A closer look at Ryan Mundy and the Steelers’ 2012 snap counts at the safety position

The Giants signed Ryan Mundy yesterday, and in trying to decipher Mundy’s snap counts, it appears Mundy was demoted twice, and ended the season as the team’s 5th safety. Here were the Steelers’ snap counts from the safety position in 2012 (via PFF):

Steelers snap counts

Here is how I decipher the snap counts:

  • Mundy as the 3rd safety: In Week 1, Mundy started in place of an injured Ryan Clark. In Weeks 2 and 3, Mundy started in place of an injured Troy Polamalu. Polamalu started Week 5 against Philly, but got hurt, and Mundy came in.
  • Mundy as the 4th safety: From Weeks 6-12, Mundy lost his fill-in starter status to Will Allen. When Polamalu returned, Allen remained as the team’s 3rd safety.
  • Mundy as the 5th safety: In Week 15, the Steelers used undrafted free agent rookie Robert Golden as the 3rd safety, and Allen as the 4th. Mundy remained the 5th safety through the end of the season.
  • Mundy played in every game, at least on special teams. He does not appear on the injury report, from what I’ve seen (choosing a few weeks to check throughout the season), which would lessen the possibility that he was hampered by injuries.

The Giants are set at one safety spot, with Antrel Rolle. He has become a nice, savvy vet a the position. They then have a couple of players that are question marks:

  • Stevie Brown had 8 interceptions last year, but I would contend that they were more of a case of the ball finding him, as opposed to Brown finding the ball. Brown strikes me as a nice 3rd safety, but I wouldn’t trust him as my starter.
  • Will Hill, meanwhile, is the real enigma. He’s physically talented, and loves to hit, but he has 218 career snaps. Opposing teams have likely never game-planned on how they would like to specifically target him.

I’m not sure Mundy is a more intriguing option than Brown or Hill. I haven’t studied Mundy specifically yet, but in looking at some Raiders players prior to the start of free agency, I happened to come across this play, which is just ugly:

That play occurred a week before Mundy was demoted in favor of Will Allen. My best guess is that the Giants view Mundy as little more than veteran depth, who will have to fight to make the roster.


  1. TylerD says:

    Jimmy, you realize you did all this researhc for a guy who is coming in to compete with Tyler Sash for the 4th safety spot right?

  2. joe says:

    looked like a hold on DHB, this is a very hard tackle to make against arguably the most talented running back in football.(full speed and no contain)

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