Jon Dorenbos has become a folk hero in Philly, but he was not a very good long snapper last season

This week, the Eagles signed Donnie Jones away from the Texans to be their punter, and with good reason. Last season, Mat McBriar was tied for last in the NFL with a net punting average of 36.5 yards. If you were an opposing punter facing the Eagles last season, there was a good chance you were going to have a good return or two. Here is what opposing punt returners did against the Eagles last season:


Part of that was poor hangtime by McBriar, poor tackling, bad contain, or bad angles to the returner. However, part of it was also the fault of the long snapper, Jon Dorenbos.

Dorenbos has become a bit of a folk hero in Philly. He has the trophy wife, he was in the running for MVP in 2010, and he’s extremely entertaining to watch in training camp. For example, I once watched him spit his gum out of his mouth and try to kick it into a trash can 20 yards away. He almost made it. It was actually very impressive. Or there was the time he squirted punter Chas Henry in his pants with a water bottle to make it look like he peed himself.

However, it was a little surprising to see the Eagles re-sign Dorenbos to a 4-year deal this offseason, because from a long snapping persepctive, he did not have a good 2012 season.  A few weeks ago, when I was timing the releases of Michael Vick and Nick Foles, I did so watching the condensed version on’s Game Rewind feature. The condensed version allows you to watch a full game in about 20 minutes. (They cut out all the downtime). After Eagles possessions that would end in a punt, I would often see the punt snap before getting a chance to fast forward to the next Eagles possession. I happened to notice a lot of bad snaps, so I wanted to go back and take a more thorough look.

I watched every punt snap on the season, and found that a little more than 1 out of every 5 long snaps were not good. Here were the bad ones:

1) High:


2) Low and to the side:

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  5. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    I’m willing to sacrifice 3 yards per punt to keep Julie Dorenbos’ plastic jugs in the discussion.

  6. I can’t really comment on free agency on the whole, without having studied all the contracts, but I’ll comment on Evan’s two NFCE guys, both Eagles.

    Can’t really argue on Cary Williams. Williams had a really bad first half of the season last year. In fact, I even said something to the effect of “He’s a Cortland Finnegan wannabe, minus the talent.” I also called him the weak link of their secondary around the midpoint of the season. But he was a lot better the second half. So to some degree, I think Evan is discrediting him as a player by just noting 3 bad games, without noting how good he was as the season progressed. Still, he’s right that he probably got paid more than what he’s worth.

    Barwin’s deal is fine. I don’t think he got overpaid at all. That’s basically a 2-year deal that they can get out of in year in 2015 if they don’t think he’s a serious contributor. Also, while Evan notes the 3 sacks in 2012, he had 11.5 in 2011, and it’s not like they weren’t legit:

    Plus, he can cover. So I disagree there.

    1. David_Does_Dallas says:

      Thank you for the response.

  7. David_Does_Dallas says:

    Interesting read on who was the most overpaid in this free agency. I don’t really agree with Barwin’s deal because it is really only guaranteed for two years 8 million. Also there are some notorious names not on the list like Mike Wallace and Paul Kruger. Curious what you think about it.

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