Cowboys nab a pass-catching TE in Gavin Escobar

A couple weeks ago, I penned a highly controversial post about Jason Witten and his 110 not-so-scary receptions last season. The gist of it was that while Witten led all NFL tight ends in catches and yards, his yards per catch, yards per target, and TD totals were down. As a result, opposing teams who are more than happy to play a “bend but don’t break” style of defense should have little reason to fear him.

The Cowboys could use a big target who can stretch the field and score TDs when the Cowboys get down into the red zone. Escobar could be that guy. Here are his college numbers:

Gavin Escobar

Note Escobar’s impressive yards per catch and TD totals. He’s not as much of a blocker, but look at the big man get down the field and make plays:

On a side note, is that the oddest football highlight background music you’ve ever heard?


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  2. […] Cowboys nab a pass-catching TE in Gavin Escobar […]

  3. […] more so the idea behind the player) that I really liked was Escobar. Yesterday I talked more about his ability to stretch the field, which is something the Cowboys did not get out of Jason Witten last […]

  4. Patrick says:

    Could not take highlight video seriously. Had to mute.

  5. horatius says:

    Martellus Bennett part Deux minus the blocking ability. Has a better head than the black unicorn and that’s where he’s likely to shine.

    1. Bob says:

      He’s a much better receiver than MB ever was.

  6. Joe D says:

    at least its a lil different than the shitty rap/metal they put on the others..but yeah odd..

    and that is th SKINNIEST TE I have ever seen.

  7. DerfDiggy says:

    yyyaayyyy for America’s Team!

  8. Mikesta says:

    If I EVER make a football highlight video, I would never consider gwen stefanni and akon lol da fack?

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