Eagles draft nuggets from ESPN’s pre-draft party

Last night, ESPN held a pre-draft party in Manhattan, where a large number of this draft’s top prospects were in attendance. Among them was Florida State QB E.J. Manuel, who shed some light on the teams he thought were most interested in drafting him.

“It could be the Cleveland Browns, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Buffalo Bills,” said Manuel. “It’s just a matter of what team is ready to fall in love with me. I think I’ve had great interviews with every team that I’ve been with, so we’ll see tomorrow.”

The Eagles, Browns, and Bills all called Manuel yesterday to make sure they could find him in case they intended on drafting him. “I got quite a few calls from those teams today,” Manuel said last night, “just as far as (making sure they have the correct contact information).”

Other Eagles notes from the event:

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  1. Dan in Philly says:

    I think the Jets will trade one of their 1st round picks to move up tonight. Maybe with the Eagles to get Mingo?

    1. I think pretty much anything is possible.

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