Damontre Moore game review: Part IV

Here’s Part IPart II, and Part III in case you missed them. I may have gone a little overboard on analysis of a 3rd round pick, but I found Moore intriguing because he was so highly thought of (potential top 5 pick) just a few months ago. The next post will be a comprehensive analysis of Moore’s strengths, weaknesses, and how he might fit in with the Giants. Part IV will review Moore’s 2011 games against Northwestern and Kansas St. And as always, kudos to the greatness of DraftBreakdown.com for cutting up these videos.

Northwestern (2011)

Notable moments:

  • Quick note – In 2011, Texas A&M stood Moore up in a 3-point stance on the outside.
  • (0:22) – You’ll hear the announcer say that the QB pump fakes. Not so. He had to pull the ball down and reload because Moore got a hold of his jersey briefly as Moore was coming around the edge.
  • (1:05) – Gross. Moore gets pushed by into the end zone by a QB (with a little help from his TE). Lowlight reel material here.
  • (1:33) – Moore takes away the QB on the option, kills him. RB goes in for a score. It looks like Moore has the QB the entire way.
  • (2:50) – Moore has a 1-on-1 matchup with a guard. These are the kinds of mismatches you absolutely want your stud pass rusher to get against the opposing offense. And this is what makes Moore such a confusing player. No pass rush move at all, and barely even a bull rush. Was he mirroring the QB, who has running abilities? That seems unlikely with the defense in zone (and thus their eyes on the QB) behind him. Go beat that guard.
  • (3:36) – Sack/fumble for Moore. Coverage sack. Moore doesn’t necessarily beat the RT here. The RT for the most part does his job shuttling Moore past when the pocket would have been. Credit Moore for his motor, and for making the most of his opportunity by taking a big shot on the QB.
  • (4:57) – Slow in backside pursuit.
  • (5:16) – Unblocked. Whiffs on QB.

Kansas State

Notable moments:

  • (0:22) – Coverage sack. Texas A&M is in zone, and it looks like Moore has the flat. With no receivers in his area, he attacks the QB, who should have thrown it away.
  • (0:48) – Missed tackle. You don’t see a lot of this with Moore. If he has the chance to bring a guy down, he typically will.
  • (1:05) – TE is more interested in getting to the second level, chips Moore and moves on. Moore then gets a decent shot on the QB (running) for a TFL.
  • (1:14) – Great bull rush. Moore pushes the LT right back into the QB’s lap as he’s throwing.
  • (1:48) – Another coverage sack. Moore drops into coverage, and when the pocket breaks down, the QB is flushed and Moore is there to make the play.
  • (2:59) – Moore comes unblocked on a blitz (he was lined up in coverage over the slot WR). Whiffs on the QB. Big play down the field.
  • (3:20) – Slow in backside pursuit.
  • (4:13) – Interesting usage of Moore here. He’s lined up over the WR split right all the way at the top of the screen. Watch the motor. He chases the running play down all the way across to the other side of the field.
  • (4:40) – Another missed tackle.
  • (5:18) – Sack. Nice one. Watch how Moore keeps the RT off of him by extending his right arm as he races around the edge. Play is slow-developing, which gives Moore a little extra time to get there, but well done nevertheless.
  • (6:27) – Nice pressure around the edge. Times out the snap nicely.
  • (7:22) – Nice pressure around the edge again. QB just out of his reach.
  • (7:34) – Unblocked. Makes nice play on tackle for TFL.
  • (7:49) – Moore gets a hat on the football, forces fumble as QB is just about to cross the plane of the end zone. could have been a game-winning play if Kansas St. player doesn’t recover the ball in the end zone.
  • (8:10) – Kansas St. is throwing Moore’s way, so the LT is trying to cut Moore to get him on the ground. Moore avoids the cut block, then attacks the QB and gets in a shot. Well done.
  • (8:17) – You can see the lack of speed here. Moore is back in coverage, sees the QB take off, and has a difficult time changing direction. By the time he gets going to other way he had zero chance of cutting down the angle of the runner. There may be some fatigue here as well, seeing as this game is 3OT.

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  3. Jimi says:

    NFL Comparison?
    Would you say Ray Edwards during his Minnesota years?

    1. No. Motor way higher than Edwards. Good question. I’m not really sure who I’d compare him to. Very unique player.

  4. Episode 4. Is this the one that has JarJar Binks?

    1. brisulph says:

      Technically, Episode 4 is A New Hope, the first Star Wars movie ever made. The one with JarJar Binks was the fourth movie released.

  5. NYG_Slater says:

    (4:11) Northwestern Game.

    May have been a TD saving pressure/QB hit. WR running wide open, gotta expect the QB to make that throw. Moore hits him a split second after ball is released.

  6. my name is says:

    Lets do B.W. Webb next.

  7. John says:

    There may be some fatigue here as well, seeing as this game is 3OT.

    May be? LOL

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