Film breakdown: Here’s why the Giants signed Mike Patterson

Yesterday, the Giants signed Mike Patterson. Throughout his tenure as an Eagle playing in the NFC East, Patterson has often been a thorn in the side of the Giants’ run game. In looking at the Week 11 tape against the Giants in 2011, it’s pretty easy to see why the Giants like him. More than a few plays stood out. Let’s just get right to it:

Patterson’s brute strength on a 3rd and 1 stop:

At the snap, Chris Snee initially wins his one-on-one battle with Patterson, and there appears to be a nice lane for Brandon Jacobs to run through on the left side:

Patt 1

But Patterson recovers, is able to get leverage, stand up Snee and begin to push him back:

Patt 2

Jacobs runs right into Snee’s back:

Patt 3

And the Giants will be punting:

Patt 4

Sack on 3rd an 15: Motor

Here’a great example of Patterson’s motor. On 3rd and 15, Patt draws a double team by the center (Baas) and LG (Diehl). His job is already done. He drew the double, and now the other talented Eagles pass rushers will have one-on-one opportunities:

Patt 5

But Patt is not content to draw the double and call it a day. He keeps fighting, and when Diehl leaves to go help Will Beatty with Trent Cole, Patt is left one on one with Baas:

Patt 6

Patt is able to shove Baas aside, collapse the pocket, and collect a half-sack with Cullen Jenkins:

Patt 7

Patterson’s smarts:

Think defensive linemen don’t need to be smart? While it’s certainly not as cerebral a position as QB, being a wily vet certainly doesn’t hurt. Here’s a really subtle play that Patterson made on a play in which they tried to trap him. It’s kind of tough to see here, but the RG (Snee) just lets Patterson into the backfield without trying to block him. Meanwhile, the LG (Diehl) is pulling across to trap him:

Patt 8

Patt is used to being doubled, so he knows that if nobody is blocking him, something is up. He sees Diehl coming, and gets lower than him to get under his block:

Patt 9

Diehl whiffs, and that play is going nowhere:

Patt 10

Patterson as an anchor:

Here’s a play where Patt is doubled by the LT (Kareem McKenzie) and the RG (Snee). They can’t move him off the line… at all:

Patt 11

Snee and McKenzie get no push on Patt at all, so when Snee leaves to pick up the linebacker, Patt already has leverage on McKenzie and is in great position to make a play:

Patt 12

Patt blows right past McKenzie, and gets the tackle for loss:

Patt 13

That is stellar.

Patterson shedding a single block:

Here the Giants will try to block Patterson on a draw play with just David Diehl. Note that the line of scrimmage is at about the 24:

Patt 14

Patterson LOL’s at the Giants plans of blocking him one on one with Diehl on a run play. He gets a decent push into the backfield (only calling it “decent,” considering it’s a draw):

Patt 15

Easily sheds Diehl’s block:

Patt 16

And once again, Patt is wrapped around Jacobs’ ankles, and this play isn’t going anywhere:

Patt 17

The Giants couldn’t stop the run last season. If Mike Patterson is healthy, he will help out immensely.

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  12. Tracer Bullet says:

    Boooo. I wasn’t thrilled they released him even if I (sort of) understood it. But seeing him with the Midgets is a bitter pill to swallow.

  13. Tyler D says:

    I like this signing Patterson and Trent Cole are guys on the Eagles line that just are an absolute pain hopefully we get to see him dish some of that out this year.

  14. […] The Giants signed Mike Patterson. This is a great move if Patt can stay healthy. I broke down Patt’s play against the Giants Week 11 in 2011. He dominated. It’s pretty clear to see why the Giants like […]

  15. David_Does_Dallas says:

    Good breakdown, thanks.

  16. Frank says:

    Why are you questioning whether Patterson will be healthy? He had brain surgery, recovered, then caught pneumonia. Why would he have any lingering issues?

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      I’m not a neurologist. No idea if brain injuries tend to linger or not. If you have any input on his likelihood of completely putting all that stuff behind him, I’d be interested in hearing it.

    2. Steag209 says:

      It really depends on 4 things 1. Where the AVM was 2. How big was it 3. if he has a genetic condition where he might just develop another one or it was a freak occurrence. and 4. the integrity of his skull, the part they had to cut through won’t ever be as hard as it used to be before surgery, but hopefully it can get fairly close, which it must have or his Dr last year wouldn’t have signed off on him coming back.None of us know any of these things, confidentiality, blah blah. The pneumonia is a hospital infection most likely from laying down for a long period of time and some fluid just accumulated in his lung(s), so that had nothing to do with his AVM, just a complication from staying in a hospital bed for an extended period or just one of the risks of having any surgery (I’m like 90% confident).

      Side note: So disappointed they let Patt go and things like these just keep driving that point home

      1. mjoedgaard says:

        Sadly Mike is not a great fit for a 3-4 D, so they did him a service by cutting him early while also saving 4 mill cap space.

      2. Good stuff. Thanks.

  17. willgfass says:

    No matter what, the Eagles have always been good at stopping the Giants run game since the 2nd regular season game in 2008. Signing Patterson is worth it if it means we don’t have to worry about playing him anymore

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