Patrick Chung will add some (currently non-existent) physicality to the Eagles’ secondary

Yesterday on Twitter, I posed the following question:

Nate Allen

I know I can’t, and neither could any of my Twitter followers. If anybody else can think of one, please let me know. In fairness to Nate, he’s more of a centerfielder/coverage guy, but at some point over the course of his 2,444 career snaps, you would think that he would have lined somebody up and put a smack on them. Nope. Even Asante Samuel managed to hit somebody at least once in his Eagles tenure.

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  1. RedskinsFan says:

    Did I hear someone say the Eagles signed Laron Landry? Oh, wait, it’s Patrick Chung.

    Lame joke, but the points the same… hard hitting does not equal good coverage. Landry would still, warts and all, be a Redskin if he’d been healthy…. but “Laroning” after giving up a long completion because you laid wood on the wideout 20 yards later is not necessarilly a good thing for a team. There is ALWAYS a time and place for physicallity in football… but I fear that Chung, like Landry, may all too often forget that it’s a TEAM sport, not a gladiator style matchup. And a 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalty can be a game changer when a player is too busy laying out a defender to realize he just needs to bring the man down.

    But as a Redskins fan, as long as he never hurts one of our WRs, I’m fine with it.

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