Random notes around the NFC East: A look at Brandon Graham film, Alfred Morris vs RG3, and how often does your team draft non-BCS players?


The Eagles signed Felix Jones. As I noted when the Eagles were sniffing around him initially, he’s a 3rd RB only. LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown are clearly the #1 and #2. Here are Felix’s strengths and weaknesses.

Tommy watched some tape of Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry. Good read. Tommy’s not as high on Graham as sites like PFF, who don’t note the context with which he’s defeating offensive linemen:

While Graham was productive as a pass rusher last year, no one did anything special for him. He was almost always single-blocked. There were plenty of plays where TEs were assigned to block him. Compare this to the treatment that Trent Cole and Jason Babin got. Offenses gameplanned for them, in terms of playcalling and blocking.

Graham’s 2 best games were against Cincinnati and the second Dallas meeting. He went against a struggling Doug Free and Andre Smith. While Smith is a dominant run blocker, he is a mediocre pass blocker, which is part of why he sat on the free agent market so long this year. In those 2 games, Graham had 12 tackles, 4 sacks, and a FF. Take those games away and we’re talking about a different season.


Keith McMillan noted that CBS’ Pete Prisco had Alfred Morris rated 42 places ahead of Robert Griffin III on his Top 100 list. Keith was nice in his assessment of that nonsense:

But Morris ranked 42 places higher than Griffin on any list is, well, interesting.


Blogging the Boys has an interesting table showing the frequency of teams who draft players from non-BCS schools. The Cowboys have the 2nd most. The Eagles have the least.


The NY Post reported that the Giants and Victor Cruz are on the “2-yard line” in contract talks. And then they don’t really expand on that at all in their report. Soooooo… Nothing to see here until there’s something a little more concrete.

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  1. NYGiants says:

    Hey when I was watching Cullen Jenkins film for the work I do with giants film, I came away unbelievably impressed with Brandon Graham. Hes a great talent, he can really turn the corner real low

  2. Joe D says:

    Great review by lawlor or Graham.. Why? because PFF gives him so much hype and Eagles fans kept boasting how productive he was but while watching games — I really noticed noting special……

  3. giantsfan says:

    Is one of Felix Jones’ strengths that he doesn’t abuse women?

    1. Joe D says:

      ask michael boley!

      1. giantsfan says:

        Not that it matters, since I was making a funny, but Boley was cut by the Giants when they found out about the abuse. Also it was child abuse. Also his kid is a boy.


        1. Joe D says:

          he beat his wife before you guys even signed him…and i guess that makes it better that he beat a young boy!?!?!?

          1. giantsfan says:

            oh good point dude, i totally forgot about that

            carry on

  4. WeGotLinemen says:

    Alfred Morris just seems like such a stand-up guy that I hope he has an absolutely stellar career and we end up having to find a way to shoehorn in a gargantuan second contract for him.

    I think he is, to an extent, a product of the scheme but only because his skill-set is almost a near perfect fit for Shanahan’s stretch-zbs.

    The thing that really impressed me is that he seemed to be running faster at the end of the year than he was at the beginning.

    Either he was only just starting to benefit from being in a professional training system, and will be even better this year, or he was standing still whilst the season took its toll on everyone else.

  5. CasanovaWong says:

    Dez will have to pass Hakeem Nicks if he wants to be considered the best receiver in the division.

    1. TJ says:

      That happened about week 10 last year.

      1. CasanovaWong says:

        One season where Nicks was hurt all year and now Dez is the best? Lets see him repeat it.

        1. DerfDiggy says:

          Dez is the best wr in the division….”he needs to do it more than one year” is a bunch of crock when Hakeem can’t stay healthy for a year.

        2. horatius says:

          Dez seems to not get hurt as much as Nicks does even though he plays a lot more violently.

          And I don’t even like Dez.

          1. giantsfan says:

            Dez is probably more physically gifted, but Hakeem is a better route runner and doesn’t have the same off the field troubles. The only thing that Hakeem has going against him is his inability to stay on the field. Hopefully that changes this year.

            1. DerfDiggy says:

              Nicks’ “off the field troubles” aren’t an issue, because he can’t stay healthy enough to get into trouble.

              The way people bend and twist arguments is hilarious, and I’m not specifically saying you..but just overall on various boards.

              Avg: 14.6
              LNG: 68

              Yards: 2871
              Avg: 14.4
              TD: 27

              You admit Dez is more “physically gifted”, is a year younger, and has nearly identical stats, and both have had their share of injury issues. So explain to me why Nicks would be the better receiver…the “off the field” issues have been pretty overblown imo….If you just prefer Nicks, that’s cool….but adding in “physical gifts”, and “ceiling”, and unknown variables like that…logic would dictate that one player > another player if they have similar stats but less time.


  6. Brett says:

    As long as NBC plays the salsa music for Victor Cruz during his touchdown dances, he will continue to be a media darling. He used the superbowl season to get a bunch of endorsement deals and then had a plethora of drops last season. He also has not caught balls from Eli this offseason because of the contract. He needs to get it wrapped up and focus on football. If not Dez will pass him as the top receiver in the division.

    1. John says:

      He also has not caught balls from Eli this offseason

      He went to Duke with the Dream,Murphy, Eli, Peyton, Wes, Decker and Thomas

      1. horatius says:

        Coming soon to a theater near you.

        Catching Eli’s Balls, a Football comedy

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