Eagles jersey buyers guide!

The Eagles have published their roster, updated with their free agent acquisitions, complete with what jersey numbers each player will be wearing. Since I always advise against purchasing a rookie’s jersey (see Jarrett, Jaiquawn), now seems like an appropriate time to make some recommendations of which jerseys to buy and which ones to avoid, with a focus being on the pre-game tailgating scene. With an homage to the great, semi-retired @BountyBowl, who used to make these recommendations, let’s just get started:

6 Alex Henery – To be worn ONLY by the biggest badass in your group, obviously.

7 Michael Vick – If anyone makes even the slightest bit of contact with you, just drop whatever you’re holding.

11 Trent Edwards – If your name is Edward and you have a friend named Edward, you can go to the game together as “Edwards.” The same premise works with a pair of Phillips, Matthews, or Ryans.

18 Jeremy Maclin – Fall down every time one of your friends walks anywhere near you.

25 LeSean McCoy – Make fun of the other McCoy jersey owners who bought theirs when he was still #29 as a rookie. Call them Nate Allen, then snicker.

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  2. ATLeagle says:

    perfect level of snark, thanks. This is definitely not the year to be purchasing current roster players. Unfortunately that has been true for a few years now. I may finally splurge on the Reggie White throwback with the Jerome Brown patch .

  3. 1 issue – why leave off our only real All-Pro in J Peters?

  4. ATG says:

    Once bitten, twice shy. I got a Mamula jersey for Christmas as a kid in high school (which, come to think of it, was some lazy parenting. It isn’t like there wasn’t time to return it between him being drafted and Christmas, and it isn’t like the jury was still out in November). Since then I have only bought myself the required Dawkins jersey.

    Of course my boys have McCoy and, um, Asomough. Can’t miss there, right?

    1. Joe D says:

      mamula wasn’t NEARLY the bust philly fans make him out to be.

  5. DerfDiggy says:

    Do this with all the teams, Jimmy.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      I can probably do that.

  6. Cowboy Luv says:

    I wiil buy all of them to wipe my – !

  7. immynimmy says:

    Well done as always, Jimmy

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