Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the Redskins’ 2013 schedule

Redskins scheduleAdvantages:

  • Three straight home games in late November / early December.
  • In Week 9, the Chargers have to travel from the West coast to play a 1:00 game in DC.
  • Travel to Green Bay in September, before the cold sets in.


  • Opening on a Monday isn’t ideal. You may as well play on Sunday when everyone is fresh anyway. All the Monday night game does is give you one less day to prepare for your Week 2 opponent.
  • Early Week 5 BYE is not ideal.
  • Away game on a Thursday in Minnesota Week 10. Those are tough games to win.
  • I have no idea if the Eagles will be good or not this season, but I sure as hell would not want to be the first team to face whatever Chip Kelly plans on rolling out this season.


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  3. horatius says:

    Chip Kelly has next to no tape on Kirk Cousins. And Shanny has won the season opener the last three years.

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      but I much rather face Cousins than a healthy RG3

  4. Agreed that its going to be interesting/difficult to open against the Eagles with only guesswork as to what their offense is going to role out. Remember the Skins in week one in NO? They hung 40+ on what was most definitely a horrid defense. Can’t say I’m not anxious/nervous to see that offensive style.

    Regarding the week 5 bye, I see it as an advantage this season. Normally, I would not feel this way about an early season bye but with the injury questions surrounding RG3, I think its helpful. If RG3 is on PUP week 1, its realistic to look at that early season bye and not need to push him to return too soon. He could return week 6 and only have missed 4 games. Say he does return week 1…the early bye could be an opportunity to get additional reps and work in that he would have missed during OTAs and TC. Obviously, in either case its a long haul following that early bye thats always difficult to withstand.

    Overall, a decent layout for the Skins with having to play the #1s of each opposing division matchup. Definitely tough, but not too bad.

    1. One more advantage is that theres only one time all season where the skins play back to back road games….and when they do they have 10 days between the Thursday nighter @ Minnesota and then Week 11 in Philly

    2. mjoedgaard says:

      I think Kelly’s offense could have the same affect as the Skins had last year. People had no idea what to prepare for.

      I think you are right about the early bye for you. It an huge advantage if RG3 is on pup and only going to miss 4-5 games instead of 5-6 games

  5. I think an advantage, if you assume the Giants and Redskins are the two best teams in the division is that they will get to face the Giants when RG3 should be at his healthiest as oppose to getting the Giants early when he might not be ready to play

    1. Bob says:

      That would, however, be making an incorrect assumption.

    2. No one is healthy week 17 after a long and grueling season. RG3 will be playing though.

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