Ladies and gentlemen, the Cowboys’ 2009 draft…

A couple weeks ago, Cowboys TE John Phillips signed with the Chargers. Today, LB Victor Butler signed with the Saints. Both Phillips and Butler were part of the Cowboys’ glorious 2009 draft haul. How many of the 12 players the Cowboys drafted in 2009 are left?

Cowboys 2009 draft

My analysis.


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  2. […] Victor Butler signed with the Saints yesterday, and with that, none of 12 players the Cowboys drafted in 2009 are still with the team. Again, to recap, my official […]

  3. Didn’t they in that draft also trade down a million times? Let that be a lesson to everyone who wants their team to trade down with every pick ever. Sometimes it’s better to stand pat and pick up the better players–the potential difference makes than to make a million picks of JAG. They focused on fixing their special teams in this draft because they thought they were going to be Superbowl contenders if they could only get better on special teams, and predictably, it’s a few years later and none remain on the team

    1. Ha, two things there:

      1. I don’t think they stole the idea, if that’s what you mean. I’ve actually been waiting for Butler to sign somewhere so I could put this up. I’m sure others were ready too.

      2. I was called a troll by some for posting this, and I’ll openly admit it’s fun to bust on Cowboys fans for that draft. But it’s also completely reasonable to point it out. Nobody’s mad at Calvin Watkins for pointing it out, but when it’s an Eagles fan…

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        I think the difference is Calvin Watkins doesn’t post back to back to back negative articles.

        Not to say you’re doing that or anything.

        1. I write them as new information is presented. During the 2012 season, I wrote back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back negative articles about the Eagles. Because they sucked.

          1. Tim says:

            That’s the point. The Cowboys don’t suck. The piling on makes it seem like they are some joke of a franchise, which just isn’t accurate. They were 8-8 last year, and currently would objectively be judged to have the 2nd or 3rd best roster in the NFC East, despite all the posts here about what a terrible GM Jerry is and what a horrific offseason this has been.

            1. With all the restructuring and piling guaranteed money into future years, my feeling is that their offseason has been a complete joke. Obviously, that has reflected in my coverage of them.

              1. Fool says:

                The complete joke, as always Jimmy, is your short bus analysis.

  4. Joe D says:

    As an Eagles fan, I have to agree wit the Boys fans… Every other post is a Cowboys FO bash

    1. Joe D says:

      I mean look recent Eagles drafts, there’s a reason why we were 4-12 last season

      1. NO SHIT!! says:

        It’s REALLY getting PATHETIC at this point.

  5. TylerD says:

    LMAO @ the commentary Ouch!!!

  6. archarya says:

    I remember Pioli talking about the talent in the ’09 draft during the combine this year. It was fairly negative and i think included a sigh.

  7. Juz Saying says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen the 2011-2012 DREAM TEAM ; 1. Vince Young 2. Cullen Jenkins 3. Asomugha 4. Cromartie (the weak one) 5. Ronnie Brown 6. Steve Smith (the weak one)7.Mike Vick (is he still there) 2013 Dream Team pt 2= 1. A. Benn( on injury reserve) 2 Connor 3 Casey 4 Chip Kelly 5 Dennis Dixon 5 Nick Foles coming soon Geno Smith & E Manuel .P.S. i bet the 2009 Cowboy Class could give these guys a run 4 there money.

  8. Jeff says:

    This was a very bad draft. However, most teams won’t have many players left from their 2009 draft by now.

    What’s more alarming is that Butler and Phillips are the only players still in the NFL. 2 out of 12 guys just 4 years later. I wonder what the record is…

    1. Joe D says:

      it wasn’t a great draft class

    2. Tim says:

      Yeah, but keep in mind that there was no 1st or 2nd round pick. So yes it was 12 selections, but those were heavily slanted towards late rounds.

      Understand it’s still a total washout, but it’s not accurate to compare this to drafts which included 1st and 2nd rounders.

  9. DerfDiggy says:

    Hey Jimmy, is it possible for you to write just one article on anything the Cowboys have done that you liked? A player you think is promising….annnyy type of positivity in Cowboyland?

    Nothing…at all? The sky is falling in Arlington if one only read this blog.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        I somehow missed that…

        Disregard my post….Great job jimmy!

  10. David_Does_Dallas says:


  11. Tim says:

    Really? Is this just to troll Cowboys fans?

    The Cowboys also have the best single draft of any team in all the years from 2000-2007:

    Before you say this was all Parcells and Jerry is awful, Ware was a Jerry pick, Parcells wanted to go with Spears first and Merriman at OLB.

    1. Tim says:

      I’ll note that it is verrrrry possible that this will unseat the Cleveland Browns’ 2000 draft (cited in that article I linked to) as the worst draft of the last 15 years. As mentioned below, though, it’s not really a fair comparison, because Roy Williams should be included in this draft, and he likely contributed enough on-field value to nudge them above Cleveland, barely.

    2. ct17 says:

      The 2005 grade was overly influenced by Ratliff as a 7th rounder. Spears has never played like a first rounder, and Dallas was not able to get much from Burnett or Canty.

      I like their 2011 draft the best, though understandably it is too soon to rank. They have taken some chances on players with question marks lately that have panned out. Lee and Carter were great grabs.

      1. Tim says:

        Yes, getting a multiple time All Pro in the 7th round is going to help your draft grade, as it should. Canty was an average to above-average starter for several years– that’s very strong for a mid 4th round pick. And they took a Hall of Famer in the first round, which they also deservedly get credit for.

        2011 looks promising at this point– with Lee and in the next year Carter, their health is going to be the deciding factor.

        1. mjoedgaard says:

          How does 2011 look promising? sure do not mean 2010 where you got Lee (really needs to stay healthy) and Bryant? In 2011 you got Smith who was a terrible LT and Carter as the only two real players and Carter is a big mystery in Kiffins defense.

          1. ct17 says:

            I like the Dwayne Harris pick. I think Smith is a young talent that will improve. And DeMarco Murray has played much better than I expected.

          2. Tim says:

            We clearly differ on our views of Bruce Carter and Tyron Smith.

    3. Jeff says:

      IIRC the fact that the front office didn’t want to deal with Merriman’s agent was a primary factor in the selection.

  12. Ron says:

    Skins only have Brian Orakpo from that year.

    1. Other Marc with a C says:

      Yes, and their GM got fired . . .

  13. seanrude says:

    If you are giving an honest assessment of the 2009 draft, you need to include Roy Williams as being part of the talent acquired with those picks, which only makes the Cowboys 2009 draft even suckier.

  14. Dan in Philly says:

    Draft grade:

    “DALLAS Cowboys: C+

    Didn’t have a pick until the 3rd round, but they make the best of their Day 2 picks. Mike Mickens, DeAngelo Smith, and Robert Brewster I especcially like. Also, their 7th round picks could end up being great steals. Slighty above average.”

  15. Joseph says:

    I hope Jerry Jones lives to be 110

  16. Warren says:

    Wow – Eagles only have 2 left from that year, but those two are Shady and Self-tacklin, so it isn’t a waste yet.

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