Notes around the NFC East: The Cowboys’ likelihood of seeing one of the top OL prospects fall to them at 18, and the Skins’ QB situation


• The Redskins signed a pair of QBs, Rex Grossman and Pat White. Here’s what their depth chart looks like at QB now:

Redskins QBs

I’m somewhat surprised Grossman landed back with the Skins to be the 3. People like to goof on Rexy, but at the very least, he’s a legitimate 2. Perhaps he thinks he could beat out Kirk Cousins for a starting job to begin the season if RG3 isn’t ready to go? I can’t see that happening, but maybe Rex does. Still, I would have expected him to land with a team that doesn’t have a competent 2. From the Skins’ perspective, it makes all the sense in the world, for all the reasons noted by CSN Washington’s Rich Tandler here.

White seems like a pure camp body to me, but one who serves a fairly obvious purpose. He can play the RG3 role in practice while the golden child heals, and the rest of the offense will still be able to practice with a speedy QB.

Here was White’s last play as a pro back in 2009:


• The Giants signed Mike Patterson. This is a great move if Patt can stay healthy. I broke down Patt’s play against the Giants Week 11 in 2011. He dominated. It’s pretty clear to see why the Giants like him.

• Victor Cruz is reportedly looking for $10-11 million per year. I like Cruz as a player a lot, but good luck with all that, Vic.


• My buddy Lars aggregated 22 different mock drafts to see how many times one of the “Big 5” OL prospects would make it to the Cowboys at 18. Good stuff. A few weeks ago, I noted the 17 teams drafting before the Cowboys, and whether or not I thought they could be shopping for OL help. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Chiefs: Yes.
  • Jaguars: I would think no.
  • Raiders: Leaning toward no.
  • Eagles: Yes.
  • Lions: Yes.
  • Browns: No.
  • Cardinals: Hell yes.
  • Bills: Tackle, no. Guard, maybe.
  • Jets: Leaning toward no.
  • Titans: Yes.
  • Chargers: Yes.
  • Dolphins: Yes.
  • Buccaneers: No.
  • Panthers: Yes.
  • Saints: Yes.
  • Rams: Yes.
  • Steelers: No.


• The Eagles have hosted pretty much hosted every name you’ve heard at the top of mock drafts / draft boards. An abnormal number of them were in the building on Wednesday.

NFC East preseason schedule:

Preseason schedule

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  4. Cowboy Luv says:

    It dont matter if both guards are taken we need Vaccaro!

  5. Dan in Philly says:

    Don’t know. At the college level he sure kicked ass. I wonder if his failure at the pro level was as much a product of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, where now (just a few years later), coaches are more willing to change the shape of the hole to fit the peg.

  6. Dan in Philly says:

    Pat White: A QB a few too many years ahead of his time? I had been hearing that the NFL was going to more mobile QBs for many years now, but other than scrambling, I hadn’t seen any real sign of it. Now with the read-spread, its just possible that a new kind of QB will become the norm?

    1. jrh0 says:

      Not quite the same. RG3, Kap, RW, those guys are mobile QBs. TO be a mobile QB you still have to actually qualify as a QB. Pat White is just mobile. From all available evidence, dude can’t throw for crap at the NFL level. All legs and no arm = Teabow 2.0

  7. bula says:

    if a top o-lineman makes it to dallas’ pick, do you think that they would actually pull the trigger?

    1. I can see him taking an OT, but an OG? I just don’t think he could get himself to do that, and that’s what will be available, if anything, at 18. We shall see.

      1. FUCK THIS GOD DAMN BLOG!!!! says:

        He would have drafted Iupati. FUCK HOLE!!

  8. WeGotLinemen says:

    The interesting thing about the Pat White hit is that he doesn’t use the crown of his helmet.

    At the very last second he turns his head to the left. That slight turn lead to him getting hit in the temple, rather than on the top or front/brow of his helmet.

    Short of taking a hit low on the back of my head, I can think of a worse place to take a helmet to helmet hit.

    1. Anthony says:

      If he had been hit directly in the top of the head, then it could’ve been a paralyzing hit. The idea is to get the head out of the game. By getting people to stop leading with the top of the helmet, you can force them to just not lead with any part over time. Or at least, that’s what I assume is going on.

  9. Mark Sitko says:

    Right now I say it is 50/50 on who starts more games for the Skins this year – RG3 or Cousins…

  10. Mark Sitko says:

    Jimmy – everyone is calling Rex the #3, but until RG3 plays football again, he is the #2. How quickly it seems everyone forgets that Shanny traded the skins draft future for a player he then went on to cripple…he tore his knee up on a non-contact drill…is he not MORE injury prone than Vick now? I say he is…and therefore, calling him a #1 is VERY optomistic

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