NFC East free agency recaps

Click on the helmet for that team’s detailed recap:

Redskins Cowboys Giants Eagles

Should I give useless grades? OK, why not? Let’s go with B, B, B, and F, although that order doesn’t necessarily match up with the helmet order above.


  1. Cowboy Luv says:

    true Cowboys FA was last year Brandon Carr & this year Anthony Spencer & thats better than all the NFC FA”s put together!

  2. David_Does_Dallas says:

    Free agency is not over.

    1. What date does it end?

  3. Joe D says:

    Grades are definitely useless but here’s my take:

    Giants : C… Cap strapped, but signed Will Beatty which was huge.. Couldn’t do anything else to fix up the shoddy secondary…. Redskins: C as well since they are also cap strapped… Cowboys F… Cap strapped – restructure mania… Their D will be super legit if they get all their guys healthy IMO… Eagles: — Offseason champs again. Got rid of crap (aside from Vick), and they made it so they can take BPA in draft….

  4. Redskins Fan says:

    And which of those is that? I can think of three right now that are in that situation, more or less…

    But yeah, one is getting OUT of that situation, one is getting close to a team rebuild in a couple years, but has a couple SBs to show for it, and the other has an idiot Jerry Jones as their GM.

  5. corn on the Kolb says:

    The F stands for Fiscally Fucked, right?

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