Since 2011, the Redskins have accounted for 14.6% of the NFL’s suspensions for violating their policies on substance abuse or performance enhancing drugs

As noted this morning, Redskins’ OLB Rob Jackson was suspended for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing drugs. He is the 7th Redskin to be suspended for violating the NFL’s policies on either performance enhancing drugs or substance abuse in the last 20 months. Here is how that compares with the rest of the NFL, since 2011:

Team Total Players suspended for substance abuse or performance enhancing drugs
Redskins 7 Phillip Buchanon, Trent Williams, Fred Davis, Tanard Jackson, Cedric Griffin, Jordan Black, Rob Jackson
Seahawks 5 Vai Taua, John Moffitt, Allen Barbre, Winston Guy, Brandon Browner
Giants 4 Jimmy Kennedy, Andre Brown, Tyler Sash, Will Hill
Broncos 4 DJ Williams, Ryan McBean, Virgil Green, Quentin Saulsberry
Rams 3 Austin Pettis, Nick Miller, Brody Eldridge
Bears 2 Charles Grant, Nate Collins
Vikings 2 Kevin Williams, Jerome Simpson,
Saints 2 Will Smith, Lawrence Wilson
Buccaneers 2 Aqib Talib, Eric Wright
Panthers 2 Andre Neblett, Lee Ziemba
Cardinals 2 Gerell Robinson, Javarris James
Patriots 2 Brandon Bolden, Jermaine Cunningham
Bengals 2 Bobbie Williams, Dontay Moch
Packers 1 Mike Neal
Lions 1 Mikel Leshoure
Falcons 1 Joe Hawley
Ravens 1 Asa Jackson
Browns 1 Joe Haden
Texans 1 Brett Hartmann
Colts 1 Jaimie Thomas
Titans 1 Ahmard Hall
Chargers 1 Garrett Brown

The Eagles, Cowboys, 49ers, Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Steelers, Jaguars, Chiefs, and Raiders didn’t have any.

Update: Missed Tamba Hali of the Chiefs. He was suspended for 1 game for violating the league substance abuse policy.

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  4. ATG says:

    Personally, I’m a little disappointed by the lack of benchmarking data, again.

    14.6% out of what? 100%? 110%? 1000%? Without that kind of information it is impossible to put the data in context.

    Furthermore, I think the article would be much more relevant if it included family histories of substance abuse for these beleaguered ‘Skins, as well as the nonaccused players across the league. Were these players raised in communities flooded with illicit substances? Were they driven to drugs by the culturally biased mascot they represent? Were they brought to the team to provide connections for the FO?

    This site seems to have an aversion to devoting countless hours of research to a light interest piece.

    1. This might actually be my favorite comment ever.

      1. ATG says:

        Glad I could make you smile. You do great work.

        Incidentally, it is not easy to reach a level of absurdity as to be obvious it was intentional when writing a comment on the Internet

    2. Steve B says:

      % is always out of 100%

      1. ATG says:

        I guess I wasn’t quite absurd enough…

  5. SKOL says:

    What about Jolly for the Packers… He’s got a record bigger than his waistband.

    1. All suspensions prior to 2011.

  6. Dwayne Bowe was suspended four games in 2009 for a violation of the substance abuse policy as well. Chiefs get another! Whoo Hoo!

    1. It’s only from 2011-present.

      1. Oh yeah. I should learn to read. Stay in school kids.

  7. HogHunter says:

    We’re #1!

  8. David_Does_Dallas says:

    So is there any discipline to the organization for not controlling their players? What I am asking, and hoping for is will the Redskins lose any picks?

    1. RedskinsFan says:

      Since one of those players commited his issue before joining the Redskins but joined the Redskins before the league imposed it’s penalty and has never actually played for the Redskins, one player should be suing the League for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the most recent case was Tylenol with Codiene for a root canal the day before a drug test, you can, in the words of Psych’s Burton Guster “Suck it”.

      Heck, if the league did that, I’m not sure South America’s Team would have had any picks from 1990 until…. well, today. Heck, wouldn’t your team need to be lingering for it’s Alcohol substance abuse, considering two of you players last season, in season, had drunken driving incidents, one where a third Dallas player was killed? Just saying don’t cast stones when the data was chetrying picked and your own team has signficant issues. It’s just as likely that at least some of the teams without suspended players were just honest, while some teams were better hide things. Case in point are the allegations of PEDS use by Eagles that became particulary pointed when it came out Andy Reid’s son had a significant stash at the time of his death. Are the Eagles clean? Maybe, maybe not, but just because nothing came from it means joying either way. I think Jimmy even joked about it as something no one could beleive based on the Eaagles record.

      1. RedskinsFan says:

        I hate iPad error checking. So many typos.

      2. David_Does_Dallas says:

        Hey now. Lets keep this on topic. No need to bring South America’s Team into this. As Jimmy just pointed out we are angels with 0 substance abuse or PED charges. We all know this is the reason you beat us at the end of last season, you cheating bastards.

  9. theguyotc says:

    Have to admit, I’m disappointed by the lack of MS Paint visuals in this post. Was really hoping for something like Shanahan in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.

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