Notes around the NFC East: A bunch of talk about returning injured guys other than RG3


• Somebody asked me if the Eagles should consider trading their 2nd round pick for Chiefs OT Branden Albert. The short answer: No, they should not. My buddy Gimpy got into that a little bit at Scouts Notebook:

Rumors say that the Chiefs are willing to trade LT Branden Albert for a high 2nd. There should be several teams on the phone with them if true. If Albert’s health checks out, he’ll only be 28 when the season starts. You can easily get 4-5 years of good LT play out of Albert. That’s worth a high 2nd round pick. If that pick enables you to go after someone else with your 1st round pick instead of chasing a LT, you’re in much better shape. Miami, Detroit, San Diego, and Arizona would be good destinations.

I’ll agree that the Eagles would be far down the list of interested teams. But also, you have to consider Albert’s contract. He’s on his franchise tag season making just under $10 million, so if you trade for him, you also have to work out a lucrative long term deal as well, likely somewhere in the $8 mil/season range, or more. Plus, a Chiefs fan asked Albert on Twitter if he would be open to playing RT. Albert’s reply: “Nope.” In Philly, obviously Jason Peters is the LT. It’s just not a fit.

On a side note, within that same column, I also agree 100% with Gimpy’s take on Pittsburgh passing on a 3rd round pick to retain Emmanuel Sanders.

• The Eagles released Trent Edwards. (Sniff). Watching Edwards in minicamp last year was brutal. He was consistently missing receivers who were doing nothing more than running the route tree… with no defense on the field. I didn’t think he was even going to last until training camp. Somehow he was able to stick, he improved drastically in camp, outperformed Mike Kafka, and made the team. Good for him. I wonder if some team will like him as a 3, or if his NFL career is over.


• Hakeem Nicks appears to be healthy and running full speed. The Giants sorely missed “healthy Hakeem Nicks” last season. Nicks is beginning to remind me of Miles Austin, and by that I mean a great receiver… when healthy… who is willing to play through pain, but always seems to be battling some kind of nagging injury.


• Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram talked a little bit about the WRs in this draft and possible interest from the Cowboys. I think we largely agree that it’s a longshot the Cowboys will go that route early. However, once you get into rounds 4-7, you’re not looking for immediate help in those rounds, or at least you shouldn’t be. That’s when you take the best players, regardless of position. So if the Cowboys really like a guy in this deep WR draft, a mid-late round pick could make sense.

• Apparently, Cowboys fans don’t like it when you say something negative about Jason Witten. OK, so I knew that already. To be clear from that article yesterday, nobody is saying Witten isn’t a great TE. But he’s not a guy that made many splash plays last season, and I’m of the opinion that large number of his catches were like “empty calories.” Great player, just not a player I fear. I was accused of “click-baiting,” but it’s not really that bold a statement.


• Brian Orakpo thinks that he’s 100%. In Philly you hear a lot about Jason Peters’ progress and his return, and of course in DC, RG3 dominates the “returning injured guy” talk. Orakpo has sort of flown under the radar, relatively speaking, which is crazy for a guy who made the Pro Bowl each of his first two years in the league. Orakpo played at least 900 snaps in each of his last 3 seasons, before playing just 87 in 2012. This will be the most important season of Orakpo’s career, as he is slated to become a free agent in 2014. He has some things to prove, in my opinion.

I’ll be ramping up the content here within the next few days. Apologies for the one-a-days lately. Recently I’ve been working on a project that has taken up and enormous amount of time.



    And you know it Jimmy!!

  2. Cowboy Luv says:


    1. Tim says:

      Psst– “Cowboy Luv”….you’re not helping our cause as Cowboys fans around here.

  3. Jeff says:

    “I think we largely agree that it’s a longshot the Cowboys will go that route [drafting a wide receiver] early.”

    I disagree. They invited DeAndre Hopkins, Terrance Williams, and Markus Wheaton – all projected somewhere from late 1st – mid 2nd. Miles Austin hasn’t been healthy much since 2010, and last year he looked the least explosive that I’ve ever seen him (his DVOA/DYAR was also at a career low). Additioanlly, considering that Austin might be a cap casualty in a couple of years when they extend Dez, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they chose a wide receiver early.

    1. Jeff says:

      Which isn’t to say that it’s as big of a need as DL, S, OL – but if there is a WR at #47 that they really like I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the selection.

