In February, Mel Kiper had Giants’ 81st overall pick Damontre Moore going 2nd overall to the Jaguars

Character concerns and a terrible Combine caused Texas A&M DE Damontre Moore to fall all the way to the 3rd round, despite a season in which he recorded 12.5 sacks. NFL teams more than likely never had a grade on Moore that was anything close to Kiper’s, and I don’t mean to goof on Kiper here, but it’s interesting to see how far a prospect can fall in a matter of a few months, when they’re not even playing games. Here’s Kiper’s full mock from February:



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  2. TylerD says:

    In Goddell’s NFL you better be concerned with a player with charachter, however sometimes the draft can be like H.S. once a player is listed as a bad guy rumors start flying. Anybody remember Burflict last year. In Feb the guy was a top 10 pick, by the draft he was a bum who couldn’t play. He goes undrafted and turns in one of the better rookie seasons in the NFL. There is value in these kinds of picks

  3. deg0ey says:

    And in October, MTD had Hankins going second overall. Seriously, the Giants DL is gonna be even more terrifying than before.

  4. bula says:

    I heard Gruden punked Mel Kiper on air thursday night too. i didn’t see it but people from work were telling me about it. i guess he was talking about how geno might not get drafted till the third round and Kiper disagreed. Gruden said something along the lines of “oh you wrote a book didn’t you? so what do I know” and made mel look like an idiot. I love when former coaches make these espn guys look stupid. mangini does it to skip bayless all the time

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