In response to DeMarcus Ware’s face mask change, Justin Tuck will also upgrade his face mask once again

Today, DeMarcus Ware announced that because he is switching to DE in the Cowboys’ new 4-3 defense, he is changing his face mask.

In previous seasons, Justin Tuck had upgraded his face mask several times, first going with the Lando Calrissian look, then moving on to whatever this is supposed to be. Not to be undone, Tuck has announced his new 2013 helmet design. A sneak peek:



  1. Kara Road says:

    The Ships’s Voyages…

    I feel technologies just causes it to be worse. Now there’s a channel to under no circumstances treatment, now there will not be considered a opportunity for them to find out….

  2. Redskins Fan says:

    When will the NFL allow personal airconditioning systems in the helmet? Because then he can just wear a freaking Motorcycle helmet…

    Or maybe a Storm Trooper helmet…. yeah, that would be MUCH better.

  3. brisulph says:

    I get it! Tuck keeps changing his facemask, and he would do so again since Ware is all up in his facemask changing business! OH JIMMY!

  4. rage114 says:

    Looks like a cage for a nut sack.

  5. rabbit says:

    lando calrissian… 😀

    If you havent already, then look closely at the end of the Empire strikes back and you will see that Lando is wearing Han Solos clothes… Creepy…

  6. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Why does he have feet, but no hands? What the fuck James?

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      How dare you question the accuracy of my illustrations.

    2. RogerPodacter says:

      i’m imagining that his hands are there, just sticking straight out in line with his arms. the only reason you see his feet is because they are pointed in a different direction from his legs.

  7. TylerD says:

    LMAO What…. I don’t think I want to see Tucks new Tat

  8. Invictus XI says:

    Like I said on twitter, Justin Tuck is going to be wearing a checkerboard penis, with blue artery filled balls that are covered in spiky pubic hair.

    And its going to look sweet.

    1. The NY tattoo must have hurt like hell.

      1. Invictus XI says:

        Can’t question his toughness after that.

  9. TylerD says:

    Actually we can all thank Mr.Chris Canty for these face masks. Also makes it pretty hard for O-lineman to grab them.

  10. wilddre22 says:

    Optimus Prime facemask is the best.

    1. Hokieshibe says:

      Always thought it looked more like Shredder, but I guess I can see Prime.

      1. skinsaholic says:

        Definitely Master Shredder all the way

  11. Rick says:

    Hats off to your art department.

    1. MightyFlye says:

      That is some stunning artwork!

    2. Most costly aspect of the website.

      1. Sb2bowl says:

        Please don’t fire your graphics designer; I’d be heartbroken!

        1. skinsaholic says:

          I actually need a logo created for my new business, but it can only be created in micrososft paint. You in Jimmy?

    3. RogerPodacter says:

      thats why i keep coming back here…

      the amazing artwork and “uncle jimmy story time”, even if he hasn’t done those in forever now. (yea, i’m kinda pissed about that lol)

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