Eagles trade for Arrelious Benn

The Eagles made a trade today for Arrelious Benn. This is the 9th player they’ve acquired since free agency began on Tuesday. Here is what they gave up:

Benn trade

Some notes on Benn:

  • Good size at 6’2, 220. Returns kicks.
  • Receiving stats have been underwhelming:

Benn stats

  • Per my buddy Sam Lynch, he had the most special teams tackles on the Bucs before he got hurt last season. The Eagles special teams were brutal last year, in case you’ve forgotten.
  • I’m going off of memory here, but I recall him being known as a good blocking WR. I’ll look into that.

Eagles full slate of 2013 draft picks updated here.


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  3. Scott says:

    Hes got decent YPC his first 2 seasons so maybe if he thrown to more he’ll put up some respectable numbers. All speculation though seeing as I never even heard of him until today. Just curious does he have one year left on his rookie deal or two?

  4. Truth Hurts says:

    4 receptions 26yds!Eagles would have better geting Darrus Bey D.H.B. stupid stupid stupid

    1. gotpong says:

      I find some irony in this comment.

    2. talon talent says:

      Couple things;
      He was injured
      He was behind Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams
      The Bucs really fed Doug Martin the ball.

      That is all

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