  4. Mflick says:

    “Recently I’ve been working on a project that has taken up and enormous amount of time.”

    Good, once you get that cure for cancer project done, you can get back to more important things like entertaining us during the dead portion of the off season.

    1. A Fine Messi says:

      Ha. At first i thought you were being a dick… then i realized you were being a hilarious dick 😉

  5. NYG_Slater says:

    I agree with you about the Albert-to-philly idea. Don’t see philly paying the price. But i think your being overly dismissive about what happened to Jason Peters last year.

    “In Philly, obviously Jason Peters is the LT. It’s just not a fit.”

    Lets take the blinders off because I don’t think its as obvious as you think. Peters suffered a series of injuries that can be devastating to any professional athlete, let alone one who is 31 years old and 330 pounds. Hopefully for the eagles he returns to form but, If he doesn’t, do you pay 10 million for him in 2014?

    Having a plan B in place at LT is almost mandatory at this point for the eagles.

    and yes, I know peters and his doctors have said he’s great, 110%, full recovery, yada yada. Thats what they always say, they said it for RG3, while he was at Baylor, and for Terrell Thomas at USC. It’s bullshit. You tear a significant ligament like an ACL, or rupture an Achilles you are more likely to tear/rupture it again. The average rate (for normal humans/not professional athletes) for a re-rupture is 5 out of 100 (thanks webmd). I’d imagine for a guy like peters, who demands a lot more from his Achilles, AND has already ruptured it twice, it would be higher.

    1. Tim says:

      Completely agree. Not sure why it’s being assumed that Peters can be slotted in at his former level at LT for the forseeable future. This is an absolutely devastating injury that he has suffered TWICE.

    2. Can’t operate as if you expect him to get hurt. If he gets hurt, he gets hurt, and having good depth is important. So Plan B is important. I agree. However, a trade and sign for $8+M/year LT that doesn’t fit if all goes well is not a good Plan B.

      1. NYG_Slater says:

        well I didn’t think albert was the solution, i stated as much in the first sentence, so we agree on that too.

        I guess my point was I wouldn’t rely on peters for 2013, and if i had to take a guess, I don’t think he’s on the roster in 2014, at least not on his current contract. Because of Peters contract, any decline is significant, even if it is not that drastic He’s the highest paid LT in 2013 and the 2nd highest paid in 2014. For peters to comeback from 2 achilles surgeries in 1 year and perform at a level to warrant being the highest paid LT in the NFL…, that would be an AP type comeback. Not sure i can expect that.

        1. NYG_Slater says:

          Should of added, I think since the Eagles FO hasn’t (yet) addressed a plan B tells you something about their plans with the #4 pick.

  6. Iskar36 says:

    You mentioned this as an aside in this column, but I actually have a slightly different view from you and NFLGimpy on the Sanders deal. Here is what I wrote over at Scoutsnotebook:

    “NFLGimpy, good write up on the Sanders situation, but I have to disagree with you a little bit. Right before the draft, I think we start overvaluing picks in order to get a promising prospect who we have started to read over and over again leading up to the draft. The reality is though, a good 3rd round pick is usually going to end up as a serviceable starter (sure there are guys who end up being elite NFL players, but there are also plenty of guys who are flat out busts).

    You wrote it yourself that “Sanders has been an above average player and may be close to a breakout season.” He is also obviously young at 26 years old. If the Steelers think he has the potential to have a break out season as you suggest, keeping him makes a ton of sense. I’m not a cap guru by any means, but obviously they found a way to fit him under the cap this year. If he has a good season and is worth keeping next year, I’m sure there are ways to sign him to a long term contract. If he doesn’t manage to have that break out season though, they are off the hook and can let him go with the logic that they gambled on an above average WR and missed.

    Keep in mind as well that if they let him go to the Patriots, they would have had to replace him some way. In other words, they would have likely had to use that third round pick they received in compensation (or better) to replace Sanders’ production, but without any kind of guarantee that the drafted prospect can make it in the NFL much less be an above average player.

    I’m not saying that the Steelers absolutely did the right thing by keeping Sanders. However, I do think it is a lot less obvious of a mistake as I think you are making it out to be.”

  7. Cowboy Luv says:

    I know you were doing a ESPN bashing the Cowboys 4 ratings!

  8. seanrude says:

    You weren’t click baiting yesterday, but today? Yep, this is click baiting

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