Random notes around the NFC East: More Frederick, Sav the hero, Giants collecting bigtime college LBs, and (gasp) Chip Kelly not in the Eagles draft war room?


• Eagles UDFA Brad Wing said his favorite player growing up watching Australian Rules Football was Sav Rocca:

“When I was growing up and he was playing Australian Rules Football for the Kangaroos, he was my favorite player,” Wing said. “I wore his jersey around, and so, once he left the AFL, I was sort of upset. I followed him closely once he was in the NFL. That’s what sort of drew me to the NFL a whole lot.”

Rocca is merely 4th on my list of heroes.

• My buddy Keith McMillan of the Washington Post took a look at the Redskins’ rookie RBs, Chris Thompson and Jawan Jamison. On a side note, I once played flag football against Keith. He QB’d one team, I QB’d the other. Ask him on Twitter who won.


• Rotoworld’s Josh Norris was a big fan of South Carolina’s DeVonte Holloman, who was drafted in the 6th round by the Cowboys. He did a write-up on how Holloman might fit into the Monte Kiffin’s defense. Good read.

• Gerald Sensabaugh is retiring. Odd. Sensi is the kind of player who you would look to upgrade if he was starting for you, but it’s not like you have to adjust your defense to mask his deficiencies. He’s an average starter who should have plenty of football left. I wonder if he just got frustrated by the business side of the game.

• I’ve been rough on the Cowboys’ selection of Travis Frederick in the 1st round:

Travis 1

Travis 2

Travis 3

Travis 4

The great site DraftBreakdown.com does an outstanding job of cutting up college games, however, their Travis Frederick library only contains 2 games. Then I realized, oh wait, I can watch their Montee Ball library (8 games, although mostly running plays), and their Ricky Wagner library (one game in 2011) to see more of Frederick.

I think my jokes come off as me making fun of “Frederick the player” or “Frederick the guy,” which is not the intent. The truth is, after watching all those games…

I like him.

And apparently, some Cowboys fans are calling him “Fredbeard,” which would be more awesome if he played for the Buccaneers or the Raiders (pirate theme), but awesome nevertheless.

But his “ceiling” is extraordinarily low, and while his “floor” may be higher than the average NFL prospect, it’s not like he’s some sort of guarantee to be a solid starter. Personally, I think he’ll be a good (not great) pro at a non-impact position, and I simply wouldn’t spend a 1st round pick on a guy like that.

I’ll have more on his actual game at some point.


• Justin Pugh opened at RT for the Giants. No surprise there, but notable. It was thought that maybe he might play guard.

• Aaron Curry signed with the Giants. The Giants now officially lead the league in bigtime college LBs (Curry, Connor, Rivers, Herzlich) who have done nothing in the NFL.


• Tommy and I recorded a show. We discussed Eagles rookie minicamp, a few veteran tryouts (Felix Jones, Trevor Scott, and Chris Gocong), Matt Barkley, and my feet.

• Someone asked me via email why Chip Kelly wasn’t in the Eagles war room during the draft. I had no idea what they were talking about. Evidently, this is what they were referring to:

Chip Kelly war room

Yeah, if Chip Kelly were just shooting the shit about Manti Te’o’s college career with Melissa Stark instead of helping draft the future of the team, that would be weird as hell. It would probably be something beyond “weird.”

Anyway, to answer the question, it wasn’t Chip. It was Brian Kelly:

Brian Kelly

Say it with me… Brrrrrrian…

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  1. NYGreg says:

    If you’re referring to Greg Jones, he was cut last year.

  2. SteveH says:

    I wonder if Jerry took Frederick just so he could say look! I do care about the offensive line!

    1. Brett says:

      People aren’t successful in life if they constantly care what other people think.

  3. bucks101989 says:

    lol i love how every “expert” except mayock described pugh as a second round pick, but ita a solid slection for the gmen.. mayock has fred as a possible 3rd rounder and everyone else as a second rounder.. lol the cowboys TRADE DOWN and selest the best interior olineman aviablabe that will be able to contriubute immediatly! while gaining a exrta pick…. lol i still love hows it gets ripped apart.. after very expert demanded olineman for the boys,, lol but we shall see whats happens i guess lol.!???

    1. bucks101989 says:

      everyone else has fred*

    2. I disagree that Pugh wasn’t rated highly. A lot of people around the league (including the Cowboys) liked Pugh a lot.

      1. mjoedgaard says:

        But just about everyone had Pugh as a 2nd rounder. So it was a terrible pick value wise (if we are to thrust the consensus and despite how terrible you may think about ESPN etc. it shows that if you include enough of them, that in general the consensus is right)

        1. Ranjeeth says:

          It’s the giants vs the cowboys. Who would you make fun of for sucking?

        2. I found most had him a late 1st (from what ive seen) apposed to a 2nd rounder.

  4. Mick says:

    RE: Giants having stud college LBs, you left out the kid from Mich St.

  5. DaCrock says:

    I’m sure Cowboys fans don’t mind your being rough on their selection of Travis Frederick at the bottom of the 1st round. After all, they can take solace in the fact that the Eagles selected an interior lineman, Danny Watkins, with pick 23 in 2011 (vs. pick 31 for the ‘boys, and Dallas garnered an extra pick), who was 26 yrs. old when drafted. That, to me, was a more questionable move. My Skins have more than their share of head scratchers over the years as well (yes, Congressman Shuler, I’m looking at YOU)!

    Time will tell what Frederick brings to the table, but Dallas addressed a position of obvious need with a guy they apparently felt might not be there when they were up to select in rd. 2, and they added a Day 2 pick in the process. Seems reasonable to me.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Watkins was also a terrible pick, and I said so at the time. And he was much more highly regarded.

  6. mjoedgaard says:

    How do you confuse Brian Kelly with Chip Kelly?

    1. Scott says:

      Nowhere near as bad as people confusing the 2 Randy Moss’

    2. seanrude says:

      Those Irish all look alike

  7. Bob says:

    “I’ve have”

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