With Lane Johnson aboard, how athletic is the Eagles’ offensive line?

After selecting Lane Johnson with the 4th overall pick, the Eagles’ OL now looks like this:

Eagles OL

Todd Herremans: Athletic enough to play 4 of the 5 positions along the offensive line, and he’ll be asked to play the position requiring the least amount of athleticism, at RG. That’s impressive, but sorry Todd, you are the least athletic of the Eagles’ offensive linemen, by far.

Jason Kelce: Since 1999, 132 centers have competed at the Combine. Here is how Kelce compares:

Kelce measurables

Lane Johnson: Since 1999, 343 offensive tackles have competed at the Combine. Here is how Johnson compares:

Lane Johnson measurables

Evan Mathis: Since 1999, 295 guards have competed at the Combine. Here is how Mathis compares:

Evan Mathis measurables

Jason Peters: Peters is listed at 6’4, 340, and he can do this:

If Chip Kelly does indeed like athletic offensive lines, he’s got one. Injury concerns remain, but if they’re healthy, this might be the most athletic offensive line… ever.


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  3. triplej says:

    Would love to see the Eagles pick Geno in the 2nd round. It’s a gamble but one worth taking in order to get that franchise QB

  4. Real Talk says:

    Combine Freak ,Eagles still 4 game win streak in the beginnin& then Chip Kelly Your fired!

  5. NYG_Slater says:

    *cough*cough* plan b.

    1. AnthroEagle says:

      *cough*cough* Justin Pugh.

      1. archarya says:

        lol. A reach, but not as bad as dallas

        1. Bob says:

          I’ve seen many a board that had Frederick ahead of Pugh.

      2. NYG_Slater says:

        hey! i like lane johnson. I was just restating the fact that I could see the eagles taking Johnson a mile away. With all the uncertainty with peters, taking either fisher, Joeckel, or Johnson was a no-brainer.

  6. mjoedgaard says:

    Thats insane

  7. Donald Donaldson says:

    If Peters and Herremans are healthy, your OL will be a nightmare for defenses

  8. Dan in Philly says:

    God I miss that Jason Peters.

  9. deg0ey says:

    So basically these guys are athletic enough to basically reset the entire line in front of D-Jax when we want to do a WR screen. Let’s do this.

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