Draft notes around the NFC East: Cowboys could find 2nd round OL cupboard bare, Eagles dream scenario, deep CB draft for Skins, and a trade-up possibility for the Giants


In 2008, eight offensive linemen were taken in the 1st round:

2008 draft

Adding to the panicky nature of the teams making sure they got OL help in that draft, it is noteworthy that the Chiefs, Panthers and Falcons all traded up to get their guys. As a result, the chain effect may have been that players like Sam Baker and Duane Brown, who were not thought of by most people as “1st round guys,” came off the board earlier than expected.

This year, a similar situation could play out in which 6 offensive linemen could be taken by the time the Cowboys are on the clock at 18. Those six players would be OTs Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher, Lane Johnson, and DJ Fluker, as well as OGs Chance Warmack and Jonathan Cooper. However, unlike 2008, the next tier of offensive linemen is also a talented group. Those players would include offensive tackles Menelik Watson, Terron Armstead, Justin Pugh, and Kyle Long, as well as OG Larry Warford.

There’s a thinking that if the Cowboys miss on an offensive lineman in the 1st round, they could still get a talented offensive lineman in the 2nd. However, if “The Big 6” are gone by the time the Cowboys are on the clock at 18, there’s also a very good chance “The Next 5” could be gone by the time the Cowboys are on the clock at 47.

And therefore, if indeed one of “The Big 6” is still there when the Cowboys are on the clock at 18, they cannot screw around and get cute. Just take him.


Last year, the Vikings held the 3rd overall pick. The Browns were drafting at 4th overall, and were apparently spooked that some other team was going to jump ahead of them to take Trent Richardson, so they moved up one spot to ensure they got their guy. The cost: a 4th round pick, a 6th round pick, and a 7th round pick.

Since they already had Adrian Peterson, there was no way the Vikings were going to take Richardson, and they wound up taking Matt Kalil at 4th overall. They essentially got 3 extra picks… for free.

The Eagles could realistically find themselves in a similar situation. The ideal scenario for the Eagles would be if two offensive tackles come off the board within the first three picks, most likely Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher. That could set off a bidding war for that 4th overall pick between OT-desperate teams like the Lions (5), Cardinals (7), Chargers (11), and Dolphins (12) for the services of the last remaining stud LT, in this scenario, Lane Johnson.

If at that point in the draft versatile OLB Dion Jordan were still on the board, the Eagles’ best bet might be to simply move back one spot, still get their guy, and pick up some freebies from the Lions in the process.


Per Dan Pompei, “according to a survey of front office men,” as many as 13 cornerbacks could be taken in the first two rounds. They are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Southeast Louisiana’s Robert Alford
  2. Cal’s Marc Anthony
  3. Mississippi State’s Johnthan Banks
  4. Utah State’s Will Davis
  5. Connecticut’s Dwayne Gratz
  6. Alabama’s Dee Milliner
  7. Oregon State’s Jordan Poyer
  8. Florida State’s Xavier Rhodes
  9. Rutgers’ Logan Ryan
  10. Mississippi State’s Darius Slay
  11. Boise State’s Jamar Taylor
  12. Washington’s Desmond Trufant
  13. Connecticut’s Blidi Wreh-Wilson

It really just kind of feels like that’s the direction the Redskins will go with their first pick at 51.


Tony Pauline recently wrote that the Giants really like Alabama guard Chance Warmack:

If Warmack does start to slide I am told the New York Giants would love the opportunity to select him as they feel he’s a great fit for their system. Moving towards the draft it seems one of the Giants early targets, Warmack’s teammate DJ Fluker, will be out of reach. One late round blocker I am told the Giants like is Emmett Cleary of Boston College, who has drawn praise from the teams offensive line coach Pat Flaherty.

Tony has good sources and lives in NY, so I trust his report. One interesting scenario could be the Giants trading up ahead of the Cowboys with the Steelers at 17. The Steelers have drafted more offensive linemen than any other team in the league the last 5 years, so it would likely not be on their radar with the 17th overall pick. Additionally, with the exception of safety, there aren’t many similarities in terms of team needs when comparing the Steelers and Cowboys. Therefore, the Steelers may not be all that worried about the Cowboys picking ahead of them. The cost for the Giants to move to 17 may not be all that high, if they want to jump the Cowboys.

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  1. Ray Bee says:

    I would think the smartest thing to do would be draft Lane, because although i Love Jordan Lane is better, to draft Lane With the 4th and see where Jordan goes and try to trade Lane for Jordan and Picks (would prevent taking Jordan too high and insure the biggest return possible on the trade).

  2. […] Jimmy Bama has a few good draft thoughts up in today’s BtB post.  He offers an interesting Eagles scenario. […]

  3. Jeff says:

    Well, all of those OL in 2008 were drafted to play OT. Dallas is looking for a guard, and those aren’t drafted high often.

    Since 1990 only 7 guards have been selected within the first 20 picks of the draft. That includes Eugene Chung, who is hard for me to tell if he was drafted to play tackle or guard (PFR indicates that he played RT and RG as a rookie).

    1. Dallas can use pretty much anything. Tackle, guard, center. Doesn’t matter. Holes at all three.

      And this year is different. Warmack is considered by some as one of the top 5 or so rated players in the draft, and some people have Cooper rated even higher than him. Those two guys are better than your typical “best guard” prospects. They’ll be drafted lower than their ratings, because guard isn’t as important of a position, but I’d be stunned if they weren’t both drafted in the top 20.

