Notes around the NFC East: Redskins’ interest in Quentin Jammer, Football Outsiders’ bad Eagles piece, and my 17,000 word mock draft

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on my one and only mock draft of the 2013 draft season. It got a little out of control. When it is finished, it appears as though it will be over 17,000 words. Tomorrow, I’ll be publishing a separate post for each individual pick, going from 1-35, and then skipping to the Redskins’ pick at 51. In other words, there will be 36 separate posts here tomorrow, which I’ll begin at 9am and continue every 15 minutes throughout the day until 6pm.

Let’s just say I’m praying some team doesn’t come out of nowhere to make some sort of ridiculous trade that screws up all my work.

I’ll also be shooting the ish all day on Twitter, so feel free to fire away comments about how dumb my picks are. Oh, and follow me while you’re at it, in case you’re not already. And if you’re not on Twitter, why not? It’s probably not what you think it is. Sign up.


• The Redskins met with Quentin Jammer last night. He turns 34 in June. My guess is that the Redskins think of him as a safety at this point in his career. DeAngelo Hall and Josh Wilson will start, EJ Biggers will be the nickle, and Richard Crawford remains a player who can potentially develop into nice depth. There’s also some hope that Chase Minnifield can put his injury history in the past. If there’s a player the Skins like in the draft, they could absolutely look to get a long term answer in place, but I don’t see the purpose in adding a declining vet in Jammer to that mix. This situation feels different than the Skins’ interest in Antoine Winfield, who was still playing at a high level last season.


• Rolando McClain got arrested again last night. Chalk another off the field incident up next to his past transgressions. There was interest in him from Giants fans in the 2010 draft, and then just a week or two ago when he became a free agent.


• Fun idea by Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram. He imagined a disbanded Cowboys team and the current roster of players being offered up to the rest of the NFL in a dispersal draft. I’m not sure I agree with some of his picks though. If I’m the Eagles, I’m not taking Brandon Carr when Tyron Smith, Dez Bryant and Bruce Carter are still on the board. Also not sure the Jags are going to pass on Tony Romo to take Anthony Spencer.


• Football Outsiders did their “State of the Team” for the Eagles. Disappointing, sloppy work. They see 2 stars on the team (not arguing there should be more), and Trent Cole is one of them? But here’s the paragraph that really bugged me:

There’s a rumor that Mathis is an upper-tier guard. In reality, he’s average, thanks mainly to having only average power. The Mathis rumor was probably started by the same impressionable people who believe that, just because Danny Watkins was a “blue-collar firefighter” and way too old to warrant a first-round pick, he was guaranteed to step in and immediately succeed at right guard.

Bullshit. Wanna say Mathis is “average?” I’ll hear you out. Just give me concrete reasons, not “Stupid fans are stupid, and overrate their own players.”

That’s garbage analysis. Football Outsiders has always struck me as the kind of publication that doesn’t talk down to their readers, and gives them credit for having brains. I expect more.

• Tommy and I recorded a new podcast. It’s a 2-parter. We talked about the draft prospects who have visited the Eagles:


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  3. brisulph says:

    Just wanted to add in about McClain… not sure where the Giants fans were clamoring for McClain, but it was almost a uniform 100% “thank the dude we avoided that mess of a human being” on BBV. A few crazies were still interested (for some reason), but mostly “no way in hell” was the response.

  4. Mandmeisterx says:

    I read his article on the Cowboys. The most comical part to me was his characterization of Dan Bailey. Said his two misses last year were a fluke because of how inconsistent he’s been in his career. You know, in his ONE other season where he went 32-37 as a rookie…

    1. Tim says:

      I actually thought the Cowboys piece was pretty good. I only really disagree with the Dez Bryant commentary, which would have been more appropriate at the start of the 2012 season than the end of it.

      But the Eagles and the Redskins pieces were pretty poor. Seemed more qualitative and ESPN-ish than most FO content. I think genreally they struggle when they get into team specific deep-dives, because fan bases are always going to know that stuff better than a generalist website like FO.

    2. Jeff says:

      He might have been using FO’s FG/XP rating. Bailey’s rating went from 1.6 (13th overall) in 2011 to 7.8 (5th) this past season. Distance plays a big role in FG/XP rating, and IIRC, Bailey missed a 20 something yard FG against SF in 2011.

  5. Zach says:

    Not that it’s a big miss….

    But they have a guy on our roster who isn’t there – and I’m only on the 2nd section.

    Stanley Havili was traded, why is he listed…on something that has Trent Edwards off the team?

  6. Tim says:

    I don’t think FO’s Mathis comment was a shot at fans. The way I read it, it appears to be a very thinly-veiled shot at Pro Football Focus, who love Mathis. FO always seems sensitive to PFF (although I don’t view them as direct competitors), but here it seems they went too far in the other direction to prove a point.

