A day in the life of an Eagles blogger, set to Chip Kelly’s practice soundtrack

If you’ve been following Eagles OTAs under new head coach Chip Kelly, you’re aware that he likes to have music blaring during practice. His playlist can be found here. Because his practices seemed to be so efficient, I thought I would apply Chip’s approach to my everyday life as an Eagles blogger.

(Now that I’ve set up the following bit in late night talk show form, please also subscribe to my YouTube channel, since I’ll be doing more videos like this).


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  1. Ender1241 says:

    Hilarious. The perfect intersection of Eagles knowledge and comedy. Well done, sir. How long did this take you to put together? I can’t tell if it took you like two hours or a week. I could see either.

    1. WAAAAY more than 2 hours, ha.

  2. MannaFromKevin says:

    Nicely done, Jimmy. Looking forward to more.

  3. Greg says:

    LOL awesome jimmy, glad to know you’ve been practicing for santas next trip to philly

  4. begatts6174 says:

    Comedy Gold!

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  6. McMVP says:

    I have to say I never knew you had this side to you…nice work Jimmy. There was a lot of creativity here…funny, funny stuff!!

    The Maclin/cat bit had me laughing out loud!

    Do more of this when you can…

  7. SteveH says:

    Jimmy, great video but I felt like you didn’t give it your all on the concussion test. Honestly I think thats tantamount to DRC or Asomugha letting up on a reciever who’s about to get into the endzone. For shame.

    1. Ha, agree completely.

  8. GnarlesB says:

    McCoy party bus = Brilliance on a grand scale sir. Well played.

  9. Horatius says:

    You have outdone yourself. Jimmy Boy!!!!!

  10. 1trinieagle says:

    hahahahahahahaha Love the creativity hahahhahahaa.

  11. kmklbi says:

    I can’t stop laughing…best video ever!!! And I keep noticing new things when I re-watch it…Hilarious!

  12. Dragon_Eagle says:

    Well done, Jimmy.

  13. Tim says:

    Hilarious video, wish we could have read the dogs mind when you clipped him and taped it to your face. WTF.

  14. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    I don’t think you should have taped all that shit to your head.
    That made the entire video lose credibility.

    You don’t actually tape shit to your head, do you?

  15. giantsfan says:

    Good stuff dude.

  16. tj says:

    Great use of wet hot american summer clip jb, I see your dad made a cameo too. Classic jim sr.

  17. do you need a room mate? too funny dude. I’ll make the smoothies. As said a few times, priceless.

  18. Mandmeisterx says:


  19. NYG_Slater says:

    if this was keeping you from finishing the Damontre Moore review……..its was definitely worth it.

  20. Scott says:

    fantastic job Jimmy….

  21. Gary says:


  22. mjoedgaard says:

    Jimmy please tell me that “fan mail” is real

    1. Yep. Almost 3 years old, but very real.

  23. T says:

    Jimmy- Question and one additional point:

    What the hell is wrong with you?

    It’s not fair to pretend that cat is Jeremy Maclin. You actually touched the cat.

  24. Your cat and dog deserve Golden Globe awards and delicious animal treats.

    1. Agree. They were great actors.

  25. The Dude says:

    Awesome Video!

  26. mac says:

    Wow haven’t laughed that hard at a video in a while. Especially the part about McCoys Party Bus.

    1. Matt says:

      That was the best part. I was waiting for someone to get thrown out and it happened in the best way imaginable.

  27. Joey says:

    35 yrs and change and you continue to amaze. Another classic!

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  29. Peter says:

    How do you leave the XV song out? I am disappoint…

    1. There was one song I couldn’t find on iTunes. That must have been it.

      1. Peter says:

        Haha I understand. Fair enough. You can download all of his songs online (legally). Great video.

  30. sb2bowl says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ll get fired today for watching this in my office with the volume turned up. EDP was funny as all get out! Great job Jimmy! This is better than Uncle Jimmy’s story time

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  32. ubrab says:

    I thought the Asomugha lunch was hilarious, but DEM MOVES IN THE POOL !1!11!!!!

    1. RogerPodacter says:

      lol i got to that part and was like “i can’t believe he’s showing himself in the video wearing an asomugha jersey… ohhhhhhhhhhh waitaminute.” lololol

  33. Adam H. says:

    Very nice. Multiple hearty chuckles in there. Think you can get Lawlor to do his day? (Unexpectedly good shufflin’ by the way)

  34. Kevin says:

    This is fantastic….nice use of pets.

  35. AJ says:

    Almost made me crack up laughing in the middle of my office

  36. James says:

    Best video EVA!

  37. talon talent says:

    Just fantastic

  38. o says:

    Absolutely priceless

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