Damontre Moore game review: Part II

Here’s Part I in case you missed it. Go read the intro there before moving on to Part II, which will be nothing more than notes/video from 3 of his games. We’ll do a complete analysis of Moore at the very end of the series. Part II will review Moore’s games against Mississippi State, LSU, and Florida. And as always, kudos to the greatness of DraftBreakdown.com for cutting up these videos.

Mississippi State:

  • (0:17) – Moore hits his inside stunt hard and blows right past the center, who serves as little more than tackling dummy in quicksand. Nice job by Moore nevertheless, as he gets the sack. Bonus points for grabbing the QB’s throwing arm and almost jarring the football loose.
  • (0:41) – LOVE this play by Moore, even though it was irrelevant. The QB gets pressure from Moore’s teammate, and the ball looks awkward as it comes out of his hands. It’s an incomplete pass, but looked awkward enough to possibly be a fumble. Moore sees the ball on the ground and he jumps on it. Simple. That’s what I want my linemen to do. No scoop and score, no guessing that it’s incomplete. Just jump on it.
  • (1:27) – Moore jumps in the neutral zone, but gets back in time. That’s twice I’ve seen him jump now. Could be an issue. Free plays for the offense are gifts.
  • (1:38) – Manhandled by the FB on a run play. Moore gets a nice jump at the snap, but he’s headed the other direction quickly once the FB gets a hold of him.
  • (2:16) – It’s odd. Sometimes Moore looks terrible against the run, and other times he makes plays like this where he takes on two blockers, gets into the backfield anyway, and joins a couple of his teammates for a TFL.
  • (3:15) – Nice, subtle tough play here. Moore takes on the pulling guard, allowing his teammates to make the play on the ball carrier. That’s not fun.
  • (3:42) – Slow in backside pursuit.
  • (3:50) – Takes on the pulling guard again, but this time sheds him and makes the tackle for a TFL. Nicely done.
  • (4:06) – HIGHLIGHT REEL stuff here. Moore gets no pass rush, tries to bat the ball at the line, doesn’t get it, but then turns and runs more than 40 yards down the field to tackle the WR. Outstanding hustle.
  • (5:45) – When Texas A&M goes to this 3-man front in which Moore is lined up as the LDE, he likes to use this little inside spin move against the guard. He doesn’t get to the QB in time, but this is an effective little pass rush move in his limited repertoire.


(0:09) – Nice job setting the edge and forcing the run back inside.

(0:36) – These plays just seem so common with Moore. The offense runs away from his side, leaves him unblocked, he looks slow pursuing from behind, but while the RB is trying to navigate through traffic, Moore is eventually able to catch up and deliver a nice hit.

(1:06) – Sack. Pretty simple inside pass rush here on LSU’s LT, gets pressure, QB tries to escape, but Moore has a hold of the QB’s throwing arm, and he’s meat.

(2:01) – QB is forced to step up sooner than he’d like because Moore gets around the edge quickly. He has nowhere to go, and Moore hits the QB’s arm as he tries to throw. It’s fairly clear to me that Moore is always trying to grab for the QB’s throwing arm… a great thing.

(4:30) – I noted earlier how Moore sometimes looks really good against the run, and other times he looks completely overmatched. This would be an example of the latter.

(4:36) – Minor observation here. At the snap, Moore is lined up a yard off the ball. That struck me as odd, and I wondered before the play began if he would be dropping into coverage on the play. He did. Smarter offensive linemen and QBs will notice stuff like that. Line up where you normally would, then drop. Give nothing away.

(4:45) – Moore does somewhat of a bull rush here initially, then disengages and comes around on the stunt. Really well done. He forces a throwaway, but you’d really like to see him finish here.

(5:05) – Unblocked again. Moore should make this play, and he does.

(6:01) – Only time in 5 games reviewed so far that I’ve seen Moore not hustle.


