Random notes around the NFC East: Draft in May, a 3-4 tutorial, quiet Dez, Skins pros/cons, and Tony Robbins hungry

• The NFL is planning on moving the NFL Draft to May because of a “scheduling conflict” with Radio City Music Hall, which is an extremely weak excuse to try to dominate the sports calendar year-round. I hate the idea of the draft in May with every fiber of my being. Frankly, I would argue that late April is already too late as it is.


• Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven noted the pros and cons of the Redskins offseason, in terms of how did they get better/worse from last year to this year. I agree with almost everything Kevin has there, however, I’ll add one major con. On the pro side, Kevin lists a number of injuries the Redskins sustained last season, such as Brian Orakpo, Fred Davis, etc. He theorized that the Skins will be better with those guys back in the fold. I agree. However, they were extremely fortunate to have stayed healthy along their OL last year.

The Skins’ OL missed 1593 snaps in 2011:

Redskins OL missed snaps 2011

That OL was a disaster.

In 2012, with basically the same personnel to begin the season, swapping out an ineffective Jammal Brown for an ineffective Tyler Polumbus, they only missed 239:

Redskins OL missed snaps 2012

That 2012 version of the OL was monumentally better than the 2011 version, but aside from 2nd year OG Josh LeRibeus, it still lacks depth (and a legitimate starter at RT). If that OL can’t stay healthy, it could be a season killer.


• Tommy and I recorded a show, and talked about Eagles OTAs. This one went an hour and 20 minutes, and we covered a lot of ground.

• If you read this site, I’ll assume you saw my “Day in the life of an Eagles blogger video, but just in case you haven’t, here it is.

• Tommy found a PowerPoint presentation by Ravens coaches on the 3-4 defense, with a mixture of fronts, blitzes, and coverages. Great stuff here.

• Ron Jaworski doesn’t think that the offense Chip Kelly ran at Oregon will translate to the NFL.


• Carlos Mendez wrote about Dez Bryant’s quiet offseason, and it dawned on me that I hadn’t heard a peep out of Dez this offseason, which is a great thing for the Cowboys.

• Tony Romo once again showed his lack of leadership by having a cyst removed from his back. I kiiid, I kiiid. It looks as though Romo may miss all of the team’s organized team activities, although he should be back in time for training camp. Not a big deal, in my opinion.

• Jermey Parnell and Doug Free are splitting time at RT.

There were numerous pairings with the interior of the offensive line Tuesday, but when it came to the first-team tackles, Tyron Smith was the left tackle and Free and Parnell shared time on the right side.



• The fine folks over at Big Blue View took a poll on whether or not the Giants will win more than 9 games, less than 9, or 9 on the button. I think 9 is a good number for the Giants, but I also think 8 is more likely than 10. Only 4% of the voters had the Giants winning less than 9. Probably Eagles fans.

• Charles Woodson and Josh Cribbs signed with the Raiders. The Giants were rumored to have interest in Woodson, and they had Cribbs in for a visit.

• Quick programming note: A few people have asked about the conclusion to the Damontre Moore film study, via Twitter or the comment section here. I’ll finish that up at some point this week.

• Justin Tuck is turning to self-help coach Tony Robbins, and walking over hot coals to help him get back to the dominant player he used to be. No word on if Robbins tried to eat Tuck:

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  3. Hokieshibe says:

    To be fair, he was the Oregon OC prior to taking the HC job. He got that job because he created that offense. He was also heavily influenced in running it during his time as head coach there.
    I’m not saying he isn’t smart enough to change his system upon entry to the NFL, but they definitely hired the archetect of that offense.

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      He also ran an very different offense at New Hampshire.

  4. volt says:

    The Reply answer you gave OlSkool 1972 was weak. Please point me to a NFC East team that has a “plan” for losing multiple OL?

    1. Well, let’s just say they lose 2. Giants can survive that. So can the Eagles. Cowboys definitely can’t. Can the Redskins? If one of them isn’t the RT, I would say no.

      1. horatius says:

        I don’t think the Giants can survive losing one of their OL. Forget about two.

      2. poolboy87 says:

        To be fair, as long as they don’t lose LT (and now possibly C)…I doubt that the Cowboys would see any significant decline in performance at either guard spot or at RT.

