7th round NFC East recap / instant analysis


Joe Kruger, DE, Utah: Kruger is a player my “podcaster in crime” Tommy Lawlor has been talking about for weeks. Here is what Tommy wrote over at Scouts Notebook:

Joe Kruger (6-6, 269) is just the opposite. I like him quite a bit as well, but Kruger is just 20 years old. He is scratching the surface of how good he can be. Kruger only started 14 games in his 3 years at Utah. I currently have him slotted as a 5th rounder, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him even go in the 4th. Kruger is tailor-made for the 3-4. He can bulk up to 285 and carry it well. He’s a good athlete and has some pass rush ability. Really good potential, but will need some time.

Kruger is the younger brother of Paul Kruger, the former Raven and current Brown. This is the 2nd defensive lineman the Eagles have added in this draft, after Bennie Logan in the 3rd round. The Eagles depth chart along the DL should now look something like this:

Eagles depth DL

On February 27th, it looked like this:


Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon St: Jordan Poyer doesn’t have good speed (4.54 40), he can’t jump (30.5 VJ), and he isn’t strong (8 reps on the bench)…


That’s why he fell… but to the 7th round?!?

What Jordan Poyer is… is a football player, and an All-American at that. Jordan Poyer can play. He had 7 INTs last season, and likes contact. Watch him hit:

That’s just a guy that gets every single ounce out of his ability. It’s utterly ridiculous that he lasted until the 7th round.


Eric Herman, G, Ohio: Aaaaaand I have no idea what to write about Eric Herman.

He’ll compete for a roster spot a guard?

Does that work for everyone?




Jawan Jamison, RB, Rutgers: These yards per carry at the collegiate level are gross for an NFL prospect:

Jawan jamison

Yuck. Still Shanny just can’t help himself. Must… draft… more… running backs! The updated list.


David King, DE, Oklahoma: OK, ready? Scroll up and take another look at the Eagles’ DL depth chart, and mentally add in David King. Thanks.


Michael Cox, RB, UMass: At UMass, the QB would often hand the ball to Cox, and he would run.

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  3. Tracer Bullet says:

    Eight reps?! That’s abysmal. I’d be worried that not only will Poyer get his ass kicked by a particularly aggressive Girl Scout, but eight reps (?!) suggests he didn’t take his predraft prep seriously.

    1. Vertical leap equally awful.

    2. SteveH says:

      I want to meet the girl scout that could beat up Jordan Poyer O_O.

      1. horatius says:

        I once slept with a girl who could bench press 225 lbs. 10 reps.

        My weight at the time? 170.

        BTW, I can bench press 225 16 times.

        1. gotpong says:

          No one cares

    3. deg0ey says:

      Gotta think the appalling combine is why he was still available in the 7th. Hopefully being selected by the Eagles in the 7th round gives him a big enough Chip on his shoulder to turn that around.

    4. Joe D says:

      Good thing bench press has NOOOOOOO carry-over to a football field what so ever. For example, I can out bench the honey badger by a LOT, but I guarantee you he could hit you like a turck compared to my pedestrian hit….Luckily, all our power comes from your legs/hips/core and not what you can press in a straight line while lying down.

      1. Tracer Bullet says:

        He’s got to fight off blocks, jam receivers, compete for the ball in the air and wrap up (theoretically) when tackling. He may have to block on special teams. All of that requires upper body strength, unless you think he can do those things with his feet.

  4. Imp says:

    Michael Cox should add that description to his locker somewhere.

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