Value debates aside, Travis Frederick will be an upgrade over Phil Costa

I started digging in on some Travis Frederick games, and while I’ll have more on him as a player in the next few days, one positive thing that stands out is that he won’t be bullied by big, powerful interior defensive linemen. He may be beaten by some of the quicker interior linemen in the NFL, but he won’t be rag-dolled. That was a major problem in the past for previously projected starting center Phil Costa.

Costa has had good games and bad, but there’s one aspect of his game that probably just isn’t ever going to be fixable, and that’s his ability (or lack thereof) to anchor against bigger, stronger defensive linemen. Against those bigger guys, like the Vince Wilfork types, he was simply outmatched, and often looked like the offensive linemen when you “picked the right play” against the offense in Tecmo Bowl.

Speaking of Wilfork, I remember one game back in 2011 against the Patriots in which Costa had a terrible game. I went back to take a look, and it was worse than I remembered. I think the still shots will tell the story:

Note the line of scrimmage and how much ground Costa has given up here:

Costa 1

Driven into the backfield on a run play:

Costa 2

Shoved to the ground by Wilfork with one arm:

Costa 3

Pushed into the backfield on a run play:

Costa 4

Whiff on blitzing linebacker on run play:

Costa 5

Bull rushed 7 yards back into Romo’s lap on his follow through:

Costa 6

Completely spun around an trying to block like he’s boxing out for a rebound in basketball:

Costa 7


Costa 8

Driven 6 yards back on pass play:

Costa 9

Whiff on run play:

Costa 10

Travis Frederick won’t be bullied like this, although not many players collecting paychecks in the NFL are. The first round pick on Frederick was overkill, but at the very least, he’ll be better than Phil Costa.


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  2. Bob says:

    This is a bit unfair to Costa. That Patriots game was by far and away the worst of his career.

  3. Tim says:

    Costa was awful in that Pats game– Belichcik consistently sent A-gap blitzes with his large ILBs and Costa was put on skates.

    However, he was a bit better in his limited action in 2012. I’d argue that an offseason with strength coach Wozick (sp) helped him slightly. However, the point is correct, he’ll never be able to anchor like an inherently stouter, stronger player like Frederick.

  4. ATLEagle says:

    This is why I couldnt find it in me to hammer on them for this pick. It wasnt great value, but there is investment in DB and WR already, and the top tier OTs were gone. The choice is pass rush or pass pro, and this site has made at least one mention of the lack of high picks on the OL. The shame is that there is a need that pushes things, and I dont think Jerry wants to risk missing out on whatever talent they thought was best to help Romo not die. A cerebral position deserves to be picked higher sometimes. So … not best case scenario, but meets some requirements.

  5. You must listen to the Micheal Wilborne & Heath Evans FM ;The “I hate the Cowboys radio “, Kiffin didnt think that Floyd produce enough sacks& they want it Sheldon Richardson who balled out against Bama & Floyd didnt exist against Bama,They Liked Star,Warmack & Coop. but they were gone,Like the hata said Frederick wont be bullied & Floyd wiil find out when Da Boys & Vikes play,1 think I know Floyd wont produce any sacks hes not good at that.Now next question lets talk about other Dallas stars like the steal of the draft Terrance Williams & the Super sleeper BW Webb!

  6. HOPE says:

    Have you heard Dallas radio station today?

    From sources, Jerry Jones agree the trade with the 49ers on Thursday morning and he didn’t tell his coaching staffs. Only exception is the 49ers can back off the trade if Eric Reid is not there at #18. But since he was there the trade was made and the Dallas coaching staffs were stunned because they wanted Sharrif Floyd.

    If this is true, Jerry is the new Al Davis.

    1. Bob says:

      I seriously doubt this. From literally everything we’ve seen recently, Stephen Jones is running the show in all but name in Dallas. The Mo Claiborne trade last year? Stephen. Tony Romo’s contract? Stephen; Jerry’s first involvement was when they met for Romo to sign the thing.

      1. horatius says:

        It’s great. It’s just like having a younger Jerry Jones. What’s not to love?

        1. Bob says:

          So, what, they’re about to win 3 more super bowls?

          1. Brian says:

            Wasn’t that when Jimmy was running the team?

  7. joe says:

    2 things concern me about Frederick.

    1. He got away with a lot of grabbing and twisting to hold blocks for longer – that wont fly in the NFL. He needs to learn how to keep his feet moving.

    2. Wisconsin was a run first team, when Frederick snaps and goes forward he is more valuable than when he has to pass block head on a head.

    I know romo is a play-maker that often extends plays. Frederick may have trouble in this league with penalties if his style doesn’t change.

    1. horatius says:

      It’s alright. Tyron Smith and Doug Free will be getting plenty of penalties from either end. He’ll fit right in.

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