Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the Eagles’ 2013 schedule

Eagles scheduleAdvantages:

  • In Week 2, the Chargers have to travel from the West coast to play a 1:00 game in Philly.
  • Week 3 Thursday home game vs the Chiefs.
  • The stretch from Week 11 to 14 includes 3 home games and a BYE. They don’t have to travel for a month.
  • BYE week late in the season is helpful for allowing banged up players to get healthy.
  • The Eagles may miss RG3 Week 1 if he’s not yet ready to go.


  • Opening on a Monday isn’t ideal. You may as well play on Sunday when everyone is fresh anyway. All the Monday night game does is give you one less day to prepare for your Week 2 opponent.
  • The Eagles play 3 games in an 11 day span to start the season. That is brutal. The game where that really has a notable effect would be in that third game, against the Chiefs, who in fairness will be playing their first 3 games in a 12 day span.
  • Three consecutive road games from Week 4 to Week 6.
  • Tough travel stretch Week 9 and Week 10. The Eagles have to travel out to Oakland, come home, then turn around and head to Lambeau the next week.


  1. Peter says:

    So the chargers are going to win the super bowl this year…..

  2. iskar36 says:

    I posted this over at Igglesblitz, but here are a few observations I made about the Eagles schedule. A bunch of them you have already pointed out:

    “Some schedule observations:

    1. Starting the season off on Monday night is going to suck. Not because it hurts the team in anyway, but every one of us is going to be excited to get the season started, and on the first Sunday of the season…. we’re going to have to wait one more day.

    2. While we will have a shortened week leading into week 2 (due to having a Monday night game), the Chargers also have a shortened week (they have the 10:20 game on Monday in Week 1), so we don’t have a disadvantage there.

    3. While we end up having to play 3 games in 11 days to start the season, at least it will be early in the season, likely when the team is not worn down from a full season. On top of that, the team we play is going to play 3 games in 12 days, so not a major difference. Finally, that game is at home, and while it will be a big game since it is AR, we will be going up against the team who had the worst record in the NFL last season plus a team with a new head coach, so we shouldn’t be at any significant disadvantage going into that game from a scheduling standpoint.

    4. While we have travel to Denver the following, week, we have a long week due to the Thursday night game while they have a shortened one due to a Monday night game the week before. We will have a total of 4 extra days of rest/practice leading up to that game.

    5. That 3 game road trip is probably the toughest part of our schedule, but as Tommy pointed out, the middle game is close by (at Giants) so travel shouldn’t be a major factor.

    6. Tampa Bay will be coming off their bye week when we play them. They are the only team we play coming off a bye the week before all season.

    7. The second game against the Giants, they will be coming off a short week since they play on Monday night the week before.

    8. Traveling to Oakland and then to Green Bay is not ideal, but Green Bay will be coming off a Monday night game when we play them.

    9. Against the Redskins, they will have an extended week because they have the Thursday night game the week before.

    10. We have a 3 game home stand which also includes our bye week, so we won’t travel for awhile late in the season

    11. Also, the bye week comes late which if we do manage to end up in playoff contention, is valuable in terms of resting up and getting ready for the last stretch of the regular season.

    12. Obviously, against the Cardinals we will be coming off our bye week. And this year, that actually is an advantage because the Cardinals play the week before (unlike last year where the team we played also had a bye).

    13. Lions will be coming off an extended week since they play on Thanksgiving the week before.

    14. As has been the case the last several years, we play a division team the last week of the season which if things are close in the standings can always be helpful.

    Overall, definitely a fair schedule for the eagles in terms of logistics and having an advantage/disadvantage in terms of relative time to prepare against an opponent.”

  3. Gary says:

    Regarding the first disadvantage, at least in Week 2 the Chargers will also be coming off a Monday night game.

    1. Ah, hadn’t noticed that.

  4. DerfDiggy says:

    I wish Vegas did odds on what team will JimmyK post about first……

    I’d be a MILLIONAIRE…and I’d buy myself a bunch of those adorable shakes being passed around Philly.

    1. Eagles schedule was leaked an hour before the release. Had this done an hour ago.

      1. why are all the division games not in december?

      2. DerfDiggy says:


        Well, I owe you an adorable shake, JimmyK.

        1. Bob says:

          No, you were still right…

      3. LIKELY EXCUSE DICK WEED!! says:

        Lying motherfucker!!!

        1. iskar36 says:

          Wow…. Yea, this seems like a reasonable reaction…

        2. horatius says:

          somebody’s off his meds.

          1. EAT A FAT DICK!! says:

            You stupid whore!!

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