Damontre Moore game review: Part I

In February, Mel Kiper had Giants 3rd round pick (81st overall) Damontre Moore going 2nd overall to the Jaguars in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Moore is a big name who played on an extremely high-profile team with Johnny Football down at Texas A&M. Many draftniks in addition to Kiper had him as high as the Top 5 a few months ago, but he slipped to the 3rd round for a reason, the same way Marvin Austin slipped deep into the 2nd a few years ago. Moore’s production was good in college, as he was tied for 9th in the nation with 12.5 sacks:


However, a big question became his work ethic, which showed in his embarrassing 12 reps on the bench press at the Combine. By comparison, 21 CBs did more. Moore also ran an extremely unimpressive 4.95 40 time. Here are how his measurables compare to other DEs since 1999:

Moore 5

When a player is lighter than 93% of DEs since 1999, and only faster than 21% of them in the 40 and 14% of them in the 10-yard split, that’s obviously a huge red flag.

Because I hadn’t watched much of Moore leading up to the draft, I wanted to get a better idea of his game, especially because of his high production and low draft position at 81st overall. Thankfully, the great folks over at DraftBreakdown.com have 9 of his games in their Damontre Moore library. I’m watching them all, and will share my notes in a 3-part (possibly 4-part) series, similarly to what I did with David Amerson last week.

I started with Moore vs Alabama, since they basically have a professional OL, and then Oklahoma, hoping to see him matched up with Lane Johnson:

Moore vs Alabama:

  • (0:00) – Alabama runs away from Moore, and leaves him unblocked. This will be a recurring theme throughout this game
  • (0:23) – Alabama runs right at Moore, DJ Fluker easily moves Moore inside and opens up a huge hole. Fluker has about 90 lbs on Moore.
  • (0:47) – Nice spin move. QB threw an INT on the play, although not sure if Moore’s pressure had anything to do with it.
  • (1:19) – Just interesting to note that Texas A&M lined him up in a 2-pt stance on occasion, as they had the previous year when he often played the Joker position.
  • (1:39) – Swallowed up by Fluker and dumped on the ground on a run play to Moore’s side. Borderline hold. It was ugly whether he was held or not.
  • (2:02) – Good motor. On 3rd and 7, Moore can’t get to the QB, jumps to try to bat the pass, then turns and hustles to tackle the RB on the screen.
  • (2:27) – Alabama runs away from Moore, and while he does eventually get over to help push Eddie Lacy out of bounds, it takes a long time for him to get over there. This is where you can see his bad Combine measurables come into play.
  • (3:00) – Completely dominated by Fluker on run play.
  • (4:09) – Moore is unblocked again, and while he gets in on the tackle from the back side, he just seems very slow to get to the runner.
  • (4:37) – Moore tries to shoot the A gap, and Chance Warmack simply drives him way out of the play.
  • (4:45) – Nice little subtle play by Moore here. His teammate has already hit the runner high, so Moore grabs the RB’s ankles and ensures there’s no chance on him spinning out of the tackle.
  • (4:53) – Sack by Moore. He was all but unblocked (TE gave sort of a semi-chip), and Bama ran a boot to his side. Moore almost missed bringing the QB down. I did like that Moore pursued the QB aggressively here, but this was a fairly unimpressive sack.
  • (5:03) – You can see that motor here again. Moore is doubled, and tries to collapse the pocket (to little avail), jumps to try to get a hand on the ball, tries to chase down the runner, and for no reason dives over the pile. You can probably save your energy instead of jumping on a runner who is already down, Damontre,  but I appreciate the hustle.
  • (5:22) – Here’s what’s good and bad about Moore all in one play. Bama runs away from him again, and it simply takes him far too long to get there, but he’s always hustling and gets in a nice shot on the RB as he’s already going down.
  • (6:30) – More of the same. Moore tries an inside stunt, gets stoned by Warmack, finds the receiver, chases him down the field in slow motion and gets a big hit on him.
  • (6:58) – The Aggies send a blitz, and Moore is left unblocked, but he is stoned by Eddie Lacy. First of all… Wow, what a block by Lacy. Secondly, Moore had a chance to make a big play, but it turns out to be a huge play for Bama.

