4th round NFC East recap / instant analysis


Matt Barkley, QB, USC: I already wrote about Barkley here. I’ll only add that I thought Brian Solomon of NBC / McNabborKolb.com made a great point:

Solomon Barkley


Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse: Nassib also already got his own quick write-up here. I hadn’t planned on doing a write-up for every player after round 2. But QB’s get the girls, and when guys as big as Matt Barkley and Ryan Nassib get drafted, they get their own write-ups. I’ll quickly reiterate that I like the pick.


B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary: Webb is a player I watched at the Senior Bowl. My only notes on him from the week of practices:

B.W. Webb of William & Mary did a nice job aggressively running up and fielding a short punt. That’s a very underrated skill in the NFL. How often do you see a crappy punt that goes 25-30 yards roll for an additional 15-20 because the returner either doesn’t recognize the punt is short, or they simply don’t hustle up and try to catch it. Hidden yards count too.

So obviously, not much, ha, although people I talked to down in Mobile thought very highly of him. But it is worth noting that Webb doubles as a punt returner. Obviously the Cowboys are set at CB for a while, having invested in the position heavily last offseason. Webb gives them a 4th CB and another option to return punts.


Phillip Thomas, S, Fresno St.: Before Round 4 began today, there were a lot of Eagles fans wondering if Philly would take Phillip Thomas. My friend Mark from HogsHaven.com had previously noted Thomas had a terrible game against Oregon lats year, so I made the following point:

Phillip Thomas

Here’s that game film:

Thomas’ major liability is as a tackler. He has even admitted as much.

Q: Are there things that you’d you like to work on, your skills that you’d like to improve at the next level?

PT: Definitely. Even thought this past year I did have great stats and everything, I had a habit of missing open field tackles, and that’s one thing that I really key on for myself and thing that I need to work on the most of anything. It’s just, being in the open field and making tackles, I am the last line of defense. Safeties can’t miss tackles really, and that’s one thing I would work on.

However, his ball skills are outstanding. In 2012, Thomas led the nation in INTs:

Phillip Thomas 2

Here are the picks for Round 5:

  • Eagles: 136
  • Cowboys: 151
  • Giants: 152
  • Redskins: 154
  • Redskins: 162

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  1. Woman of Alien…

    Fantastic get the job done you might have completed, this page is basically interesting with wonderful details. Time is God’s way of retaining almost everything from happening simultaneously….

  2. […] 4th round NFC East recap / instant analysis […]

  3. OlSkool1972 says:

    The Hogs Haven guys basically judged Phillip Thomas whole career based off of one bad game against Oregon. Give me a break! Skins got good value with him and Rambo. They’ll be the starting safety tandem in 2014.

    1. horatius says:

      The hogshaven guy also loved the Philip Thomas pick.

  4. Daz says:

    What did Philly give up to go get Barkley?

    1. dsymquen says:

      one of their 4 seventh round pick

  5. dannymac056 says:

    Love all these value QB picks here in the 4th. But, there’s always this:

    “Guys like that who fall so far like this almost never seem to pan out . . . it’s not like all 32 teams didn’t do heavy research on the guy, and clearly they didn’t like something.”

    Big difference between 3rd and later rounds, so not quite as applicable. Still, free-falling QBs are as questionable as free-falling DEs.

  6. ian no. 2 says:

    Phillip Thomas brings with him certain intangibles like psychic powers. I can’t overemphasize how important it is to have a safety that can see into the future. Last year, he said he was a Washington Redskin, and everyone thought he was impersonating the guy with the same name that the Eagles cut:


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