        Not necessarily an indication of quality back-ups, though…

      3. Bob says:

        Meh. The Cowboys can survive that. Though mainly because the starters are so terrible anyway the backups can hardly be much less incompetent. Just as long as Smith doesn’t get hurt.

  5. NYG_Slater says:

    they might move the draft to mother’s day weekend? Can you imagine how many more divorces would result due to this!

  6. Derf Diggy says:

    Vick and the other guy with the long hair are splitting reps……”Yeesh”

  7. Dan in Philly says:

    The Eagles didn’t hire Chip Kelly’s OC to run the Oregon offense, they hired Chip Kelly. I suspect that he isn’t wedded to the Oregon offense as much as many seem to think he is.

  8. Hogdarnit says:

    Please — Radio City Music Hall and the NFL had a scheduling boo-boo? I find it odd that RCMH didn’t check with the NFL on this. This is just the NFL trying to dominate the calendar.

  9. OlSkool1972 says:

    No team has real OL depth so I don’t know why you single out the Skins. If any team loses 1593 snaps among their OL starters in a season they’re gonna have problems no matter how much perceived depth they have. They had as many injuries/games missed on the Defensive side last season as they did on the OL in 2011 but the difference was that they actually had high level QB play throughout the season.

    1. A lot of teams have better OL depth than the Skins. Also, I’m not singling them out. I’m merely noting that they were very fortunate to stay healthy there last year.

      1. horatius says:

        A lot is subjective. Define “a lot”. Put a number on it.

        5 is not “a lot”. Just for reference.

        1. I’d have to go team by team, but there’d be “a lot” more than 5.

          1. horatius says:

            Josh Lereibus played pretty good when subbing for Licht. So did Maurice Hurt when subbing for Tyler Polumbus. Licht can play backup center if Monty goes down, Lerib moves to G. If Licht or Chester get injured, LeRib steps in for one of them. Hurt has played some at backup G. The only irreplaceable player on this line is Trent Williams. The rest are all easily replaceable.

            1. While I agree LeRib played well vs the Seahawks, he has 71 career snaps. There’s extremely little to go on. Unproven. Still, he’d be a player I’d be comfortable inserting in if a guard got hurt.

              Hurt, not so much. He was terrible in 2011, and only played two games last year against teams that were long since done-zo. I put almost zero stock in his play last year.

              In my opinion, there’s only one legit reserve, and one position (RT) where the starter-reserve difference isn’t big, but all options are bad.

              1. WeGotLinemen says:

                I saw some potential in Adam Gettis during pre-season. If he can add some strength whilst retaining his speed he could be useful. I saw less potential to be really good from Tom Compton, but enough to suggest he could be developed into a competent back-up.

                As for Hurt, he was terrible in 2011. He got exposed as a rookie thrown into the line-up fairly early in the season. However, Montgomery, who got a lot more praise than I thought he deserved after a decent in 2012, gave his rookie no help at all in 2011. Hurt got beaten up the C-G gap on a number of occasions, whilst Montgomery did f-all.

                Hurt is a limited athlete and apparently was noticeably “rounder” than the rest of guards but he did cope surpisingly well at RT last year, albeit in limited action. This will be his third year and he now has experience at guard and tackle. If he sorts his conditioning out he might still have a place on the 53.

                The depth is getting better, but I really don’t think there is team in the league that can really cope with the loss of multiple starters. The Eagles had a pretty good o-line roster at the start of last year, but at one point in the year looked absolutely shambolic.

                In fact I think there are probably more teams in the Redskins position, i.e. still trying to fill a starting position (RT), than with sufficient depth that they can lose more than one linemen without suffering a significant drop in play.
                The last draft, with all those linemen taken early, was not just about the talent available. It was also an indicator of how many teams thought they had problems with their starting line.

              2. horatius says:

                How many snaps do you expect your backup OL to have anyway?

  10. Tim says:

    Raf at http://www.cowboysnation.com has been delving into that Ravens’ 3-4 PPT for years, you can find some good breakdowns over there on it.

  11. mandmeisterx says:

    “but aside from 2nd year OG Josh LeRibeus”

    I think I heard something about him having a career as a model, on the side…

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