Random notes around the NFC East: Favorite NFCE picks so far, thoughts on tipping picks, and a new podcast

• Tommy and I recorded a show late last night. We recapped Day 2, and previewed Day 3. We only went about 38 minutes, so it’s a quicker listen this time. Tommy is 2 for 3 so far on his Eagles mock.

• Favorite picks for each team so far:

Eagles: Lane Johnson, OT, 1st round: The more I digest this pick, the more I like it. In the short term, Johnson could theoretically upgrade 2 spots along the OL, depending on whether or not Johnson can step in immediately and be better than Todd Herremans at RT. Meanwhile, Herremans will be a big upgrade at RG when he slides over. The Eagles may go from having one of the worst OLs in the league to one of the best. But I think the real value is in the long term.  The Cowboys struggled for years after their OL got old and went into a decline. The Eagles were beginning to head in that direction, but Johnson gives them some much needed youth. Here are the ages of the Eagles OL starters:

Eagles OL 2

In terms of building the roster, the Eagles will obviously look at Johnson as the LT. The Eagles may want to add a young guy who can play C/G, but they seem to have the two most difficult OL positions to fill (LT, C) all set for the foreseeable future.

Cowboys: Gavin Escobar, TE, 2nd round: I think the general consensus among Cowboys fans is that Terrance Williams was their best pick. Count me among the people who agree it was a good pick. However, the Cowboys kicked off a run of some other really good WRs:

3rd round WRs

I actually like a few of those other guys a little better Williams. Goodwin, for example, intrigues the hell out of me. But I don’t want to split hairs there. A bunch of other teams got great value at WR in that 3rd round, and the Cowboys were one of them.

The player (or more so the idea behind the player) that I really liked was Escobar. Yesterday I talked more about his ability to stretch the field, which is something the Cowboys did not get out of Jason Witten last season.

Giants: Johnathan Hankins, DT, 2nd round: Most Giants fans are going to love getting Damontre Moore in the 3rd round, especially since he was such a highly regarded prospect just a few months ago. Moore went to a major college in the SEC, at a school where there were prospects galore in this draft class. All 32 teams undoubtedly did extensive homework on Moore, and yet he was passed over 80 times before landing in NJ. Something about that scares me off about him.

However, the player the Giants scored at 49 I get on board behind 100%. Johnathan Hankins could potentially contribute from Day 1 as an effective run stuffer. Clearly the Giants are putting serious resources toward stopping the run. It was a major deficiency last season, they’ve identified it, and are doing something about it. Good for them.

Redskins: Jordan Reed, H-back, 3rd round: This might be my favorite pick in the entire NFC East. The Redskins already have a pair of WRs who excel in breaking tackles once they have the ball in their hands, in Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan. They’re a lot like RBs with receiver skills. Reed is also outstanding after the catch, as he looks to make the most of every one of his touches. And then of course you have a banger like Alfred Morris in the backfield. Poor tackling in the secondary has become an epidemic in the NFL, and the Redskins are exploiting that.

• Reporters like Peter King and Jason LaCanfora claim to be providing a valuable service by reporting picks on Twitter before they are announced on TV. Their reasoning is that there are people who may not be in front of a TV but can access Twitter on their smartphones. They also note that if you don’t want to hear the pick before it’s announced on TV, you can simply unfollow them. Bullshit.

  • For one, I don’t think the people who are not in front of their TVs will mind seeing each pick hit their Twitter feeds 30 seconds later than they normally would if King and La Canfora weren’t tweeting them out early. The service they’re providing to non-TV goers is a horseshit excuse. Are King and La Canfora tweeting play-by-play of NFL games after plays have already happened during the season? Hell no they’re not, because from a journalistic perspective, giving out info that the majority of their followers (the ones in front of their TVs) already know is no fun. It’s more about the ego of “breaking” news, even though in the case of the NFL draft, tipping picks requires virtually no skill.
  • Secondly, I DID UNFOLLOW King and La Canfora, but since I follow a lot of people who follow King and La Canfora, the picks are being ruined anyway, when the other people I follow either re-tweet the pick or begin commenting on them before they have been announced. So despite my best efforts to avoid these two clowns, they’ve ruined the announcements anyway.

King and La Canfora are providing nothing in the way of a valuable service here. It’s the equivalent of your neighbor a quarter mile down the street calling you to let you know the color of each car driving your way. Worse, they’re flat out lying about their motives. Unfortunately, there’s probably nothing the NFL can do about it.

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  1. Moore’s “the weed guy” (dead spin article didn’t bother looking up the link for) who gets drafted every year in third round by the Giants–Manningham, Hosley, Moore.

  2. Bob says:

    It leaks into the threads on SBnation sites too. Which is extremely frustrating.

  3. NYG_Slater says:

    oops, meant to reply to mjoedgaard below.

  4. esg6string says:

    I don’t care one way or another about the tipping the picks but the reason I unfollowed Laconfora was after round one he was retreating a bunch of idiots talking about how great he was and how stupid the people complaining about him were. I couldn’t take the blatant ego stroking bs.

  5. NYG_Slater says:

    The something wrong with moore is already known–Its no mystery. His work ethic during the week (not on gameday) has been questioned, and he did crappy at the combine. That’s why he fell. Jerry Reese even mentioned it in the post draft presser.

    But just watch the tape on Moore. Ultra productive, only 20 years old, kid never takes plays off. His tape doesn’t show a lack of strength or effort. In fact, his tape shows the opposite, he’s snaps a lot of heads back with his bullrush, and he got a lot of “hustle” sacks at A&M.

    If you like greg cosell as an scout, he has a nice breakdown of Moore online.

