The Eagles may have an absolute steal in Oregon State CB Jordan Poyer

With their 2nd pick in the 7th round of the 2013 draft, the Eagles selected former Oregon State CB Jordan Poyer with the 218th overall pick. That pick may turn out to be an absolute steal. Prior to the draft, a number of draftniks had Poyer rated somewhere in the 2nd-4th round range on their “big boards:”

Poyer was thought of even more highly prior to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. After the 2012 season, he garnered a place on the NCAA All American team. Among the All Americans declaring for the draft, Poyer was the only player drafted after the 4th round:

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  1. I love it when fans of the other three teams read posts about, you know, the Eagles and then claim that this site is biased. I’ve read plenty of material about the other teams that was positive, and plenty about the Eagles that was negative. He’s talked about Tony Romo’s ability to put the team on his back, suggested that RG3 should be in the running for league MVP, and lauded the Giants for the ‘bend-but-don’t-break’ defense they employed last season. He may be an Eagles fan, but he sincerely tries to be fair on this site, and I think he does a pretty good job.

    Of course, perception is reality, so if you’re here specifically looking for something to claim bias on, you’ll probably find it. If only for self-satisfaction purposes.

    1. David_Does_Dallas says:

      “The Cowboys are terrible, but the only reason they aren’t 0-16 is because Tony Romo carries them”, I wouldn’t say that is necessarily a ringing endorsement of the Cowboys. However, he has stated he is biased and I think most non-eagles regulars on this site accept it but still enjoy his writing.

  2. David_Does_Dallas says:

    Nice lawn jimmy

  3. WeGotLinemen says:

    A lot of Redskins fans were calling for Poyer to be picked during the draft (after the Thomas pick).

    Going by college production he looks like a steal. Still, he is a relatively high profile player that dropped. I tend to be more pessimistic about the potential of those guys than that of the players that were expected to go late in the draft because they went to a small school or came in with pre-combine concerns about their size or weight not meeting NFL prototypes.

    Poyer must have got quite a lot of attention from scouting departments. This isn’t going to be a guy who slipped because people didn’t have the time or resources to check out a fringe prospect.

    The completely unsubstantiated rumours I’ve read suggested Poyer’s combine interviews didn’t go well. Given that all the teams passed on multiple occasions, you’ve got to wonder what was putting them off.

    1. Yeah, it’s strange. There has to be something that turned them off. I can see a player with this much talent falling to the 4th or 5th, but the 7th? What don’t we know about you, Jordan?

  4. […] Jimmy put together an excellent post on Jordan Poyer.  He added some great stuff on Twitter. Poyer went to high school in Astoria, OR, which is where the Goonies were. Poyer was -6 when that took place so he’s not one of the Goonies. I think that nugget officially makes Jimmy the bizarro version of AC Viking. […]

  5. I think Poyer might have to play safety, but he could be a good ball-hawking safey. We shall see. I liked him a lot from watching him play, but that doesn’t always mean anything

  6. TylerD says:

    LOL Jimmy you are to funny, you just got done telling us about Moore’s slide in the draft because of a poor Combine and now this guy has the same problem and he is a steal, could it be that Kelly Green makes him look a little better to you? Just saying….

  7. Stan says:

    Career projections:

    Lane Johnson = Jason Smith
    Zach Ertz = John Carlson
    Bennie Logan = Brian Price
    Matt Barkley = Brady Quinn
    Earl Wolff = CJ Gaddis
    Joe Kruger = Andy Studebaker
    Jordan Poyer = Macho Harris
    David King = LeJuan Ramsay

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      I would cry if that was true, but why are you comparing a 3-4 DE with a 3-4 OLB?

  8. Redsking-man says:

    Only steal at CB is BW Webb AKA Da Grasshopper,check out this boys vertical!

  9. Redskingman says:

    Dez gone turn Poyer into ah Papaya & juice him!

  10. Mike Pick says:

    More hack writing. The Eagles “may” have gotten a steal. The may not have. Comparing him to Brandon Flowers who is an exception to the rule doesn’t mean they may have gotten a steal. Your premature declarations that the Cowboys draft sucked, the Eagles draft is the cats pajamas are worthless. Nearly as bad as the Dream Team, except without any of the hype. Your writing and predictions have proven worthless.

