Film breakdown: A little King Dunlap comedy, in pictures, Part II

Back in November, we took a look at King Dunlap’s ferociousness in the run game. First we laughed, then we cried. In re-watching some film this past week, I happened to come across another King gem against the Falcons.

King was a serviceable player for a few years in Philly. He had his strengths (decent pass protector) and his weaknesses (pretty much everything else), so the intent here isn’t to create a perception that he was some sort of awful guy and/or player. Futhermore, while our old pal has since moved on to play for the Chargers and we should probably just let his memory fade into the wind, I can’t help but point out one last play that I found funny.

It was the last play of the game against the Falcons. With less than 10 seconds left and the Eagles down by more than one score, Andy Reid opted to run a completely unnecessary “Stanford Band” play. He did this against the Cowboys too, just FYI.

At the snap, Michael Vick threw to Jeremy Maclin:

Shananigans 1

Maclin ran around a little, before pitching to Jason Avant:

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  1. Tracer Bullet says:

    What happened to Dunlap? He went from a likely first-round pick as a junior to a UDFA after his senior season. He came to Philadelphia and looked at least like he’d be a valuable backup, then his game went straight to hell. Did he just stop trying? He was regressing under Castillo and didn’t get any better under Mudd, so you can’t blame the coaches.

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