Notes from around the NFC East: Osi, Blackburn on their way out, Hightower in for a visit to NJ


• Osi Umenyiora officially signed with the Falcons. 2 years, $8.5 million. It’s incredible how cheaply pass rushers came this offseason. Michael Bennett (one of my favorite players in the league) signed for 1 year, $4.8 million, although he needs surgery on his rotator cuff. Cliff Avril only got $13 million over 2 years. John Abraham doesn’t have a home yet, but he’s not expected to be paid well. These players have value. It’s really surprising.

I think there’s a faction of Giants fans who don’t feel like they’ll be missing much by letting Osi walk. I couldn’t disagree more. The guy has 24 FFs in his last 5 full seasons. Osi can be a pain in the ass, and a whiner, but that production speaks for itself.

Does the Giants’ once frightening DL scare anybody anymore? JPP will be a star for the next 5+ years, but then you have a sharply declining player in Justin Tuck, another declining (and perhaps also now 1-dimensional) DT in Cullen Jenkins, and a promising although disappointing (last year, anyway) DT in Linval Joseph. And there isn’t much depth.

• The Giants are bringing in Tim Hightower for a workout, per Ralph Vacchiano. Hightower is a “do the little things” kind of guy like Ahmad Bradshaw was for Tom Coughlin for so many years. Stellar pass blocker, good receiver, smart player. But he tore his ACL in 2011, and had surgery to repair his meniscus in the same knee in 2012. I’m not a doctor, but is Tim Hightower any healthier than Ahmad Bradshaw? So here’s a crazy thought… Why not just bring back Ahmad Bradshaw? How much money could he be looking for at this point?

David Wilson is incredibly talented, but this is why he couldn’t get on the field more last season. I wonder if the Giants still have reservations about completely handing full RB responsibility over to Wilson.

• Chase Blackburn signed with the Panthers. Blackburn was not a good player last season, and his INT in the Super Bowl was one of the most overrated plays in SB history. This is not really a loss.


• The Cowboys officially signed two players, S Will Allen formerly of the Steelers, and LB Justin Durant, formerly of the Lions. More on Allen here, aaaaand more on Durant here.


• Tommy updated all the draft prospects’ visits to Philly, private workouts, special interest players, and small school pro days attended by the Eagles. That can be found here. I also had all the players the Eagles spoke with at the Shrine Game and Senior Bowl practices a couple months ago. There were 14 of them.


• There has been some RG3 drama over the last few days, in regard to a text he sent to a national media guy about his knee, and some perception that he is publicly slamming his HC. I’ve decided that I’m not going to care about or cover any of that. Sorry. It’s just a non-story to me. Otherwise, I’ll just sit and wait to see if the Skins can sign Antoine Winfield or Fred Davis.


  1. Olskool1972 says:

    The RG3 text is a non story blown way out of proportion by ESPN in the neverending quest to find a scapegoat for that injury. Griffin’s comments were not some shot at Shanahan as that loud mouth buffoon Michael Wilbon suggests.

  2. Joe D says:

    I’m in the camp about not losing anything with Osi…He makes the occasional big play and then disappears for 3 gamers… can’t play the run

  3. skinsaholic says:

    I agree that the Robert Giriffin text should be a non story. He acknowledges that both parties made mistakes, they talked about it, time to move on

  4. Dan in Philly says:

    I’m less certain of the future of the pass rusher than you are, Jimmy. The changing nature of offenses might end up lessening the value of the pass rush as QBs get the ball out of their hands more and more quickly, and maybe the teams anticipate that offenses like SF and WAS will indeed change the fundamental nature of professional football.

    In 10 or even 5 years, will we consider the sack in the same group as baseball sabermetrics consider the RBI? A useful but vastly overrated statistic.

  5. Deer Antler Spray says:

    It’s a sign of the times Jimmy. An internet blogger in his pajamas (Thank you Brian Williams for that reference) is more mature, more serious about his work and has a better perspective than the be-all and end-all of sports broadcasting.

    1. Tracer Bullet says:

      Jimmy is on record saying he blogs strictly in the nude.

      1. Incorrect. Also chaps.

        1. MightyFlye says:

          Great….now I have to bleach my eyeballs. Thanks.

          1. poolboy87 says:

            Your eyeballs?

            Jimmy, if you look out your window and see:


            You might know who it is…sorta…

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