  6. ct17 says:

    Jerry Jones claimed Frederick, Escobar, and Wilcox were top 30 on his board

    1. Yeah, I saw that. That’s not helping his competency argument.

      1. David_Does_Dallas says:

        To be fair. The Cowboys have become really picky and shrunk their board down in the last few years.

  7. Pitteagle says:


    What has Jason Kelce done to be so highly regarded in the eyes of eagles fans?

  8. iskar36 says:

    In terms of the NFL not tipping picks, I’m not sure they successfully did that at all, at least in the first round. Prior to almost every pick in the first round, ESPN keyed in on one guy prior to the pick and “projected” that he would be the pick, and sure enough, he was. The only one that I can remember was “wrong” was when the Vikings traded up for Cordarrelle Patterson. ESPN was pushing Te’o.

    The other part that has annoyed me with the draft is that the coverage seems to be 2 or 3 picks behind. If you watch the graphics behind the ESPN analysts, you can see who is picking, if their pick is in, etc. and pick 90 or 91 will be on the clock while we are still waiting to hear who pick 88 was.

    I fully agree that what Confora and King are doing is annoying, but seems to me the NFL is milking every last second of coverage they can, and I find that annoying as well, especially because they are milking it to add the 10th segment of the “Honey Badger” story, or the “Manti Te’o story, or “how could the Jets not be all in with Sanchez” story, rather than provide a bit of information about each pick. Last night for example, Kayvon Webster and Duron Harmon were selected by the Broncos and Pats, respectively. I didn’t no much about either guy at all and was curious, but they didn’t even get a mention.

    1. Definitely with you on some of the annoying “extra” coverage getting in the way.

      1. Bob says:

        They basically totally skipped a Cowboys pick by covering it with a Honey Badger segment.

  9. Could not disagree more on pick tipping. If we were talking about 15 seconds, fine. But given that the “suspense” we are talking about is a result of a very special tribute to America by Mrs. Magoo’s second grade class, five minutes of commercials, and a two minute discussion of Manti Te’o, I don’t understand why you need me to wait.

    I also think that whining about impatience on Twitter is ridiculous. It’s Twitter. Put your phone down for the 15 minutes before your team picks. If you need to know what’s on your stream that desperately, then you need to think deeply about the inherent contradiction between your “pleasure” in suspense and your need to know the content of your timeline. Imagine the joy and wonder of catching up on 15 minutes of tweets! It will be just like Christmas morning, surely.

    1. You’re among the 25% (or whatever it is) that don’t mind it, and I suspect most of that 25% wouldn’t miss it if the pick-tipping stopped.

      But the majority of people don’t like it.

      For me it’s more about the disingenuous nature with which King and La Canfora are carrying themselves. I don’t want to hear that they’re doing it for people that aren’t in front of their TV, because that is straight-up bullshit.

      1. Hey Jimmy: taking comfort in a majority if even supportable would be from some stupid survey that fails to accurately measure preference (again, you didn’t actually turn twitter off, did you?) is straight up bullshit as well.

        People claimed to not want to know what happened I the Olympics and bitched when events were tape delayed and people “spoiled” the outcome. But ratings were fine. Because people actually liked being able to know AND knowing how it turned out.

        All that said, get off twitter during the draft. If you don’t want to know, put down your phone. You are the problem. Take some responsibility.

        1. I see your points.

          First, I’m on board with your point on the commercials and the Manti Te’o-like nonsense delaying picks by more than just 30 seconds or so, and that’s not something I considered during the initial post and somehow missed on your initial comment. I also understand that once some unknown time threshold is breached (whatever that time frame may be), I’ll concede that I can see why people might just want to know the pick already.

          I do believe some of that responsibility falls on the laps of NFLN’s and ESPN’s lack of a timely announcement of each pick.

          However, that does not change my feelings on La Canfora and King in the slightest. They are not Tweeting that stuff out as a service to people “not near their TVs.” Again, it’s the disingenuous nature of their argument that bothers me more than anything.

          I want it both ways, no question. I like seeing the pick announced on TV like in the old days, but at the same time I pretty much have to be on Twitter. Putting down Twitter during the draft isn’t an option, although that doesn’t apply to everyone.

    2. iskar36 says:

      I have very similar feelings about the pick-tipping. I could not care less about the actual announcement of the pick itself. I just want to find out who the pick was. Seems to me that is sort of the value of Twitter. If you don’t care for instant coverage in 140 characters, don’t look at twitter. It may annoy people, but I think they are using Twitter for exactly one of its intended purposes.

      As for Jimmy’s comment about them being disingenuous about why they are doing it, I do agree with that. Anyone who isn’t watching it on TV is not out there looking for instantaneous coverage, so those people could care less if it comes a few minutes before it is announced or not. So their reasoning is a weak excuse for why they are tipping picks. But it’s the reasoning I am arguing with, not the action itself.

  10. dannymac056 says:

    Agree on all the favorite picks. I like the Moore pick a lot more than you, but the Hankins pick was my favorite.

    Love what the redskins are doing. Really, I’ve been impressed with their front office since Shanny took over. The obvious exception is McNabb, but that was somewhat understandable.

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      I agree with Jimmy, there is something wrong when a highly tutted prospect from a major school in the SEC tumbles that far. Same reason I dont want Jesse Williams anymore. When the NT from the best D in the SEC is still there in the 4th you know that he either got serious character or medical concerns.

      1. Medical it appears for Williams, just FYI. Knee.

  11. TylerD says:

    Agree 100%, it’s like your big brother telling you whats in each gift under the tree before you unwrap it.

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