David Amerson film review: Part II

If you didn’t see Part I, go here first.


Notable moments:

  • (0:10) Lol.
  • (0:17) Familiar sight – Quick screen right at Amerson.
  • (0:43) Rare nice tackle by Amerson. Gets under the lineman, hits the ankles of the runner, up-ends him. Of course, going for the ankles is his forte anyway.
  • (1:27) Nice PBU. Doesn’t try to do to much, just breaks up the play.
  • (1:43) Amerson goes low on pretty much everybody, even QBs.
  • (1:57) Another WR screen at Amerson for good yardage.
  • (2:05) Amerson has the right idea initially. Box out the WR on the running play so that if he blocks you, he’ll be blocking you in the back, but the ole’ here as the RB runs by is ugly. And as usual, Amerson is diving for ankles.
  • (2:13) Another WR screen coming Amerson’s way, and for a change he plays it very aggressively, breaks up the pass and actually gets a decent hit on the WR.
  • (2:25) RB coming Amerson’s way with a blocker out in front. Amerson is content to do the minimum by making the runner take the inside path where his teammates might make the tackle, but doesn’t actually make any kind of effort to make the tackle.
  • (2:33) Shameful lack of effort in making a tackle, allows carrier to walk into end zone, almost looks like he’s faking like the WR actually got a good block on him. No aggression whatsoever.
  • (3:18) Amerson jumps the in route, gets PBU.
  • (3:26) Next play. Clemson recognizes Amerson jumping routes, so they run a little stutter go double move, and Amerson is toast. 62 yard TD.
  • (4:58) Appalling lack of effort to get off a block and make a tackle.
  • (5:07) Missed tackle on a RB.
  • (5:14) Another quick screen Amerson’s way.
  • (5:23) Clemson is flat out trying to expose Amerson at this point. They go with another double move, and Amerson does a decent enough job staying with the WR. However, he clearly commits pass interference, but somehow it isn’t called.


Notable moments:

  • (1:07) It’s almost like it’s 11 on 10 on running plays.
  • (1:45) Quick screen Amerson’s way.
  • (2:23) Missed tackle.
  • (3:40) Big Play. Amerson high points the football, it bounces straight up in the air, Amerson brings it in, takes a big hit, and hangs on. Great play. On a side note, what is the QB looking at here?
  • (4:11) Quick screen Amerson’s way. Another missed tackle.
  • (5:04) Another missed tackle.
  • (5:40) Crucial play. 4th and 5, UConn has to have a first down. They throw at Amerson, but he beats the WR to the spot and gets the PBU. Ballgame.

Tennessee: Absolutely brutal game. Tennessee targeted him all game. I did not note every catch made against him. If you’re a Redskins fan and have a weak stomach, do not watch this video:

Notable moments:

  • (0:06) Double move, which I presume Amerson bit on (worse if he didn’t), WR is wide open deep. 41 yard TD.
  • (0:26) Oof. Double move and Amerson is toast again. Amerson throws up his arms, possibly because he expected safety help? 72 yard TD.
  • (1:01) Another long Tennessee TD. As the announcer says, “Amerson’s not slow. Patterson is just faster.”
  • (2:23) Amerson up-ends the RB, who takes a big second shot from another NC State player. Amerson will get these hits on occasion because he’s always diving at ankles.
  • (2:58) WR screen at Amerson.
  • (3:12) “Hello Mr. Running Back. Would you like a gigantic lane to run through? OK, here you go.”

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  1. Real Talk says:

    Patterson & Hopkins made a name 4 themselves on this Kid!

  2. mandmeisterx says:

    1. Who thought it would be a good idea to play this guy on teams?
    2. Bet he is already dreading their matchup with Minnesota.

    1. horatius says:

      Watch out Adrian Peterson!! Your toes are in mortal danger.

      1. Mandmeisterx says:

        I was thinking Cordarrelle Patterson, but, yeah, that too.

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