How much money did your team pay in fines in 2012?

Fines master

Some random notes:

  • Interestingly, there are a lot of good teams that were heavily fined, and a lot of crappy ones that weren’t. The four most heavily fined teams combined to go 45-19 last year. The four least fined teams went 22-42. I’m not sure if that’s coincidental or not.
  • The Ravens, as you can see, were the heaviest fined team in the league, with $237,875. Only $41,500 of those fines came from players that are still with the team. Ed Reed had $126,000 in fines. That was more than 22 teams.
  • The team the Ravens played in the AFC Championship Game, the Patriots, had the 2nd most money in fines. Bill Belichick ($50,000) and the kicker ($15,750) even contributed to the total. Cheaters. The only other head coach to be fined was John Fox, for bullying the replacement refs. I’m not sure how Jim Harbaugh didn’t get pinched for any of his weekly temper tantrums. My 13 month old daughter has more composure. 
  • Assistant coaches Kyle Shanahan (Redskins) and Jack Del Rio (Broncos) were each fined $25,000 for berating replacement officials. They were not noted in the place where I aggregated this data. Because there may be other assistant coaches that were fined that I’m not aware of, I omitted Shanny Jr. and Jack.
  • Dashon Goldson was fined 4 times. That was the most in the league.
  • The Vikings had 5 multiple offenders. Three times: Jasper Brinkley. Two times: Harrison Smith, Everson Griffin, Jared Allen, Matt Kalil.
  • Jason Babin was fined while playing with two teams, the Eagles and the Jags.
  • No fines for James Harrison.
  • Al Davis is smiling wherever he is that his Raiders are still dirty.
  • The Redskins had the 7th most fines. They also have the most player suspensions for PEDs and/or substance abuse since 2011.

Here are each of the individual teams and who got pinched:

Ravens fines

Patriots fines

Vikings fines

Broncos fines

Panthers fines

Raiders fines

Redskins fines

Lions fines

Texans fines

Titans fines

Packers fines

Bears fines

Giants fines

Jets fines

49ers fines

Bengals fines

Eagles fines

Jaguars fines

Ram fines

Steelers fines

Seahawks fines

Cowboys fines

Cardinals fines

Colts fines

Falcons fines

Dolphins fines

Browns fines

Buccaneers fines

Bills fines

Saints fines

Chiefs fines

Chargers fines

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  2. Tim says:

    Jimmy– curious if this is regular season or postseason+regular season data? It seems that a team might benefit from dialing up its level of physicality in the postseason in order to slow a high-power offense, fines (and occasional 15 yarder) be damned. The Ravens seem to have taken that approach against the Patriots in recent years, and against the Broncos this year. I can’t recall hearing much about postseason fines, though.

    1. bula412 says:

      Soooo…if we lead the league in fines, we win the superbowl?

    2. Bob says:

      Purely playing in the postseason would give you more fines, as you have more games to accumulate them over.

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  4. NYG_Slater says:

    just did a quick scan of the list–safeties got hit hard.

    Oh, love the Harbaugh gif.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Yeah, safeties make sense.

  5. Doesn’t look like a coincidence the four teams with the least amount of penalties didn’t tackle anyone ever. Harder to get fined when the opposing teams players are running open into the end-zone

  6. OlSkool1972 says:

    What is the point of continuing to go on about the Skins Player suspensions? No one else is talking about except you. 4 of the 7 players were free agents on one year deals who are not even on the team anymore so stop trying to make it like the Skins have some kind of team Drug/PED problem.

    1. I love that I have to explain myself on every post lately.

      OK, in bullet point form:

      • Close to 0% of my editorial decisions are based on what other people are talking about. As a small blog, if I talk about what everyone else is talking about, nobody will read my stuff. But more importantly, I don’t want to write what everyone else is writing. That’s boring, and mindless. In this particular case, I believe I was the first to note that the Redskins lead the league in PED / substance abuse suspensions since 2011. So that was my discovery, with a h/t to Burgundy Blog, who first noted the Skins had 7 of them, which served as my starting point. That post has gotten more than 7,000 page views (a good number for me), which tells me that people find it interesting. Hence, the second mention.

      • I never tried to make some kind of argument that the Skins have a PED/drug problem. I provided no commentary whatsoever on the matter. I did nothing more than state facts. If the reader wants to draw their own conclusions, that is their prerogative.

      • If I were to take a stance that the Redskins have a problem there (which to repeat, I haven’t), I’m not sure it matters that some of the players are no longer on the team. They were on the team when they got busted, and in my opinion, that’s all that matters. And one of them is arguably their 2nd best (and 2nd most important) player.

      Is it at least worth a bullet point, among 9 others? Absolutely.

      1. In a similar vein, do you know of any correlation between team success and number of penalties or yards penalized? Maybe that’s also a negative correlation, for all I know.

        1. NYG_Slater says:

          nicely played ‘vein’ pun. well done.

  7. HogHunter says:

    Where is Kyle Shanahan’s $25,000 fine for scolding a replacement ref?

    1. For whatever reason, the place where I got this data didn’t include assistant coaches. Jack Del Rio was fined along with John Fox for berating replacement refs, and they didn’t list him either. That was also for $25K. I’ll add a bullet point.

      1. David_Does_Dallas says:

        Did Rob Ryan get fined for yelling at the Bengals offensive lineman?

        1. It doesn’t appear so, after a very quick google search. Just a penalty.

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