Film breakdown: Redskins new OT Jeremy Trueblood had one start last season, and it wasn’t pretty

The Redskins signed Jeremy Trueblood today, per Buccaneers beat writer Jenna Laine. We’ll get a better idea of what kind of role the Redskins have in mind for Trueblood once the contract numbers come in, but since this may be my only opportunity to actually break down a new Skins free agent signing, I’m gonna take it.

Trueblood started Week 1 against the Panthers, and was benched after that one game. It was pretty ease to see why. The still shots (in chronological order):

1. Holding. Not called (replacement refs):

Trueblood 1

2) Holding. Not called again:

Trueblood 2

3. Here he gets bull rushed right back into Josh Freeman’s lap, forcing a bad throw:

Trueblood 4

4. Trueblood beaten easily on an inside move. Freeman is forced to bail from the pocket, takes a shot:

Trueblood 5

5. Bull rushed again. Ball is tipped by the defender, wobbles into the secondary, but luckily lands without being picked:

Trueblood 6

6. More holding. Trueblood basically tackles his man here. There are actually 3 different Bucs that were holding on this play. They called the RG for also blatantly tackling his man:

Trueblood 7

8. DE runs right around Trueblood to the outside. Sack.

Trueblood 8

If Jeremy Trueblood starts Week 1 for the Skins, something probably went very wrong.


  1. ct17 says:

    This is the best Giants news all week.

  2. Hogdarnit says:

    Don’t you know? It’s the latest Skins strategy! Put in bad Tackle. Watch DE run by him. Doesn’t matter. RG III/Alfred Morris run to other side of said Tackle. Uses space left void by DE. 🙂

  3. OlSkool1972 says:

    Best case scenario is Tom Compton progresses enough to win starting job and Pashos stays healthy enough to be the primary backup. Even if Pashos wins the job with Compton as the backup I’m ok with that. If Trueblood makes the team as a starter or backup we got issues. The major problem with Pashos is staying healthy but playwise he’s better than Trueblood.

  4. DaCrock says:

    No argument that Trueblood is not an ideal starting right tackle candidate for the Skins. The team at this stage, given the UNFAIR (in my humble opinion) salary cap penalties imposed upon them, is forced into a strategy of 1) hope a young guy pans out, i.e., either Tom Compton or a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick this year; or 2) go to plan B, which means a veteran such as Trueblood or Tony Pashos being plugged in for one year until they have some cap room in 2014.

    Not ideal, but it is what it is. You can only put out there what you can afford. In any case, I don’t think either Trueblood or Pashos (who I’d prefer if he’s healthy) can be worse than Tyler Polumbus was in 2012.

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