most valuable Giant.


• Mike Wise put out an interesting read about Donovan McNabb’s unsolicited advice for Robert Griffin III. McNabb actually makes a few good points, but the delivery comes off awkwardly. McNabb and McNabb’s dad want to have a sit-down with RG3 and RG2 so that they can impart their wisdom, and when it doesn’t happen, McNabb instead maps out his advice to the media? It just comes across as McNabb making it somewhat about McNabb, or else he wouldn’t have talked to the Washington Post.

• I didn’t realize former 2nd round pick Jarvis Jenkins started 14 games last year. I’m struggling to think of any plays in which he stood out. I’m sure there are a few, but I got nothing. Being two years removed from a torn ACL, the hope is that Jenkins takes his game to the next level.

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  1. gravel marks says:

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    This will likely probably be quite beneficial for some of one’s positions I plan to you should not only with my blog but…

  2. EJAAY says:

    So who’s Keith Carlos?

    Giants usually hate hybrid players (because they don’t work in the Gilbride system) on the offensive side of the ball. But they still picked up this guy who has barely even played a practice snap for a NFL team in 2 years…

  3. WeGotLinemen says:

    Last year Jarvis Jenkins just didn’t have the same explosive first step that he showed during his first pre-season. He did almost nothing as a pass-rusher all year, but did seem to be getting better late on in the year.

    The ‘Skins really need him to be fully recovered from his knee injury this year, as Carriker’s health could be an issue.

  4. TylerD says:

    I know Eagles fans love them some DeSean, but man is he overpaid for the production they acrtually get out of him and than he fires the agent who got him this great deal. after paying 10 mill last year and geting 900 yeards he is lucky the Eggs are not asking him to resturcture that deal. Jay Z better be one hell of an agent because players are leaving their current agents for nothing.

    1. poolboy87 says:

      I feel like WAY WAY WAY too much gets made of Jay-Z’s involvement as far as the “agent” part of the agency. Remember that Roc Nation is not just him, but CAA as well…and they’re not exactly inexperienced or low level agents.

      Frankly…Jay Z is doing exactly what they hoped they would…getting a crap-ton of attention for the agency. He’s not exactly doing the leg-work on negotiations.

  5. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Why’d the Cowbs take their 25th ranked player ahead of their 23rd ranked player?

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Difference between Escobar and Williams may not have been high, and the next available TE was deep in the 3rd round on their board. Plus there were a ton of other really good WRs in this draft (that other teams may have preferred over Williams), so it was more likely that Williams would be there in round 3 for them than Escobar.

      They actually played that move very well.

  6. pmacker says:

    You missed the part about Victor Cruz in talks to get his own reality show. I’m sure Eagles fans will love seeing that.


    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Yeah, only noticed that after I published.

      1. giantsfan says:

        1) NYDailyNews;DR
        2) Cruz came swinging against that report. Given the source, I’m going to side with Cruz on this one.

    1. It’s so weird. There are a small number of common words that I screw up regularly. Advice-advise is one (or two, rather). And “strength.” I have no idea why “strength” is so hard for me. It’s probably the 4 consecutive consonants at the end. I get the yips like Chuck Knoblaugh or Mackey Sasser when I type “strength.”

      1. Mandmeisterx says:

        My Achilles’ heel is “separate”.

        1. bentheimmigrant says:

          Wow. That must hurt.

          1. skinsaholic says:

            Dont feel bad…I have a buddy that uses are-our incorrectly all the time in emails. (He’s an Oakland fan, fyi)

            1. skinsaholic says:

              Haha…just got this email from him…

              “Kup and I are drunk already we made blue mash are bitch!!!!”

      2. @D3Keith says:

        Mine is “rhythm.” I messed it up just now, going r-y

      3. NYG_Slater says:

        My spellings of “definitely”


      4. Paul says:

        “I have no idea why “strength” is so hard for me.”
        Sounds like you need a personal trainer. Hehe,

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