Reminder: Pre-order your 2013 Eagles Almanac

I am currently working on a ridiculously time-consuming project (to be published soon), so apologies for the slower content the last couple days. If anything very noteworthy happens today, I’ll be on it, but otherwise, my efforts will mostly be elsewhere.

For today, I just wanted to remind my Eagles readers that the best of the best in Eagles bloggers (and me) will be publishing our annual Eagles Almanac for the second year. I’m really proud of the way it turned out last year, and think it will be a lot better this time around.¬†Last year, the Eagles Almanac 2012 was the first self-published all-Eagles preview emagazine ever. This year’s version will have over 100 pages of content and will be available as both an ebook and a paperback delivered directly to you. You can go here to pre-order.

A quick list of the contributing writers and bloggers:

For an idea of the article topics and to pre-order your copy, click here. Totally worth the minimum donation, I promise.

And thanks again to those of you who have already helped out.


  1. grey drive says:

    The Ships’s Voyages…

    I believe technological innovation just makes it worse. Now there is a channel to never treatment, now there will not be considered a opportunity for them to discover….

  2. David_Does_Dallas says:

    Doug Free took the paycut you predicted he wouldn’t. What say you?

    1. I wouldn’t say I “predicted” it. I laid out a number of reasons why he shouldn’t take a big cut, and said I’d be surprised if he did. Now that it has happened, I am indeed surprised.

  3. icdogg says:

    Already ordered mine…

    Anyway, if the Eagles sign Kyle Love and keep Everette Brown our D-line could look like this:

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Ha, nice.

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