    1. If it were a shot at PFF, I think he would have hinted at something they actually do, but there’s nothing at all in his commentary that does that.

      I’ll presume you’re an Eagles fan. As an Eagles fan, you know that Mathis is rated highly by PFF, but I’m not sure Benoit does. Hell, he still has Havili on the team, he has Trent Cole as a “star,” and Cedric Thornton as a green.

      My point is that you may be giving him too much credit.

      It’s like in Pulp Fiction, where people debate the contents of the briefcase, when all along Tarantino has said it’s nothing specific.

      I just think it was a dumb comment. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  8. deg0ey says:

    Heh I’ve just followed you on Twitter. I’ve had an account for ages but basically never use it except to read your tweets. Like, seriously, my web browser lists your Twitter page as one of my 12 ‘top sites’ – see …does that make me a groupie?

    1. I see you’ve got that hack Lawlor in there too.

      1. deg0ey says:

        I only went to his site once! I was drunk! He means nothing to me!

  9. Imp says:

    “Let’s just say I’m praying some team doesn’t come out of nowhere to make some sort of ridiculous trade that screws up all my work.”
    Breaking news: San Fran traded their 1st rounder, their two 2nd round picks, and a 6th rounder to Jaguars for the 2nd overall pick in the draft.

    That FO article was just…off the mark.
    -Why is it “non-negotiable” that Kelly must have a mobile QB? Didn’t he go to a national championship game with a QB that didn’t run much (or some other high level bowl game, can’t remember which)?
    -Why is Jason Peters on the same level as Dennis Kelly, even factoring in injuries?
    -How is Mathis only an “average” player?
    -How is Cedric Thornton a “good player” when he hasn’t played much and own 27 career tackles?
    -How can Cole be consider a star playing coming off of a bad year and going into a scheme he may not even fit in? As least when you say Connor Barwin is a good player despite a flukey that he actually *fits into a 3-4*.

    1. “Breaking news: San Fran traded their 1st rounder, their two 2nd round picks, and a 6th rounder to Jaguars for the 2nd overall pick in the draft.”

      You shut your whore mouth!

  10. bonez2088 says:

    Will your enormous mock feature trades?

    1. I would have liked to have included trades, but because I’ve been working on it for weeks and some picks/players remained fluid, I needed to be able to leave a window to change things up on the fly in case new information emerged. Doing a mock with trades would have complicated that, so I opted against it.

  11. Tracer Bullet says:

    I took the Watkins thing as more of a shot at the talking heads and maybe the front office who thought Watkins was something other than what he is. Fan reaction to that pick ranged mostly from skepticism to outright hatred (I’m proud to say that I despised that decision immediately) except for maybe a few outliers at BGN.

    1. sb2bowl says:

      Same here…… I was like, who? Why him? The Canadian firefighter? Crap, I thought we needed a CB.

      Oh well. At least he has some good Youtube videos, unlike Shawn Andrews

  12. Dan in Philly says:

    I started reading FO before it was cool. I still browse their site now and again, but haven’t seen anything fresh for some time. it seeks to have lost it’s luster, maybe when some of their original writers left – Barnwell in particular was a key loss.

  13. Mandmeisterx says:

    Hard to believe Bailey stays that long.

  14. Football Outsiders also like to write fancy sounding bullshit sometimes.

  15. FrenchEagles says:

    About the work of FO, I don’t understand these series each year by Andy Benoit: it’s totally non-sense for all teams. Just check the comments for each team… About other non-sense:

    “In Kelly’s system, the quarterback must be mobile. That’s non-negotiable, and it’s the reason why Foles will not win the starting job here.”

    The OL is a total non-sense, with Peters, Kelce and Kelly in the same bag as “jury’s still out”. I understand the injury for Peters, but putting Kelce and Kelly at the same level? Come on…

    Seriously, I stop here, I can’t agree with him on any of the players. I’m ok with some of the grades, but the comments…

    And I love the work of FO… Besides these series…

    1. ubrab says:

      That s Andy Benoit first year, and he s a bit of a pompous self proclaimed “scout”. Before was the useless Four downs series. FO is still good, Ben Muth article are top3 best regular football reads available, Tanier s up there easily (clear cut #1), and comments are always very insightful.

      1. FrenchEagles says:

        I totally agree with you. I love Muth columns (I learnt so much reading it). Tanier sadly left for SoE, but at least we still have links to his Mondatory Monday column there. Andy Benoit was already there last year, doing previews of each team as a “scout”, and these columns were really empty. What I find weird is that FO works with facts on the whole website, and here is these columns, with opinions backed by… nothing.

        But I still love FO and read all the other columns of the site…

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