It’s time for everybody’s favorite game show! Was it Aqib Talib or Brandon Meriweather?

The Redskins are reportedly interested in Patriots CB Aqib Talib, per Adam Schefter:

Talib Schefter

If the Redskins were to sign Talib, that would give them two defensive backs with… um… questionable backgrounds? Is that how we’ll put it? And so…



Aqib Brandon

1. When my former team played in London, during my press conference I referred to Big Ben (the London tourist attraction, not the Steelers QB) as “The Big Bang clock.”  Twice.

Answer here.

2. I allegedly got into a fight with another player at the Rookie Symposium. Yes, the Rookie Symposium, an event where you’re taught to stay out of trouble.

Answer here.

3. I was pulled over at 2:54 AM this past April, and refused a breathalyzer test.

Answer here.

4. During an on-field brawl when at was in college, I kicked a few opposing players.

Answer here (0:51 mark, #19)

5. I was swinging my helmet at a teammate during practice, and inadvertently struck a different teammate who was trying to be a peacemaker, injuring his eye.

Answer here.


6. I allegedly struck a cab driver in the ear while he was driving. I settled out of court, and was suspended by the NFL for 1 game.

Answer here.

7. I was suspended for 4 games for using Adderal.

Answer here.

8. I’ve been repeatedly fined for helmet-to-helmet hits.

Answer here.

9. I’ve been involved in bizarre circumstances, like the time someone was charged with raping a woman in my home, and the time I was involved in a gun fight and one of my teammates was shot, but I was never charged with any crimes stemming from those two incidents.

Answer here.

10. Oh hey, I was involved in a bizarre gun fight, too.

Answer here.

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  1. tester says:


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  2. […] Talib. Bummer. I was really pulling for the Skins to bring him in, selfishly, so I could launch my Aqib Talib – Brandon Meriweather game show. The cap penalty imposed by the league has really damaged what the Redskins could do in free agency […]

  3. nyg_slater says:

    after watching the video for # 4, I was really hoping you’d have a video for #6……Living in NYC some cab drivers deserve it.

  4. Joe D says:

    Talib is 10 x the corner Hall is tho 🙁

    1. K Stewart says:

      That doesn’t matter because team chemistry is way more important, also Hall is an aggressive corner, when our team plays an aggressive still game. Hall plays alot better then he would in straight coverage.

  5. horatius says:

    You win this round Jimmy.

    I’m thinking of coming up with another gameshow about dream teams and dynasties. They are two separate things if you must ask.

    1. Mandmeisterx says:

      This is beautiful.

  6. Don’t forget the time that Brandon Meriweather allegedly shot two former high school teammates, one in the head.

    1. That’s in there, ha. #9. I just combined that one with something else to have an even 10 questions.

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