The Eagles targeted high character players in the 2013 NFL draft

Clearly, one of the themes of the Eagles’ draft was selecting players with high character. The Eagles’ first 6 picks all received outstanding grades from ESPN’s scouting reports in the “intangibles” sections. They grade from 1 (“exceptional”) to 5 (“marginal”). I guess “marginal” is a nice way of calling somebody a jerk. Here’s what they had to say for each player the Eagles picked:

Lane Johnson: Rating: 1. Exceptional. Outstanding student. Academic All-Big 12 First Team in 2011 and 2012. No off the field incidents to our knowledge. Hard worker and determined football player. Versatile athlete with experience at QB, TE, DE, ROT and LOT. Human relations major at OU.

Zach Ertz: Rating: 2. Above average. Accountable on and off the field. Active in community service. Not a partier and not a drinker. Continues to mature and develop as a leader.

Bennie Logan: Rating: 1. Exceptional. Outstanding football character. Earned right to wear prestigious No. 18 as a junior in 2012. Tradition goes back to QB Matt Mauck, who wore No. 18 during 2003 national title run. Jersey is handed down to a player best representing what it means to be a Tiger on and off the field. Coordinator John Chavis on Logan: ‘It’s important to help your young guys learn how to practice, and leadership is not just in the games. It’s every day. It’s every minute you’re on the field, and when you’ve got a guy like Bennie Logan in your room, he’s going to set the tempo’.

Matt Barkley: Rating: 1. Exceptional. Disciplined individual. Showed good leadership during transition from Pete Carroll to Lane Kiffin, in addition to severe sanctions levied on USC football program prior to the 2010 season. A three-time team captain and was the first sophomore in USC history to be named team captain. Understands the necessary sacrifices on the field, in the film room and weight room in order to be successful at the most demanding position in professional sports. Holds a career mark of 34-13 in 47 starts. Matt and his family have spent recent Christmas’ volunteering with orphans in third world countries.

Earl Wolff: Rating: 1. Exceptional. Excellent intangibles. Young man of high character. Grades out very high in terms of football character and intelligence. Graduated with a degree in sport management in December, 2011 (in three-and-a-half years). His mother, Sharon Davis, is a master sergeant in the National Guard. Davis was deployed in Kuwait, with the 113th Sustainment Brigade, for a year. She worked in logistics and acquisitions.

Joe Kruger: Rating: 2. Above average. Son of Paul and Jennifer Kruger. Father played football for Oregon State. Oldest brother Paul is 3-4 outside linebacker who won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens last year and signed with the Cleveland Browns during the off-season. Older brother Dave played defensive tackle for the Utes last year. Brother-in-law Tony Bergstrom is a backup offensive tackle for Oakland Raiders. Hard worker.

Jordan Poyer: Rating: 4. Below average. Involved in an altercation this past May at a bar in Corvallis and was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing.

David King: No information given.


  1. […] also, by all accounts, a great person, teammate and team leader, something that goes along with a common theme of high character players drafted by the Eagles this year.  Logan was used in many different ways […]

  2. dropscience says:

    While I don’t profess to have ESPN’s eye for character, I can say David King *seems* like a solid citizen. Team captain, didn’t bitch about being moved inside from DE due to some depth issues, and won the Sooners version of outstanding Senior on field/in classroom.

  3. […] Jimmy Bama thinks the Eagles focused on character and I totally agree (don’t tell him that). […]

  4. take dat says:

    Quiz who did Rg3 throw his last second TD pass to while at Baylor against Oklahoma that secured the Trophy?Hint he now plays for Americas team.

    1. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

      I’m guessing some ass nugget from Texas?

  5. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Ertz is going to get dehydrated if he doesn’t drink.

    1. Skulman7 says:

      Hopefully he’s a fan a smoothies

  6. Randy Jobst says:

    The more I find out about Bennie Logan, the more I think teams should have had him graded in the top 30 or 40. I think he will be a better value than Star Lotulelei. Much better name to write and pronounce as well.

    1. bvandy says:

      Could you imagine if Logan had been drafted by the Jets? Elton John could have made a comeback.

    2. deg0ey says:

      Well that’s pretty much where the Eagles had him graded, right? (assuming you can believe anything Chip Kelly says).

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