      1. mitch foster says:

        You’re such a hater. Why don’t you man up on your bet. BloggingTheBoys is waiting on our Fanpost.

        1. TJ says:

          I’ve read both guards are rated lower than DeCastro. He went mid-20’s last year.

          1. Bob says:

            Yeah. I think Jimmy might be right, but not for the reason he states. I think they are more likely to be gone based on how weak this draft class is at the top, rather than them both being exceptional prospects. It would still surprise me if both are gone though.

          2. DeCastro may have been rated highly by the draftniks, but clearly not by teams. He wasn’t even the first guard taken. Kevin Zeitler was.

            1. poolboy87 says:


              Kevin Zeitler (27) went 3 picks after DeCastro (24).

            2. YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!! says:

              DeCastro was drafted at 24 by Pittsburgh; whereas, Zeitler was drafted at 27 by Cincinnati. CHECK YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU WRITE COCKY REPLIES YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT!!!

  4. CB and safety depth in this draft is just what the Redskins needed. However, after re-signing Hall and bringing in EJ Biggers to compete with Richard Crawford and maybe even Chase Minnifield (can’t be counted on), I really see the Skins going FS with their 2nd rounder and then picking a CB in the 3rd.

    The Skins need an upgrade at CB, but at least they have the bodies and return both starters from last season. That is light years better than their situation at Safety for the upcoming season. For this reason, I believe they will go FS at #51 and then pick up someone like Banks or Amerson in the 3rd.

    1. OlSkool1972 says:

      I feel you because in Rounds 2 and 3 they probably need to get a CB and a safety. They could get Swearinger or Phiilip Thomas at 51 and come back with BW Webb or Will Davis in Round 3 or If they got a CB like Blidi Wreh-Wilson or Jordan Poyer at 51 then they could grab a safety like Baccari Rambo or Duke Williams in Round 3..

  5. Bob says:

    I’m not sure I’d include Fluker with the others. Seems’s more like a “big 5” and “next 6”.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      A loooooot of reports saying he’s going top half of the first round. I agree he’s not on the same level as those other guys, but he’s a legit threat to go early.

  6. Tracer Bullet says:

    DON’T LISTEN TO HIM, JERRUH. You need another talented WR who’s brittle and/or a headcase. Or, ooohhh, how about a nice, shiny RB? OL don’t put butts in seats, Jerruh, and you’ve got to fill that monument to your own ego or those nice olive oil importers who gave you that high interest short-term loan are going to be very cross with you.

    1. Truth Hurts says:

      Scared the Cowboys might get Cordarelle Patterson tem em w/ Dez & the hell outta the NFC EAST!

      1. OlSkool1972 says:

        No we’re scared we’ll have to put up with a whole new season of the media overhyping the Cowboys because they have a bunch of flashy skill players when we know at the end of the season they’ll be 8-8 or worse again because they have no quaility linemen.

  7. Invictus XI says:

    Yikes. I would cry if the Giants traded up for a guard. If, as you said, the big 6 were gone, I’d prefer to move down if anything. Or just stay there. If 6 OL plus 1 or 2 QBs and 1 or 2 WRs are gone by 19, its likely pushed a very good defensive talent down. Someone like Jarvis Jones, Barkevious Mingo, or Sheldon Richardson could very well be available for them.

    I know you just mentioned as just a possibility, and you’re not suggesting anything by it, but yeah, I just don’t think its likely. This is Jerry Reese talking about possibly moving up to grab Rueben Randle in Rd 2 last year cause they liked him a lot:

    “We like using all of our picks, and we’ve moved up to get guys before and it hasn’t worked out that great for us. We’re a little bit leery of moving up and taking guys. We’ve done that in the past and I don’t think our success has been very good.”


    As far as the Eagle scenario goes, I can see a couple of different options for them. If 2 OTs are gone by then, they could very spark a bidding war not only from guys trying to grab Lane Johnson, but also from guys possibly trading up to try and nab Geno Smith. The Jets could very well have the ammo for it. Buffalo, Arizona, Browns are all in it too.

    And the Redskins lucked out. This year, the secondary depth, at both S and CB are insane. Those top 13 don’t even mention guys like Tharold Simon, David Amerson, Terry Hawthorne, Tyrann Mathieu, Sanders Commings, B.W Webb, Logan Ryan, Leon McFadden, and Brandon McGee. Those guys are mid-rounders that all probably are 2nd-3rd rounders in last year’s draft.

    1. I hear you. I would just just stand pat if I were them. But if they really did like Warmack and he was sitting there at 17, my only point would be that the cost may not be very high to get up there.

      For example, the Eagles moved up from 21 to 19 in 2009 to get Maclin, and it only cost them a 6.

      1. Invictus XI says:

        No doubt, would probably only cost a 4th or so. And it’d stick in the gob of Cowboy fans if someone like Fluker or Warmack were the last remaining OL available. That would at least make it somewhat palatable.

        1. agree with you Jimmy. If they like a player and it will only cost them a 6th round pick to move up they should. Most guys after the 4th round are destined for special teams anyway and there are about 15 guys who are 1st round guys in any draft class–get one of those guys if you can

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