Moore vs. Oklahoma (Bowl Game)

Notable moments:

  • (1:04) – Way offsides.
  • (1:34) – Moore can’t make the play on the end around, but he gets up the field far enough that he makes the WR take a wide route around him, which helps mess up the play.
  • (2:53) – Moore comes completely unblocked, and although the Sooners get the pass off in time Moore delivers a big shot to the QB. Looks faster here.
  • (3:19) – Moore comes unblocked on the read option, and absolutely murders the RB. The only probably is that the QB didn’t hand the ball to the RB, and the QB has a big gain down the field.
  • (4:48) – Really nice play. Moore drives the guard back a few yards, sheds, and tackles the runner. TFL, and a beauty.
  • (7:00) – Aggies only rush 3, but Moore does a nice job on an inside rush in which he’s blocked by the RT, RG and RB. The QB is flushed to the right, cutting the field in half, although he throws a TD pass anyway. Be careful not to focus on the result. This is a great job by Moore.
  • (7:12) – Moore penetrates and while teammates will get credit for the TFL here, Moore is the one who made the play.
  • (7:42) – Nice speed rush around the edge. Good first step doesn’t jive with his 10-yard split at the Combine. Forces QB to step up and leave the pocket.
  • (8:00) – Nice penetration again by Moore, who is beginning to wear out the RT.
  • (10:37) – 4th quarter, roughly 30 seconds left in the game, Aggies up 28, and Moore is jumping on the pile. Love that.

Just to note, analysis will come at the end of the entire review.

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  5. […] Here’s Part I, Part II, and Part III in case you missed them. The next post will be a comprehensive analysis of Moore’s strengths, weaknesses, and how he might fit in with the Giants. Part IV will review Moore’s 2011 games against Northwestern and Kansas St. And as always, kudos to the greatness of DraftBreakdown.com for cutting up these videos. […]

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  7. […] Here’s Part I and Part II in case you missed them. We’ll do a complete analysis at the very end of the series. Part III will review Moore’s games against Louisiana Tech and Arkansas. And as always, kudos to the greatness of DraftBreakdown.com for cutting up these videos. […]

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  9. dannymac056 says:

    Thanks for doing the breakdown, I’m sure these pieces take a huge amount of time.

    One note about the read-option, like at 3:19 on OU clips- there seems to be this thought in the media that anytime a DE or OLB tackles the RB or QB and they end up not having the ball, they’ve been tricked. I’ve seen a lot of writers say something similar- JPP vs RGIII comes to mind.

    If you have contain, you have the outside threat. On that play, it’s the RB on a jet left. When the read works, it’s usually because one defender has decided to try to do someone else’s job. On that play, Moore is clearly contain, and the LB bringing B gap pressure should have dive- watch that LB work off the OT’s down block and then jump outside for no good reason after Moore attacks the RB, leaving a good lane for the QB to pull. The edge player should always tackle the sweep threat- Moore would get a ‘check’ or a plus on his game-tape grade that week for that play.

    Related note- I bet the DC threw a little fit when that play went because he called a great pressure vs that run. But, along with the aforementioned LB, the Mike LB loops around the pulling OG’s block too wide- he should take that on to the inside or knife under. Power-read is a tough play, Mike is seeing full flow open side so he wanted to get over top.

    1. Gotcha, thanks.

    2. ct17 says:

      You should consider doing a fan post at BBV on defending the read option, specifically the Redskins version. I always love reading your instructional stuff.

      1. dannymac056 says:

        Thanks buddy. I will if I have some time sometime soon.

  10. joe says:

    You gather all this data and offer no analysis.

    My take based on your data:

    His strengths: length, lower body power, footwork, motor, football IQ and first step.

    Weaknesses: Speed and quickness , upper body strength, does not have an array of pass rush moves.

    Overall assessment: This guy is a worker that never comes off the field. I would go as far to say he has an elite first step coming out of his great stance. This enables him to get involved in the play despite his lack of speed. He also hustles to make plays off the line of scrimmage and finds ways to deliver blows to ball carriers.

    Pro strength training and nutrition will certainly help fill out his upper body and time will tell if he can learn new pass rush moves and improve on his quickness. With his long arms and big hands if he can fill out i personally think he can be a great run stuffing DE with the ability to win in the passing game.

    1. Analysis will come at the end of the entire review.

      1. joe says:

        Understood, can you look at the LSU game?

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