One last pre-draft Eagles podcast, and some Cowboys and Eagles draft rumors

H2HTommy and I previewed the Eagles’ draft one last time before the big show tonight.

Also, my buddy Raf at Cowboys Nation has a legitimate NFL source, who is feeding him info. Worth a look. A lot of Cowboys and Eagles nuggets.


  1. David_Does_Dallas says:

    I’m not sure what is up with Raf and his infatuation with Vacarro. I really hope the Cowboys don’t invest a 1st round selection in him.

    1. He wouldn’t be my first choice between him or any of the “Big 6 OL,” but I like Vaccaro a lot as a player. Others don’t.

      Plus you have a group of Cowboys safeties where every single one of them have major question marks, and only one has legitimate upside.

      My big argument against Vaccaro would be that it’s such a deep safety class that you can still get a good one in later rounds if you pass on him in the 1st.

      1. Phillyboijr says:

        I really view Vaccaro as a poor, broke, homeless, distitute man’s Troy Palamalu. Further, he’d have to play in a system like Pittsburgh’s and be utilized the same way to achieve that.

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