    Guy Eagles drafted has brush with the law: “minor” deal.

    I would love to read the phrasing if the same player was drafted by the Cowboys in the 7th round. “Jerry Jones is such a fool. He’s probably out getting arrested for smoking crack while beating up Dez Bryant’s momma.”

    Your writing sucks Jimmy. Rename your blog, “Hypin’ Da Eagles Starring Michael Pick.”

    “We be killin’ dawgs, son.”

    1. JasonE says:

      Flowers isn’t an exception to the rule. You draft a CB at the top of the second round, you expect him to be a good-to-great player.

    2. Jimmy Kempski says:

      And yet, you’re not only reading my hack writing, but commenting on it.

      To try to help improve your life, here’s a picture of a duck with hair, glasses, and a suit:


      1. Skinsational says:

        I laughed when I read that but then when I clicked on that link I laughed harder. I have no idea why but that is fuckin funny as shit.

      2. Mike Pick says:

        It’s oddly entertaining. Horrible nonetheless. Thanks for the advice on how to improve my life. Spend less time googling pictures of ducks and more time improving the quality of your writing. Unfortunately for you, you’ll have to drop the homeristic view.

        Jason, the “exception to the rule” comment was in regards to have that bad of a combine while being a good-great player. It happens, but usually not with corners who can’t jump, don’t run fast and don’t have much strength. Not in reference to him being a productive second round pick.

        1. Jimmy Kempski says:

          Ridiculous as it sounds, googling ducks and replying to retards is my job, whereas you’re posting comments on the blog of a writer you dislike on your own accord.

          In this scenario, I certainly sound like a bit of a loser, but you’re worse.

          1. Mike Pick says:

            Jimmy, great response for a true hack of a writer. Instead of validating his flawed “analysis,” resort to calling a commenter a “retard.” Weak. Anyways, I can give a shit less if you think I’m a retard, a loser or whatever you may think. Cool. Would you think I’m even cooler if I told you that I’ve read all the Harry Potter novels to the point of mesmerization. Or the 19 hours a day I spend building up my world of warcraft clan? Somehow, between potter, warcraft and my renaissance fairs, I find time to expose hack bloggers like you. Truthfully, I saw you self promoting your blog in comments at bloggingtheboys. Keep on piling out this hack material for the 14 eagle fans that read your blog to circle jerk to. Enjoy fellas, you guys are gonna win it all according to Jimbo here. Lube em up Jim.

            1. David_Does_Dallas says:

              The fact that you are from Blogging The Boys saddens but doesn’t surprise me.

            2. horatius says:

              Why don’t you just fuck off back to your blog?

              If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

              1. Bob says:

                Captain Save a Hoe to the Rescue! Damontre Moore slides in the draft so something must be wrong with him. Jordan Poyer slides and he’s an absolute steal. Seems legit from a site that has an a averison to benchmarking.

            3. ATG says:

              Benchmarking. Be sure to comment on his lack of benchmarking.

        2. Im not a blogger says:

          I was trying to think of the best charity to donate to that would really upset Cowboys fans that go out of their way to be upset about either 1) exposing a nugget of truth about their team, or 2) stating something positive about any other team . I even wanted to create a punchlist that I could refer back to for 1$ each… items such as not having a blog but criticizing writing ( not critiquing ) , using the terms hack and dream team, creating absurd arguments to argue against, and of course any random insult to Michael Vick’s past.

          I dont have time to flesh out the list, and could think of no better place for money to upset these types than straight to JimmyKs pocket.

          Congrats Mike Pick! A (non tax deductible) donation has been made to BloggingTheBeast in your name.

          1. Jimmy Kempski says:

            Ha, thanks buddy. Just got the confirmation email!

            1. ATG says:

              For a mere 20% cut I can stop by daily to call you a no talent, homeristic hack.

    3. RogerPodacter says:

      you do realize that Jimmy also writes for the Allentown Morning Call…. specifically for Eagles stuff.
      He simply reposts stuff here for the Eagles fans among us.

      i don’t get why someone could get so riled up to post something like this…lol

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