How might 2nd round pick Zach Ertz fit into the Eagles offense?

Zach Ertz pulls his socks up like a nerd.

Zach Ertz is a nice fit for what we perceive Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense will be, with TEs creating matchup advantages. There’s a great article by Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe, where he explained the thought process of the Patriots designing their offense around the TE position. Here’s an excerpt of the two different types of TEs they look to target:

The Patriots have always had two classes of tight ends. There is the traditional “Y,” whose job requirements read: 6 feet 5 inches or taller, at least 255 pounds, can run but absolutely must be a standout blocker. He has to be a viable receiver, but not a great one.

The “F” or flex tight end is 6-3 or taller, around 235 pounds, must be able to run and be an excellent pass receiver. Does not need to be a good blocker.

Recently signed James Casey, at 6’3, 240, would be an “F” in the mold of Aaron Hernandez. Zach Ertz, at 6’5, 250, can run, catch and block, and would be the more traditional “Y” in the mold of Rob Gronkowski. He would give the Eagles three talented TEs.

Here is a great film breakdown of the “F” and “Y” tight ends in the Patriots’ offense. It’s on a Cowboys website, but you’ll get the idea. It’s a compilation of 5 still shots in one series the Patriots ran against the Dolphins in the ’11 opener, and shows how Gronkowski and Hernandez work together.

The big question that will emerge will be “What about Brent Celek?” Brent Celek isn’t going anywhere. The Eagles are going to load up on TEs, and use them heavily in their offense. And you know what? Don’t be surprised if they add one more in the later rounds.


  1. Trent Perry says:

    What about Clay Harbor? He look very promising this past year before the injury.

  2. David_Does_Dallas says:

    Good pick for the Eagles =(

  3. Gary says:

    I love Celek, but speaking of TEs who don’t really scare anyone like you did with Witten, I think Celek’s the same way. Would be nice to have a weapon or two at TE.

    1. deg0ey says:

      Agreed with that…

      Also, how about a jumbo package with:

      Ertz Peters Kelly Mathis Kelce Watkins Herremans Johnson Celek


      1. horatius says:

        That sounds like a DREAM come true.

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