  • (0:22) – Moore makes initial inside move at the snap, gets washed down the line on run play.
  • (0:33) – Washed down the line again on a run play. That’s an undersized TE who is handling him.
  • (0:44) – Tough to know what Moore’s responsibility is here. Does he simply have the RB? If so, great play. When I think about this play in terms of the NFC East, I think the way the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys are going to play RG3 is to hammer him as much as they possibly can. If you send the unblocked player directly at the RB, forcing the QB to carry the ball, RG3 may burn you for the occasional nice run, but he’ll take more shots. Make RG3 run the ball. I like Moore’s decisiveness/aggressiveness here, again, depending on his assignment.
  • (1:09) – Coverage sack. Nothing special about Moore’s pass rush here. Credit his outstanding motor, and a dumb decision by the QB not to throw it away.
  • (1:40) – Nice inside rush by Moore here on the RG. Moore is simply the better player and wins. Sack.
  • (2:11) – Another sack by Moore. Coverage sack. 3rd sack of the first half. I’m not sure what Moore’s responsibility on this play is. Does he have the RB in coverage, and when he sees the RB staying in protection and the play breaking down he attacks the QB? That would be my best guess. Whatever the case, once he commits to going after the QB, he gets there and makes the play, although again, there’s nothing special in terms of pass rush ability on this one.
  • (2:40) – You’ll hear Kirk Herbstreit diagnose this play well on the replay. Moore executes an inside stunt, which is picked up nicely by the Florida OL, but because the QB sees him coming, he gets happy feet and bails from the pocket. On a side note, this QB would drive me nuts. Throw it away, dope.
  • (4:11) – Sheds block on draw play, makes tackle.
  • (4:19) – Moore rushes upfield, spins to the inside and gets jacked up by the guard. Credit Moore with the win on this play though by drawing the double. Florida is clearly wary of him.
  • (4:31) – Another sack, although this one is sort of a gift. Moore was blocked well by the LT, who eventually stops blocking on the play because it takes so long. Credit Moore again for never stopping.
  • (5:44) – No free passes out of bounds. If you’re headed to the sidelines and Moore has the chance to hit you, he will.
  • (6:36) – Huge negative play when the defense needed to get the ball back for the O. Tough to criticize a player for grabbing a facemask by accident, but Moore never lets go and drags the runner to the ground by his facemask.
  • (6:55) – Moore helps chase down end around 15-20 yards down the field.
  • (7:03) – Blown off the ball on a run play.
  • (7:13) – Moore is juuuust a step slow trying to tackle the QB on 2nd and 10. QB gets the first down. Ballgame. Rough series to end the game for Moore in an otherwise great game. Wonder if there was some fatigue here. Moore had just tackled a runner by his facemask, then chased a receiver 20 yards down the field. I don’t see a lack of effort, but he looked tired on these final two plays. He just didn’t have the same burst.

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  1. GainesvilleIgglesFan says:

    Side note to your side note: Driskel drives every UF fan crazy. He was supposed to be a highly touted recruit, but has more bonehead mistakes than EJ Manuel (and that’s saying something).

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  3. CasanovaWong says:

    Less seething hatred in this one. Nice.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Was there seething hatred in Part I?

      1. not sure he is very high on the pick

    2. horatius says:

      moron alert

  4. DaCrock says:

    Moore seems to have decent quickness (not speed, but quickness). However, he seems to be sorely lacking in the strength department, which is something that is not uncommon among college draftees. Now that football is a full-time job for him, he should be able to spend more time in the weight room, build his strength, and add to his repertoire of rush moves with solid coaching. He also seems very inconsistent, i.e., great job chasing down a runner on one play, being a spectator on another. Overall, appears to be a decent selection for the G-men given where he was taken (rd.3, 81st pick),

    As an aside, as a Skins fan, I couldn’t help but focus on two Skins acquisitions in watching the Moore tape vs. Florida–TE Jordan Reed (rd. 3, 85th pick), and LT Xavier Nixon (UDFA signee). Both were credible, although it was clear Reed shouldn’t be inside as much as Florida used him there, and Nixon, while having decent skills, didn’t always hold his blocks and play to the whistle (his inconsistency being a big reason why he went undrafted).

    1. joe says:

      I am unsure if it is quickness, but he has a big step to him which makes him really effective on stunts.

  5. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    I say ignore the RB and cornhole RGIII a few times.

    1. horatius says:

      Good. free 15 yard penalties and ejections. What’s not to like!!

  6. joe says:

    Good point about playing the option.

    Who cares if RG3 Burns you a few times, take out the RB and hope one of your guys gets a lick on RG3 – i mean its fair to say now the guy’s knees are a liability and there are only so many shots a 6″2 215 guy can take.

    1. ATLeagle says:

      Several teams were doing this towards the end of last year, and as RG3 became more worn down, this became an easier decision for them. I felt bad for RBs a few games as they were just getting destroyed every play. Basically a guy that wasnt an offensive lineman was getting hit every play in ways that you ned to be the size of an OL to be able to withstand. The play turns away from being an option or ZR, to being a QB rollout, as the defense is only allowing that one option, and the back 7 can adjust to the patterns instead of worrying about everything.

      1. joe says:

        I think it was Mike Tomlin who called the option a fad. Seems to be on to something, Although i guess morris would be the perfect option back then as he can take a lick.

  7. TylerD says:

    Jimmy, thanks for the breakdown.

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