Here’s Victor Cruz on vacation in St. Bart’s

Via Cruz’s Instagram:


I love some of the comments:

Cruz 2

Yeah, Vic. Sign your WAAAAAAAAY below market, garbage restricted free agent tender and get your ass to OTAs, where you might get injured and ruin any chance of signing a lucrative long-term deal this offseason, you spoiled selfish jerk.

Some Giants fans are going to be angry about this, but they shouldn’t be. It appears as though Cruz arrived in St. Bart’s today (see the time-stamp), when he would have had off from OTAs even if he were, you know, showing up to OTAs in the first place. Maybe it’s bad form to send pics of himself on vacation, which is going to piss off the dumber fans, but he is absolutely, positively right in not showing up for OTAs.


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  3. Patrick H says:

    Even though he’s a terrible WR, he should show up to OTAs. Sign the damn thing, then work on a contract. That’s the way to operate.

  4. Brian says:

    We’re not going anywhere this season with Nicks and Cruz pouting. This will hurt Eli the most. He turns into int-Eli rather than Elite Manning without a big target to look for. We’ll see if Randle is good enough this year.

  5. Invictus XI says:

    To be fair, it is kind of a dick move to post a picture of him on vacation while his teammates are working. I don’t mind him going somewhere, just bad form to post pics of it.

  6. NYG_Slater says:

    oh and jimmy, maybe I’m reading your comment wrong, but (for now) the giants are playing their hand perfectly. There is no reason to bid against themselves for victor’s services. Offer a team friendly contract or the “garbage” RFA tag.

    1. deg0ey says:

      Cruz and the Giants have kinda created a Nash equilibrium for themselves such that the current optimal strategy for both of them is that Vic signs the RFA tender and leaves next season. A situation where both sides would be better off to meet halfway in a contract negotiation but where neither side has the incentive to make the first move.

      1. NYG_Slater says:

        Interesting idea. Overall, if both sides knew the others strategy I think a deal would get done. I doubt its optimal (for the giants) to let victor leave as a UFA, while i doubt its optimal (for cruz) to leave NYC. But I dont think either side is showing their hand till we get closer to the season.

        Also, I think victor made a slight mistake signing with roc nation prematurely. Currently Roc nations biggest clients are geno smith, Robinson Cano, and Cruz–all NYC athletes. It might not be a big deal, but cruz definitely didn’t gain leverage in contract negotiations by signing with a predominately NYC based marketing company. If anything it tipped his hand, the giants and cruz know his earning potential outside of football is higher in NYC than another city. Roc Nation knows this too and would prefer to keep cruz in NYC.

        1. deg0ey says:

          Yeah, I’d be surprised if a deal doesn’t get done eventually, but it’ll be really interesting to see who blinks first.

    2. I agree. I don’t think the Giants are doing anything wrong either. That’s just the nature of the RFA designation for good players. The team has all the leverage, and the player would almost be idiotic to sign it a second before he had to.

  7. NYG_Slater says:

    Ya vic, fascinating shrubbery…

  8. Dan says:

    Looking a bit doughy

  9. Amazingly, the entire island is on a 45 degree angle.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Haha, well played.

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