Eli has an understudy!

Here’s what I wrote in my Giants “Draft Priorities” piece earlier this week:

Eli Manning hasn’t missed a start in 135 games, which makes him the “NFL Ironman” at the QB position. In fact, only 2 other QBs have a streak half that long:

Eli Ironman

As a result, the Giants have often only carried 2 QBs on their roster in recent years. Eli Manning is 32, but should have plenty left in the tank. At what point do the Giants begin to think about drafting a QB to groom behind Eli? I don’t know the exact answer to that, but my guess is “not yet.”

Then again, when a QB as good as Ryan Nassib lasts until the 4th round, why the hell not? Eli Manning is 32 and has a dead arm (kidding), so bringing in a rookie to learn behind a cerebral QB like Eli makes sense.

One thing to keep in mind in the 4th round, by the way, is that you’re not looking for immediate starters here. If you are, you’re a horribly run franchise. This is a value pick, and a great one.


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  2. Brian Kelly brought up the point that having a guy like Nassib allows you to let Manning throw a lot less reps in practice while he develops–that was something that people wondered about last year with the whole dead arm thing

    1. horatius says:

      Why? Was David Carr out eating ice-cream?

  3. NYG_Slater says:

    they either carry 3 QB’s or cut carr and keep nassib. Nassib won’t clear waivers. You also don’t trade up to get him if you feel he’s on your practice squad.

  4. SteveH says:

    If you had told me 9 years ago that Eli Manning was going to be a super bowl champion twice over and be the NFL’s reigning iron man, I’d have had you committed and no one would have objected.

  5. Patrick H says:

    Cool, Eli will be able to teach him his patented “fall back and just wildly toss the ball up” move.

  6. TyklerD says:

    Unless this guy is a revelation, I just don’t see us having a rook as a backup and we only carry two QB’s. Most rookie QB’s picked in the 4th round are picked there because they are not ready to play and need seasoning. Trading up in the 4th round for a guy who either makes your roster or some other team steals him when you try and pass him onto the practice squad is not a good pick to me. I know your looking to devlop players in the 4th and beyond but your also looking for guys who can play Specials while they learn.

    1. deg0ey says:

      For what it’s worth, Mayock had a first round grade on him. If he’s got that kind of potential, you make room for him on your roster to keep hold of him. The Giants have only kept 2 QBs because they haven’t had a 3rd guy worth keeping hold of. Now they have and they’ll make up for it by going lighter than usual at another position.

  7. TylerD says:

    I wish I could agree, but two thing Coughlin doesn’t trust rookies so this guy is a practice squad player this year and two Eli should have at least 4 more years so unless we can flip this guy for more picks he is not going to be Eli’s replacement.

    1. deg0ey says:

      Can’t see him as a practice squad guy; some other team will sign him up to their active roster if y’all try to stash him.

    2. no way in hell he go’s to waivers… the poorest of run teams wouldn’t think of doing that im pretty sure the Giants wouldn’t either .

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  9. David_Does_Dallas says:

    Jimmy, where can I find those circular diagrams that display a players combine measurables which you use all the time?

  10. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    When Eli starts getting banged up, his performance will plummet. This is a smart pick by the G-Men.

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